How to choose a mattress

Human health depends largely on how his spine is functioning properly.Uncomfortable bed, sedentary work and bad habits contribute to the development of spinal curvature.This causes a disturbance of the innervation of organs and development of diseases.How to choose a mattress that during sleep the spine rested and sleep allowed to accumulate forces for a new day?

Subtleties choice

The mattresses from different manufacturers it is easy to get confused.All models differ in hardness, size and characteristics of the filling.For obese people it is recommended to choose options tight, lean more convenient to sleep on soft.In diseases of the doctors recommend the use of back hard.He is considered to be ideal for children.Newborns can lay thin coconut instance, does not cause allergies.

When choosing a look for its convenience, size and appearance.Remember that you will have to sleep on it.For example, if your doctor has advised you mattress high rigidity, and it is inconvenient to you, it is better to ch

oose a different model.If you have any difficulties can consult with the experts and learn all about the types and the features of each model.

pillowtop mattresses with photos

Spring mattresses on the cost of the remaining accessible.The design consists of a spring-block or individual elements.spring blocks Bonnell type is especially common.They represent a double cone springs of 5 curls.Main characteristics depend on what material is used to create individual elements.If poor quality wire, then after some time, the spring may break or lose elasticity.

Other Than orthopedic mattress has the qualities of independent springs.In this structure, each element is sewn to your case.A number of these "pockets" stitched together to form a mattress.Bed with prosyadet not, because the weight on the mattress is distributed evenly, and the service life at this construction is much greater.The best models are those who are connected in blocks of thousands of individual springs.Rigidity in this case depends on the number and thickness of the wire spirals.

Soft tissue viscera mattress from damage saves a special layer.This can be burlap, felt or spunbond.Between the layer of springs and laid the filler, the surface was smooth and had a certain rigidity.The filler used coir, foam, felt, wadding, horsehair and so on.

Finally, the entire structure is sutured to the upholstery of the dense, but pleasant to the touch fabrics.Here, special importance is given to the quality of the upholstery: it must allow air to be clean and strong.Spring mattresses - ideal for those tight physique, and for those who suffer from diseases of the spine.

Springless mattresses

very popular gratuitous mattresses.They can be both flexible and hard.The base represented by a monoblock from a particular material.Also available in a combined model.Mattress characteristics depend on the model and the filler thickness.Therefore, buying it, ask what is inside.With no springs in it, there is no static electricity adversely affects the work of the heart.

Latex mattresses

Manufacturing latex model involves the use of a foam material derived from the rubber tree.As a result, special processing takes latex structure, similar to a bee honeycomb.In this way, inside the mattress is provided free air ventilation.The stiffness depends on the diameter of the cells.Best mattress has sections of different stiffness, providing maximum orthopedic effect.

Bedroom latex is considered to be the most suitable.It is environmentally friendly, is hygroscopic, is natural and highly hygienic.The only disadvantage is its high price, but it is very good value for money.Excellent model Ormatek and Ascona.But you can find a version of other manufacturers, including domestic ones.

Water mattresses

well proven waterbeds.The earliest of them were used for therapeutic purposes.They are ideally repeat anatomical bends without breaking circulation.Hardness controlled by the amount of water inside.The larger the volume, the denser the feelings will bed.

structure of models differ from each manufacturer.Somewhere there is a section, and somewhere in the mattress is a great one "bag" for water.In the double mattress has a partition in the middle, and you can adjust the stiffness of each side of the bed.This is perfect for couples who sleep in the same bedroom.

Air mattresses

Air mattress is different from the water only by the fact that water is used instead of air.For its injection compressor is used.He then creates the main disadvantage - some models are noisy loud.Without special compressor to inflate the mattress have grown independently, and it is not an easy job.

Disadvantages and advantages of the water and air of the same model.Due to the rubber surface to sleep on it is not particularly pleasant in the summer heat.Water mattresses require changing the water every three years, but this would be difficult in the home.With regard to this air easier.You can lay on his blanket, but then you will need bedding that eliminates rolling the entire layer with a rubber surface.

In that case, if the air or water will not be enough, the mattress will lose elasticity, and you will feel like in a hammock.After a couple of nights of your loins "thank" for this dream severe pain.Because of these drawbacks, inflatable mattresses often use outside the home when you need to quickly expand the bed.

Children's orthopedic mattress

For children's mattresses are special requirements.It must be anti-allergy, dense, with a high degree of environmental friendliness and hygroscopic.It is important that the upper layer is resistant to moisture and dirt.

Already at birth for the baby bedding should be chosen carefully.For children, the mattress must be rigid up to a year.An excellent option is to model filled with coconut coir.No springs, air and water should not be here.The dimensions depend on the baby crib sizes.

For children older than two years, the selection is made individually.This takes into account height, weight baby, and health.To bearing formed correctly, you need to choose a model with a medium to high degree of rigidity.It would be appropriate as spring mattresses and springless.

particular size is chosen carefully.Some manufacturers make mattresses with the additional unit is fixed to the core.You can use it when the child gets older.

