How to recover mail Yandex

Internet resources so useful for human life, even that account at the post office, for example, such popular as Yandex, allows not only to exchange information, but also store it on disk provided by the service.For this reason, it is important to always have on hand a password protecting your account and important personal data.What do you do if for some reasons you can not access your account?There are several ways to retrieve mail Yandex.Knowing them, you can not worry, even if you lost your password.

How to regain access to the mail Yandex

Some have not even a single e-mail account, but several: for work, personal, or other purposes.These advantages are very convenient for people.Though browsers and offer AutoFill data - it will not protect you from the following problems:

  • hacking when the old combination of protective symbols are no longer suitable;
  • man has forgotten password by mail and can not remember, and when cleaning the browser cache, it must be re-entered.

telephone numbers

Some users are interested in - where is my post on Yandex?To open it, you need to go to the main page search engine.There, you can log into your account and get lost access to it.The easiest way to those who have a mailbox attached to the used phone.The number must be attached in advance.When you register, do the following:

  1. In the box "mobile phone", enter your number and click the "Get Code".
  2. After that, the phone comes a special combination.
  3. opens another window where to enter a verification code.After completion of registration number will be linked to your mailbox.

If you have done these procedures to access the loss - get it easily again.To do this, use the following instructions on how to hack your mailbox is:

  1. On the main page of the search engine, click on the question mark in a field where the password must be entered.Page opens restore access.
  2. Enter your username and symbols displayed by the system.
  3. In the field, enter the 10-digit number which you previously tied to the mailbox, and press the "Get Code".
  4. you will receive a message with a combination of numbers that must be entered in the last window.
  5. system prompts you to enter a new protective combination.

No phone

If the number is not associated with your account, comes to the aid of another way to recover the password.When registered email yandex ru, the user is prompted to enter the answer to the security question.The system offers its options, such as "Mother's Maiden Name" and "Nickname of the first pet", but you can formulate a personal question and answer.Last should know only you.How to recover mail to Yandex a secret question?On the same page of the recovery you need to enter your secret answer and come up with a new combination.

A helpdesk

If the above methods, how to restore the Yandex mail do not work, you will have to contact the customer support service.There exist two variants of feedback.The first - a profile of access recovery.Yandex mail Maintenance works on the Internet around the clock, so to get lost access at any time, go through the following steps:

  1. Below restore access page, click "Help".
  2. A new window opens with a description of how you can restore a post on Yandex.Click on the phrase "love restore access."It is highlighted in blue and leads to another page.
  3. Fill proposed field as much as you remember details about your account.
  4. Include private photos, which are present you and your passport.

Thereafter, an application for restoration of service will be considered by the service.It happens that Yandex Mail does not open in your browser, and after the change of the protective combination.Then recommend to scan your computer for viruses and refresh the browser.If the mailbox, and then does not load, use the second option - to try to dial the phone and call support Yandex.For the Russian regions of a hot line, not giving the user alone with emerging problems.To answer your question, call the free number 8 800 333 96 39.

How to change your password

the above methods, you can simply change the protective combination.There is another way to change it when the sign-in is already done.To do this, follow this simple instructions:

  1. On the main page of the search engine, click on the login the "Passport" The highlight box.Or at the very Mailbox page, in the upper left corner, click on settings, where select "Security" and then "Change Password".Here you can find recommendations on how to come up with a complex password to protect against break-ins.
  2. Then right-click on a page under the item "Change Password".
  3. will open a new page where you will be asked to write first the old password, then a new one.It is necessary to enter the confirmation code and click "Save".

How to recover deleted emails in Yandex mail

If one day you find that the letters disappeared from the folder "Inbox", they were in another place: "Spam" or "Remote".One of the options to find out where they are - a search for the postal address of the sender.If you find a letter in the remote - it is possible to restore them, but only on one condition, that they were sent to that location less than a month ago.To return to the important messages in place, select them, right-click and select "Transfer to a folder ', determine the place of displacement.

How to remove a mailbox Yandex

If your account is no longer needed, it is possible to remove it.To do this, log in, and then open the mailbox passport.In the right column find the last item "Remove" and click on it.Next you will be asked to read the information about the removal, enter the answer to your secret question and password and confirming the combination of symbols.The last thing you need to do - to click "Remove."Done!One can only wish good luck to the service, but without your mail.

Video: how to enter the e-mail in Yandex

In many email services and passwords can get confused each.Do not rule out the emergence of unscrupulous people who break into the boxes.It is necessary each time to restore personal mail.What can we do to those who for the first time faced with the problem?Look helpful video below, in which you will be able to solve the problem of how to recover the mail on Yandex.