How to choose a detergent cleaner

Any hostess asks, how to provide quality cleaning his house armed with a mop and a rag or buy a washing vacuum cleaner?Having decided to buy a vacuum cleaner, we immediately wonder how to choose the washing vacuum cleaner for the home.To purchase a new meet all requirements and expectations should be familiar with some of the features of these devices.

Disadvantages and advantages of the washing vacuum cleaners

  1. Such a device is completely useless when you need to remove dust or dirt from the parquet and carpets with a natural base.Wet carpet cleaning contributes to the appearance of an unpleasant smell.Get rid of it will help drying products outdoors.
  2. If used washing vacuum cleaner to clean the flooring, the water gets between the hardwood planks, and this may contribute to the process of decay.Cope with it will use special antiseptic, endowing parquet moisture resistance.
  3. One of the drawbacks of the device - special care for him: after each use, water tanks have to wash.
  4. The disadvantages must also be counted among decent size and the high cost of such equipment.
  5. the positive properties of this "helper" applies its universal opportunity for cleaning all surfaces except for carpets and flooring.
  6. When using a vacuum cleaner brush detergent sprinkled with water flowing through the holes.
  7. Vacuum Cleaner is able to polish the surface and remove the dust in hard to reach places.
  8. With detergent cleaner can remove spilled water or any other liquid, to carry out "dry" cleaning.The potential of the device it is possible to wash windows and mirrors, the ability to deodorize and, importantly, to humidify clean the room.
  9. In addition to cleaning the device used for the humidification of dry air in the apartment, which helps lower blood pressure.

Within any detergent cleaner dust bag is implying dry cleaning, and a special tank, which is filled with a mixture of water and a special shampoo.
wet cleaning technology will help remove dust and dirt from surfaces such as:

  • linoleum
  • carpets
  • parquet
  • floors and walls, tiled
  • carpet and laminated coverings
  • furniture
  • surface of natural stone

vacuum cleaner for laminate

laminate is easy to absorb moisture and can be deformed by its presence.Power vacuum cleaner chosen should be sufficient to absorb any moisture, which fell on the surface of the laminate.When choosing a specific model should specify the consultant, this model is designed for cleaning of public surfaces.

Choice detergent cleaner power

power of this device, the other household appliances, measured in watts (W).This setting determines the quality of the work: the higher it is, the better will be cleaning.It is necessary to distinguish between the power consumption and the suction power.You should be interested in the latest test.
Manufacturers indicate detergent cleaner power consumption - 1400W, 1600W.Maximum suction power for professional washing vacuum cleaners can reach only 1000W.Such a vacuum cleaner is able to suck the dust particles at a speed close to 180 km / h.
For this reason, getting the device, you should ask suction.For the quality of cleaning in normal home power of about 400W is recommended.
When choosing a vacuum cleaner, keep in mind that the power is spent on several processes in the filtration system, deodorizing, moisturizing and special equipment (a variety of nozzle).
Some manufacturers specify the maximum power, which is 15-25 percent lower than the nominal.The maximum capacity of the device is achieved at the start of the vacuum cleaner, then it is reduced, and the device operates in the so-called nominal mode.To know the real rate of nominal capacity, the maximum value should be divided by √2, or about 1.4.

filter washing vacuum cleaners Vacuum cleaners washing

are not only able to suck the dust, but also throw it into the air.To prevent air pollution, the instrument manufacturers supply their filter system devices.This approach is used in devices designed for dry and wet cleaning.
One of the most effective purification systems filtration system recognized S-Class.It provides a three-stage cleaning:

  • At the first stage intake air passes through the dust bag Ultra Bag with anti-allergic properties.
  • Then he gets into a motor filter Micro-Hygiene-Filter.
  • At the last stage the air passes through the filter Hospital-Grade.

To produce all these filters use material with electrostatic properties that allow to keep microspores allergens and small particles of dust, without reducing the suction force.This filtration system can be recommended such vacuum cleaners allergies, people with asthma or makes special high requirements for clean rooms.
appliance manufacturers equip their devices aqua-filter, which, in addition, carry out an additional function to the tank water.Dirt and dust microparticles are sucked from the cleaning surface, and pass through the water, the solution remaining therein.
As a result of the filtration system to the room air is purified.However, about 1.5-2% dust aqua-filter still skips, so devices are fitted with particle filters, which perform the function of coal grade HEPA filters.The effectiveness of their work reaches 99.95% of particles 0.6 microns in a delay at a rate of Din 24184.
service life of such filters are long-lived, from one year to several years.In operation, they are recommended to periodically wash.
To filter using a few basic types of HEPA filters, each of which is characterized by a certain degree of efficiency, the relevant European standard EN 1822.
Among presented on the shelves of local varieties of cleaning household appliances are models of vacuum cleaners equipped with special cages trapping small particles.This eliminates the emission of dust into the atmosphere, because the water passing through the dust particles enter the air bubbles.They, in turn, rising water, take it with dust.
Problem particle emissions is achieved using the separator as follows: at high speed creates a slurry of water droplets, which captures all dust particles, thereby enhancing the cleaning efficiency of 99.97% to contamination.

Vacuum Cleaner Housing with aquafiltering

aquafiltering models are type vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning.However, their design differs significantly from the models of other features of the filter design.Aquafiltering - a device in which water is delayed using the dust and debris collected from the treated surfaces.Air purification past, returned to the environment, creating the effect of freshness and cleanliness.

wet vacuum equipped with such mechanisms function as moisture and deodorize the air.Aqua-filters require extra care, they should be removed and cleaned after each use.