For children older than 5 years will be the best spring, as it possesses high shock absorbing qualities.But it's really only if its price - not the lowest.Otherwise deformation will appear after months of operation, and sleep on a bed would be uncomfortable to the child.

to adulthood try to use mattresses with only natural materials.The more synthetic, the greater the likelihood of developing an allergy.The best option is the presence of a removable cover, which you can easily wash and even change if necessary.

Fillers mattresses

particular importance when choosing a mattress is given fillers.In addition to the basics, to give additional properties and the distribution of weight used decks.In modern models of common fillers are the following:

  • Coir and latex materials.This natural fillers, perfectly correctly distribute body weight.Such densely packed mattress has a medium or high stiffness, but also comfortable for sleeping.
  • horsehair and natural, but also useful in diseases of bones.This mattress will never sagging and keep the form for a long time.
  • seaweed is used to create a medium hardness.Due to the constant circulation of air inside of the mattress, it does not fall down and has a pleasant fragrance.
  • comfortable to sleep on a mattress stuffed with sheep's wool.This is ideal for cold weather, because its surface will always be warm.
  • Cotton, on the other hand, is suitable for warm and hot seasons.It is used in two-sided mattresses winter-summer.The density of the material provides a natural microclimate.
  • best option is considered to be a material with memory effect.Due to the large number of perforations it accurately distributes the weight over the entire surface, except for the pressure on the hips and shoulders, and supports the lower back and neck.
  • Sometimes you can find cotton mattresses.After a certain period of time, they fall down and give the impression that they are specially pressed.They themselves become rigid, and their surface - uneven.

Covers for mattresses

lifespan of the mattress depends on the case.Good cover - durable, breathe, elastic and durable.These qualities have jacquard materials.They are natural and synthetic.Natural and mixed jacquard be the ideal option.Due to the structure of the fabric cover on the mattress so you will feel comfortable putting him only the sheets, but the synthetic version will create a sense of oilcloth.

important role played by the size of the cover.It must be fixed firmly on the mattress, not twisted and keep clear contours.Advantageous to have a removable cover.It can be removed and washed.This is especially true of rigid models.Besides cases should have impregnation, protecting from moisture and dirt.In addition, please note that the cover material does not shrink, or after washing it, you will not be able to wear.

stiffness Choice

on the mattress to be comfortable to sleep, he must have a certain rigidity.Selection stringency is determined based on various parameters of the buyer: weight, age, and other characteristics.Let us consider each of them separately:

  • Age is especially important.For young children, the mattress must be tough.People from 20 to 50 years old need to use one that is more suitable for health reasons.After 50 years, the preference should be given soft model that eliminates stress on the joints.
  • weight is also essential.People who weigh less than 50 kilograms, it is necessary to use the soft model.Average models suitable for people with a weight not exceeding 90 kg.The rest is better to use a rigid frame.
  • presence of diseases of the spine makes use of hard mattresses.They do not allow to bend back and maintained in position.
  • If during the day you are engaged in active physical labor, you are most comfortable bed is hard.People leading a sedentary lifestyle, it is better to give preference to models of soft polyurethane foam or foam rubber.
  • For fans sleeping on the back, give preference to hard.Lovers sleeping on your side will feel comfortable on the surface of medium hardness.But for the rest on the stomach is better to buy soft.

How to choose the size of the orthopedic mattress

Even knowing how to choose a mattress, after purchase you can be upset by the inconvenience of the chosen model.The reasons for this lie in the size of the product.To on the bed was comfortable to sleep and rest, you need the right approach to the choice - in terms of width and length.Primarily dependent on the rate of growth and weight of the human body.

Children need to choose children's products, and adult versions designed specifically for older people.Recent are single, double and sesquioxides.Body width should allow to lie on a bed with his arms bent at the elbows.Its length should be 15-25 centimeters more growth.For children, the ideal option would be a model with additional section, which will ultimately increase the length of the mattress.

There are models of large dimensions.In this case, you will need to think in advance how you will use the blanket with such non-standard sizes.

Differences from conventional mattresses Orthopedic

is the one that provides the exact perfect body weight distribution over the entire surface.The best option is considered to be water and air products, but the use of such a model home uncomfortable.They become excellent replacement mattress with different stiffening portions depending from the load attributable to every part of his body.

choosing, you need to pay attention not only on their "insides".In the same spring models of different litter can be used, whereby the feelings they are different from each other.Good orthopedic qualities have multilayer, which are "striped" section.Of particular importance is the product assembly: the more different layers therein, the greater will be the effect of an orthopedic.Too soft tissues, such as the padding polyester, making it comfortable, but it loses its rigidity.

understand the orthopedic ekszemplyarah you looking video instructions.After reviewing it you will not have issues related to the choice of model.

If you have already purchased a mattress, share your impressions in the comments on the product.Perhaps you know some other secrets of selecting an orthopedic mattress.Write about them.