How to connect the subwoofer to the computer

For avid music fans sound quality - above all else.So people just need to hear every nuance of your favorite music tracks.So, without a subwoofer can not do.If you purchased a powerful audio system and want to connect it to your PC, get ready for the challenges.We connect the plugs in all ports of the music sometimes sounds or its quality is poor.Let's look at some simple ways to connect the subwoofer to the computer.

methods subwoofer connection to a computer or laptop

Before choosing a sub, define the parameters of the sound card on your device.If you have a laptop with one connector for headphones, the question is how to connect your home theater to a computer are automatically removed.System 5.1 (ie 5 speakers plus 1 subwoofer) connected to a laptop will not succeed.The maximum that you can do - to buy two conventional speakers with built-in receiver.If you want to connect the subwoofer to the system unit, review the number of inputs on the sound card.It is imperative that they agree on the nu

mber of connectors to the audio system.

active acoustics

select the active sound system, as a user, you have not lost.Built-in amplifier in the column removes a lot of the nuances of the connection, which is not always even know specialist.Simply insert the plugs from the speakers to the sound card connectors, and connect the subwoofer to the special (signed) input.In the absence of such sub is turned on by the connector for speakers.

as fasteners used to connect the antenna cable with RCA connectors (in the form of tyulpanchika).One end gets stuck in a subwoofer or a second analog plate on the power supply, or ports for speakers.In the latter case, a sub and speakers work in parallel at low audio frequencies.Sometimes, active subwoofer connected to the amp, which increases the workload on the system.

Passive speakers

For audio receiver without the optional amplifier and the connection is slightly different scheme.As a main parameter (other than price) when purchasing amp uses its power.It should match the characteristics of the subwoofer (speaker), which are registered on the passport-instruction techniques.According to the experts, passive audio systems have a great potential in the sound settings than active.

How to connect a passive subwoofer to the computer?For this purpose, the serial connection method via acoustic and aerial cables.The first is connected amp and subwoofer (speaker), the second - and he also has an analogue bar on the PC.Be sure to adjust the cutoff frequency, the frequency limit.The volume is adjusted only for the entire audio system.Otherwise, you will spoil the sub, trying to add or subtract sound amplifier controller.


connection to a powered subwoofer:

  1. disables the PC from the network, prepare the sound system - buffer, the column wires.
  2. cables from the speakers connect to Sabu and the panel on the rear of the chassis.Manufacturers, for the convenience of users, often produce plugs and sockets of the same color, so connecting such audio pleasure.
  3. cable to Jack 3,5 mm (white plug) connect speakers and a sound card.
  4. Plug the sub connector card marked sub.woofer or sub.If there is none, it uses the port side columns.
  5. Turn on the system and the system unit in the network.

For passive subwoofer:

  1. Make sure the computer is turned off.
  2. Connect subwoofer and amplifier, and then connect it to the analog panel cable Jack 3,5 mm.Second tyulpanchik slide in amp.The method is suitable if the receiver has a jack under the low-frequency devices.Otherwise, see how to connect the speakers to the computer.
  3. Sub is connected to the main entrance (yellow) on the back panel of the system unit.Do not forget to connect the cables to the mic and line jacks.
  4. Turn on the system to the network and download the PC.

For passive speaker:

  1. Turn off the PC and prepare the receiver column.
  2. Acoustics connects to the amplifier respective cables.
  3. receiver is connected to the system unit.

How to configure sound to

computer Once you have coped with the connection, it is important to understand how to set up the sound on your computer.If you do not doubt that all the cables are properly connected, it's time to do the audio settings.Before you set up your device, wait until the boot OSes.Following check that the driver speaker system is installed.Its presence is determined by a pop-up window at the bottom right (for Windows).If a new buffer, then sold him a CD with drivers, if the old one, then download the appropriate application from the Internet is not difficult.Procedure:

  1. Install the driver.
  2. Reboot.
  3. On the taskbar, right-click on the dynamics of the context menu, go to the "Volume Settings".
  4. Select audio device - your audio system.
  5. Before you turn the sound on your computer in the Volume Mixer (optional), set the sound level for the device.

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Necessity is the mother of invention!Speakers with good parameters have never been cheap, and now there are a lot of money.An unconventional approach solves this problem and used as audio car subwoofer.Before you enjoy a sound and deep bass, look closely at the video connection such seemingly unsuitable technology to the home PC.