How to test the car on bail in the bank

Buying second-hand car - a risky activity for a potential buyer.In addition, the vehicle may be in not good condition, there is a risk to get even more trouble - the machine can be credit.Many do not know how to test the car on bail in the bank, and this procedure is very important.A vehicle with such a history - worse acquisition for the buyer.

How to check restrictions on car

When making a loan the car is considered as a guarantee of payment, so before you check cars for collateral in the bank, all the restrictions you need to know,bailiffs applied to it.MTS at the conclusion of the contract with the buyer's lender remains at the second side.It will be issued to the owner only after the fulfillment of all financial obligations.

without PTSD to conclude contracts relating to the vehicle, it is impossible, however, fraudsters have come up with a scheme, providing a copy of the passport of the machine.buyer Inattention can lead to the fact that all debt obligations imposed on movable p

roperty will be transferred by law to the new owner.Just put on the vehicle such as the limitation of arrest - a single compulsory procedure Bailiff Service Russia in order to ensure that the debtor of court decisions on the loan agreement.

What indicates pledge

There are several signs that the car pledged to the bank:

  1. presence of entertaining information.This information is in the policy Hull, and its presence indicates that the car bad credit history.
  2. absence of the original passport TC.When buying a car you provide a duplicate title, the car probably with a bad credit history.This document is done by minimum simple procedure - in the DPS application is submitted for the loss of the original passport and the information is entered into the database.
  3. the lowest price of the car.Before purchasing the desired movable property should be examined secondary market vehicles, its pricing policy.Lowered the cost of cars says that the owner is trying to sell the vehicle in the shortest possible time, which also means a bad credit history.
  4. absence of a contract of sale.The document is evidence that the vehicle is not paid on the bank loan.
  5. Treaty Commission.This nuance - the reason that you should refrain from purchasing the vehicle.Information indicated in the PTS.
  6. sale after a minimum acquisition period.Since most loans are for three-year system of payments, the less time the use of the vehicle when selling serviceable unnatural, and the car likely is not paid on the loan.

Where can I check on the car loan or pledge

recently completed the procedure initiated by the government to create a single registry of movable property loan.This base secured car stores information about the movable property which is in outstanding credit from a particular legal entity.Track Vehicle, which has outstanding bank loan may: visit you want to get the data extract, you need to buy this service for $ 100.There is also a way to learn the state of collateral - check wines vehicle code.To make it possible, by visiting the website

Checking on the VIN-code

Check the car on bail possible and VIN-code:

  1. vin Go to
  2. Enter in the window that appears wines inspected the vehicle code (chassis number or structure).
  3. Make sure there is a tick in front of the option "check for a pledge."
  4. Click "learn."
  5. Wait for the information.

Videos about mortgage cars from

banks To buy the desired vehicle went smoothly, you must have the necessary information - whether on car registration actions restriction is imposed.Auto off debts to the new owner promises a big problem.Learn from a movie: how to test the car on the arrest and what to do if you were duped by fraudsters.

Register of collateral car

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