How to choose a sofa

Sofa - an integral part of the living room, nursery or bedroom.This furniture is not only for the rest of all family members, but also for sleep, depending on the design of the model.It does not lose its popularity, this furniture in the offices of different size companies.There sofa creates a comfortable environment for clients, customers, competitors, and is a person of service.Conventional chairs for waiting - the last century.Stylish and comfortable sofa speaks about the company's well-being, the desire of management to keep pace with the times.How to choose?

shape and design

To start, you need to understand in what place and the room is a sofa.Depending on this, you can select the size of the sofa.For example, double sofas perfect for a small family, but the triple - great even for large families.Low or high back, stands head and back should not interfere with other parts or parts of the room (window sill, other furniture, built-in lights, etc.).

sofa design, you can choose depending on your

tastes and preferences.Business, classic, retro, original, or in the style of Hi-Tech among the current models - not a problem.The main thing to take into account that the sofa should be in harmony with the overall interior room and other furniture, including even household appliances.For example, a bright sofa in retro style never will complement the classic style of living.

frame, filler and padding

There are three frame types:

  • wood.

This frame fits in any room.However, if the production of the material will act as ash, oak, beech, walnut or mahogany sofa will have a high cost.Wood has the strength, durability, and it is considered an environmentally friendly product;

  • metal.

He adds furniture eccentricity and unconventionality.Metal parts can be replaced at any time.Such a framework will suit any interior.

  • combination timber and chipboard.

inexpensive option, similar to wood.The framework must be treated with special impregnation for protection from exposure to harmful human resins.

main fillers for sofas serve as foam rubber and various spring blocks.Depending on their number of isolated soft, medium hard and hard options.

upholstery But everyone chooses to your taste: fabric, leather, shenillovuyu, tapestry or jacquard.