Boxes for storage

often accumulates in the house a lot of small things that need somewhere to place.Typically, cabinets and shelves for this is not enough, because they are all already occupied by a variety of household appliances, or article of clothing.Therefore, we have to find a way out of this situation.For this purpose, suitable boxes for storage of things that you must either buy or make your own hands.

Even in ancient times, our ancestors used for storage of various details chests, which were decorated and painted.Now, a beautifully decorated box - is not just a stylish accessory, but an object, decorate the interior.What kinds of boxes exist and how to do this thing with your hands?

kinds of boxes for storage

boxes differ in shape, size and material of manufacture (paper, plastic, twigs) and decor.Such everyday objects between themselves may differ in style.For example, they may be:

  • vintage - with metallic stripes and stones;
  • strict, self-colored upholstered with fabric or paper;
  • romantic with romant
    ic trinkets to decorate;
  • glamor - trimmed with rings, rhinestones.

storage tanks are huge or compact size.The presence of the cover - an optional condition for this interior.


for production of boxes in most cases used cardboard.It can be colored or monochromatic.This box it is advisable to paste over and decorate to give it a sophisticated look.

There are standard and corrugated containers for storage.If you intend to store in them heavy and fragile items (crockery and antiques), for this purpose is better to use corrugated boxes.They are reliable, denser and harder, because the are made of several layers of corrugated cardboard.In such containers are often stacked valuables, because it is almost not subject to deformation.Standard capacity (as pictured below) - thinner and weaker, so they are best kept light objects.

Wicker Wicker box storage represent baskets or boxes.This handmade objects made of wicker baskets, or from newspaper tubes.They have different sizes and colors.Such baskets decorate your apartment and will be the same piece of furniture.They keep fruits and vegetables, trinkets, jewelery, as well as clean or dirty laundry.Even more successful and interesting looks set of wicker boxes.This kit will make a special style to your home decor.

Plastic Plastic boxes are mostly used for food storage.They also store seeds, clothes, sewing, knitting tools.They are also called plastic boxes.Environmentally friendly plastic will not harm your health, if it is the subject of food storage.These boxes come in different sizes, with or without a lid.Also, in some of them there are wheels and handles for ease of use.

Appearance plastic boxes for example, as in the photo below, the bright colors and impressive design.They are delicate and woven, easy to clean and durable in use.


Toy boxes of children's toys have a special appearance.They are bright and colorful, they can be painted children's favorite cartoon and book characters, as in the photo below.This box motivates the child to put toys in their own special "house".use safe materials for the manufacture of such containers: cardboard or plastic, so that the child during the game is not injured.

boxes to move

In most cases, when moving or during repair using cardboard boxes.They pack a variety of things.Depending on what you are going to put in these tanks, they are divided into large, medium and small.

By strength, they are also different.Standard less durable.They better put things easy and corrugated - stronger.In these boxes, add up the valuables, which have heavy weight.They are not damaged, even if you place them one on one.And precious cargo will not be damaged.

There are boxes in which there is a special hanger for easy travel clothes.This is useful when moving, especially if things have crumple.

Tip: when you move pay attention to the width of the doorway.The width of the box must match the width of the opening.To narrow openings choose cardboard thing narrower.

System Storage

things storage systems represent shelves, including shelves and hangers, and are intended for the storage of various materials and objects.For example, it can be stacked shelves for clothes or special niches in which are stored the boxes and drawers for storage (as in the photo below).

Vacuum containers and packages

If you have a lot of things, and your main goal - to increase the space, then this will help you vacuum bags.Due to leakage of packaging items are reduced threefold.Such packages will retain the integrity of things for a long time, protect items from moisture and moths.

Vacuum Containers used for preserving food freshness.They allow you to keep the perishables at times longer due to the valve built into the cover.Containers keep fresh taste, aroma and beneficial properties of products.

Boxes to store their own hands

Especially valuable are boxes for storage, hand made.For this purpose, take a ready-made shoe box, the capacity of the home appliances or glue it on their own out of cardboard.For registration you will need glue, scissors, a brush and decorative materials.Their selection is great.This may be wrapping paper, fabric, sequins, fringe, ribbon, beads and more.

recommendation for wrapping paper or cloth is better to use a thin layer of white glue and hot glue suitable for gluing decorative elements.

How you arrange and decorate the container for storage, look in this video master class:

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