MFP for home use - cheap and reliable

multifunctional device combines in a single package, several requested features.Scanner, printer, copier, and fax machine are connected together to save space and cost of several individual devices.MFP for home use - a cheap and reliable way to organize a small office at the place of residence.Among the current models easy to pick up this functionality you need.

Types MFP suitable for home use

MFP for home use - cheap and very reliable, if it is endowed with only the necessary options.We advise to pay attention to several important characteristics:

  1. Many MFPs are equipped with a built-in fax machine.This functionality is unlikely to be useful in the home.
  2. Print speed built-in printer.Office work requires a high print speed than the home use mode.Even if the page will be printed for 20-30 seconds, then it is acceptable to the House.
  3. Print quality and color reproduction.For home is best to use only MFP that prints great photos, so grain print shall not be less 1000h300 dpi.
  4. scanner should be able to shoot at a resolution of at least 600h1200 dpi - this is the necessary minimum.
  5. MFP must be able to work with sheets of A4-size: bigger at home do not need.
  6. work without connecting to a PC.If you need to remove the copy or scan a card, you should be able to do it without turning on the computer.

Inkjet MFP for home use - it is cheap and reliable device, which is equipped with a built-in inkjet printer, printing inks.This printer can not provide a high printing speed, and long life of the print cartridge refills, but they are much cheaper.Printing in the home does not require a large number of print copies.Inkjet printers can be connected CISS - continuous ink supply system.It provides multiple decrease in the cost of printing photos and other documents with the built-in printer MFP device.


laser MFP for home prints up to 1,600 pages of printed text from one filling, depending on the model.Filling the spent cartridge by specialized service centers, but you can do it yourself.For home use, such MFIs are not well suited, becauseprint only in gray shades and not working with photo paper for printers.such printers print speed can be up to 20 copies per second.

MFP options based on color laser printers are not suitable for use in the home due to several factors:

  1. Self refilling color cartridges difficult becauseIt requires no special skills.
  2. The colors of the photographs is much worse than the inkjet printers.
  3. ink cost for a laser printer is several times higher than the price of inkjet counterparts.
  4. Price MFP laser printer is 2-3 times higher than with the jet.
  5. demanding on the quality of paper.The minimum density should be not less than 90 g / m².Otherwise, the print head may be damaged due to overheating.

Black and white

Except for very very exotic cases, such as Epson M200, all modern inkjet MFP - a color device.Printing with one black pigment - a lot of laser printers.Black-and-white printing - not the best choice for home use.The advantage of this printer is the ability to significantly increase the life of one filling the cartridge, the toner save mode.In this case, you can print up to 2500 pages with a single charge.


use color laser MFP in the home is inappropriate due to the high cost of the device itself and the complexity of its services without proper qualifications.Inkjet devices when connected CISS does not require any maintenance during the year - two home use.Color Inkjet MFP printers make high-quality copies of paper photographs even without connecting to a computer.

Review best MFP for home - 2016 rating

new MFP features offer opportunities for convenient, quick printing.One of the directions of development of multifunctional devices for home use in 2016, was to simplify the interface.Rating MFP home in 2015 could boast of such a simple device management.Perform basic operations has become easier, and the digital display only the necessary and understandable information to the user.Best MFP on user reviews at home:

  • Samsung Xpress C460W - MFP with built-in four-color laser printer.It provides high printing speed: up to 20 copies per minute in b / w printing and 4 copies per minute in color.In the two-row monochrome display shows the current operation and status of the device connection.Connection is possible over WiFi, so the MFP may be placed in any room, without unnecessary wires

  • Canon PIXMA MG6840 - a great device for home use.Five-color Inkjet print clearly conveys pictures in color.In addition, the device has built-in simultaneous two-sided printing, which greatly reduces the time to print documents.For the model is characterized by high-speed scanning, one A4 page in 14 seconds - a good indicator for a device in this segment.inform the user of an operation takes place via the convenient LCD display.
  • Epson L655 - another model.Professional printers know that the best color reproduction when printing photos only "Epson".The model has the unique ability to automatically scan multiple documents.Those.You are stacked your photos, and the mechanism of their own auto charges in the scanner and make digital copies.If desired, it can immediately print a desired number of copies of the original document.All this is combined with the ability to connect CISS and low cost of the ink.

  • HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 5645 - a model that positioned the company as intended for home use.Bright compact design MFPs perfectly fit into the interior.The device uses patented technology HP thermal inkjet printing.It allows you to print a color photo at very high speeds - up to 21 pages per minute in A4, which is impossible for other manufacturers.The MFP has the ability to print from a memory card, and wireless connectivity.

How to choose the MFP for home use

overview of modern MFPs and printers for home and office use.The video will be useful for those who want to buy a suitable device for the home.The video clearly shows which function will be used for home use of the device, and that is only needed for office MFPs which company is best for your home.After watching the video, you will learn how the minimum functionality should have a device that is excessive as to test before buying.