Nozzles for washing vacuum cleaners

produce mans cleaning vacuums a rich arsenal of various removable nozzles.Standard features include a holder, a set of seven brushes, nozzles and adapters that allow to produce dry and wet cleaning of rooms.
Dry Cleaning in the kit include:

  • universal brush with variable pile height,
  • crevice tool
  • small brush.

For the wet cleaning are:

  • nozzle for carpets with an adapter for surface floor cleaning
  • nozzle for upholstered furniture
  • brush for cleaning the floor

Universal brush included in the kit are the wheels, which improves usabilitydevice and eliminates the possibility of damage to the flooring.
As practice shows, washing vacuum cleaners used not for its intended purpose.Thus, they can solve the problem of clogged tubes.To this end, some manufacturers supply their packed-plunger devices.Removable plunger is attached directly to the hose.
In some models include foam nozzle for a polished furniture, adapters for washing windows, cleaning brushes for corners and other hard to reach places on the stairs, in kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms.
Some models are equipped with a turbo brush - nozzle with brush, churning due to the flow of air drawn in, comb out all the lint carpet.The rotation of the turbo brush is provided by an electric power.This design is recognized as optimal, because the action of the brush does not affect the suction power.However, models Turbo brush with a loud "roaring".
much quieter behave elektroturboschetki.They have a constant speed, which is not influenced by extraneous factors.However elektroturboschetkah there is a drawback - the wires that stretch along the entire tube and hose to the anchorages and the handle, cluttering the suction pipe.Exceptions are products with hidden wires.
Among the available nozzles would like to note the electrostatic brush-whisk, which provides easy removal of dust from the leaves of plants, machinery and other difficult surfaces.
Some nozzles may be combined.For example, a nozzle for upholstered furniture can be used as a crevice tool, brush-head is capable of replacing a nozzle for upholstered furniture.

Additional features washing vacuum cleaners

When choosing a vacuum cleaner should pay attention to the capacity of the dust collector.The larger the scope, the less it will have to shake or change.Volume of dust bag directly affect the suction power.The greater the volume of the container, the slower is its filling, and the longer the suction power remains high.
choosing a model, it is necessary to pay attention to the range of action of the device, which is calculated according to the amount of the cord length of the hose of the vacuum cleaner housing, telescopic tubes and brushes.The best option would be a value of at least 7 meters.
Current models are equipped with electric cord with automatic rewind - auto reverse.Such devices are very convenient and safe.The cord is wound and unwound automatically, depending on the need for removal or proximity to a power reverse mode, if desired, can be turned off.
Optionally, the device acts as a security system that protects the motor from overloading and overheating.It is able to turn off the vacuum cleaner when the engine reaches a critical temperature.It protects against such loads and soft-start function.On the state of the engine indicates a special indicator on the unit.

Which washing vacuum cleaner is better to choose?

list of manufacturers of cleaning vacuum cleaner accommodates a large number of brands, renowned for convenient, reliable, quality products.That Phillips, and Karcher, and Electrolux, Rowentum, Bosch, Samsung, Delonghi, Air.
segment leaders recognized Japanese and German models.Their range is very varied.
If you are interested in a model with a vertical housing, then stop your choice is on company Vah products.If you want to buy a model, where the tanks are located in a different one, then pay attention to the model of Rowenta, Thomasa or from Karcher.
vacuum cleaners with a removable tank-paneled offer Delonghi and Philips.

Varieties of models of vacuum cleaners washing

Depending on the design, there are vacuum cleaners:

  • With reservoir, removable cassette having the form located on the body.
  • with the reservoir having a vertical arrangement.Such a model is not very convenient: to drain the dirty water from the bottom of the tank, it is necessary to remove the lid and the upper tank.
  • With recuperation tank.With
  • arranged in one single reservoir.This option is recognized as the most convenient.
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner robot.The models differ in the type of management: some work on the radio, others are equipped with infra-red control.
  • With electronic or mechanical control unit.
  • Portable.

difference from the usual detergent cleaner

With cleaner effective wet cleaning is performed.These options gain value in the house where small children and animals live.Hoover copes well with wool, which when wet slips into the brush.

The Vacuum Cleaner has a built-in water tank, which comes to the brush, through which is sprayed on the cleaning area.Reservoirs devices, depending on the models can accommodate two to ten liters of water.To fill the floor with water, the water consumption of the landlady can be adjusted independently.The water in these streams dispensed.

Washing machine collects the spilled liquid, efficiently and quickly removes stains of any statute of limitations, helps to clean and wash the clogged place.

Helpful Hints:

  1. To buy quietest washing vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to the level of emitted noise specified in the technical characteristics of the device and the location of the engine.The model with the engine positioned above the tanks, produces less buzz.
  2. for hard surfaces and carpet with a short nap is recommended to purchase 300-watt models.
  3. for cleaning, home pets, and the presence of long pile carpets need cleaner power 350-450 watts.
  4. Vacuum nozzle increase cleaning efficiency.The machine automatically monitors the vacuum level under the nozzle and delivers a water cleaning solution if there is sufficient "dilution".Special brush kneads pile carpeting and effectively washes away dirt.After cleaning the carpet is a little wet, but dries completely within an hour.
  5. wheel-roller device gives improved maneuverability.The most convenient are considered rotary wheel-rollers.They provide mobility and maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner, it can move in any direction and is stuck in the corners.Some wheels have a rubberized base that provides additional protection from possible cleaning surface scratches.
  6. Vertical models have a cylinder shape and are large in size.
  7. considered more reliable equipment with steel tubes.

How to choose the washing vacuum cleaners, see the video below:

huge range of cleaning vacuum cleaner makes it impossible to describe all the details presented in the domestic market products.Therefore, posting comments on their experience of using one or another model of the vacuum cleaner, the joint efforts of you will be able to create a database "Best washing vacuum cleaners."