Instructions for sending parcels COD

Postal Service used since ancient times to the present day.This area of ​​activity each year developing and improving, there are new services.To include innovations and the payment for goods after getting his hands on.The transfer of any object on delivery - a standard package, taking you, the recipient pays a certain amount of money.This article describes how to send cash on delivery parcel.For some scheme going on its design, how to calculate the value of the parcel.

Step by Step Instructions for sending parcels COD

Many are wondering what should be done to smoothly carry out the administration of the goods by mail.Let us find out how to send a parcel mail Russia, having familiarized with detailed, understandable instructions.The algorithm is painted to the smallest detail, so to understand how quickly send cash on delivery parcel is very simple.Make a specific shipment can be with the help of the following actions.

  1. Select a paper or plastic packaging that is most appropriate size.
    Permission is granted to repackage the parcel, but only in accordance with the rules of Russian mail.
  2. on the selected box write your details (name and address), and identical information about the recipient of the order.Immediately indicate the amount of COD.
  3. After that goods are packed.It is necessary to fill out a form accompanying the address, enter the data in the form of COD.In the process of filling the documents should have no problems, everything is available is described in a branch of the company there are always examples of forms for customers.The main thing to know the correct information about the destination and specify exactly the amount of money that must give the recipient.
  4. service fees at the rate of separation, we get a cashier's check and track the number of postal item.According to the identification number of the sender / recipient can follow the movement of the parcel and learn about her whereabouts in real time.

How much it cost to ship a package by mail Russia

Wondering what method is a calculation value of mail?There are some nuances and peculiarities.So you do not lose time in the office and quickly pleased with the recipient, we will tell you how much it costs to send a letter or parcel on delivery.Calculating the cost of sending mail Russia includes several elements:

  • postage (payment of money transfer);
  • sum of the sender of the order;
  • price of delivery of the goods;
  • pack (40-100 rub.);
  • insurance commission - 5 percent of the cost of the administration;
  • value of the goods + packaging = the sum of ordering + shipping charges;
  • to accurately count the cost of sending mail clients use a special online calculator.

Delivery times

Before you send any cash on delivery parcel, many postal workers ask about the time for which the package will be delivered with the goods to the recipient.Delivery time depends on various factors: the region is home to a destination, weather conditions, damage to the vehicle, some of the force majeure.However, express mail service is always trying to bring the goods at the appointed time.

In Russia

Time of delivery of goods, letters and other freight on Russian cities lasts no more than 2-4 weeks.When the order is sent COD reaches the destination (for example, from Moscow to Arkhangelsk), the recipient is notified by e-mail or a message to a mobile phone.According to the rules established by parcel in the department store less than a month (only 5 days without payment, all outstanding days of paid by the recipient).When the storage period of the departure end, order recycled.


border Departure Order on delivery from Russia abroad for periods of one to two weeks.Why so long, you ask?A few days checking parcel will wait and send the Russian customs warehouse.A lot of time will take a transport to another country (for example, in the United States or France) and the procedure of filling in the documentation warehouse space abroad transfer destination.Most overseas customs service draws up a load of about 7-8 days, the maximum period during the holidays - up to 15 days.

How to track a postal order

tracked just for your own peace of mind.Everyone has the ability to monitor the movement of cargo on the company's website.It comes with a special number that receives the sender, is composed of 14 digits.You must enter a track number in virtual form on the Mail Online.After this manipulation will be seen in what place is sent packing with valuable content.introduced 9 digits and 4 letters to track international shipments (in capital letters of the Latin alphabet).

sender and recipient risks when sending and receiving goods

There are some risky situation for the sender and receiver of the transmission:

  • most "bold" minus: even if the addressee is carried outpayment on delivery postal item - this is not a guarantee that he will see to sending the expected (for example, when you order goods in the online store, sellers sometimes mistakenly sent a different item or purchase low-quality);
  • another embarrassing moment: to get the parcel, you have to pay not only the cost of the content, but also the fee for money transfer to the sender;
  • happens that the target does not take money order for various reasons;
  • failure when executed, return a month later a box of recycled: to pick up the goods, the sender is obliged to pay a certain sum of money - the cost of sending parcels by mail Russia;
  • sometimes mailed items are lost or received serious injuries (such episodes bit).