How to get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches live alongside humans for several millennia.To fight with them humanity spends a lot of effort, but get rid of parasites on a global scale is not possible.This does not mean that you can not deal with them, but in some cases, the fight will be difficult and require the efforts of many people living in the neighborhood.Let's look at how to get rid of cockroaches with their hands, so that they never appeared.

How to get rid of cockroaches: methods of dealing

Before starting the control of insects, purchase of toxic assets and the treatment of the apartment should be to understand the general rules for the control of cockroaches:

  • In many cases, the insects before the settlement you infest your neighbors.Therefore, even with a successful extermination of cockroaches, fleas and bedbugs in your apartment, you can crawl neighboring insects.To prevent this, agree with neighbors on joint activities to combat these pests.Do not forget to handle the basements, attics and staircases chemicals.
  • In nature, there are many species of cockroaches that are black or red color.The same tool can destroy one species, and for another, it would be harmless.To ensure that you get rid of the insects is necessary to select a suitable tool.In addition, many cockroaches have developed immunity to certain types of poison.
  • Clean - a powerful weapon against cockroaches.We encourage you to use in the fight against cockroaches another miracle method: water fast.When cockroaches will need to consume food even the land of the flowerpot or polyethylene.But if water is not quite, cockroaches will not survive.
  • if neighbors agree to be unrealistic, dispose of their own only in itself.But then you have to completely block all the way insects, and for preventing their occurrence will need to handle the bane of their place of possible clusters.

insect traditional methods

Before placing toxic cleaning agents make in the house, pay special attention to the kitchen.Remove all foods in the refrigerator or packagi them so that the cockroaches did not get to food and water.Here are some effective folk remedies that allow to get rid of roaches with a high probability.

Boric acid against cockroaches

This chemical, which is sold in pharmacies, not harmful to humans and pets.This drug has a long-term effect, about a month cockroaches disappear and no longer will you have to multiply and crawl.

recipe mixture of boric acid, eggs and potatoes


  • Eggs, potatoes - on 1 piece.
  • Boric acid - 1 tbsp.a spoon.


  • Boil hard-boiled egg and a potato.
  • mash them and add them to the boric acid After cooling cooked products.


  1. Roll the mixture into balls, place them in the corners or in places where insects have been seen.
  2. There is another way: Spread the mixture around the places where there is water.Cockroaches were poisoned, and a drink of water can not be - this is achieved by the double effect.

recipe for a mixture of chicken egg yolk and boric acid

similar way is prepared and used other mixture - from raw egg yolk and a teaspoon of boric acid.It is convenient because you do not have to be heat treated ingredients.

ammonia. Cockroaches can not tolerate the smell of ammonia.For killing insects must be treated with ammonia floor, and while constantly washing the floor, adding a bucket of water for a number of odorous substances.Cockroaches necessarily leave all your home room.But if they come back, it means that they wait out "genocide" in your neighborhood.In this case, you definitely need to deal with cockroaches along with their neighbors.

Beer."Baleen guests" just love beer - it has both water and nutrients.We encourage you to make a trap for the best effect fabricate several such traps.Place the jar in the places where you have seen the accumulation of insects.

You will need:

  • Bank 0.5 liters
  • Beer - 50 grams
  • Vaseline - 10 grams

trap Production:

  1. Pour the beer into the jar.
  2. Edges banks generously smear Vaseline.

Claus.It is known that cockroaches - heat-loving insects.To eliminate the parasites need to turn off the heating in the winter and open the windows.In just a few days the insects flee to where it will be warmer.

Chemicals control cockroaches

manufacturers means of combating cockroaches produce the following products:

  • Aerosols.They are easy to use: a drop of poison without problems get even in hard to reach places.To control insects, use aerosols: "Combat", "Raid", "raptor", "dichlorvos".
  • gels.They are applied with a syringe on the skirting and the ground surface in the possible presence of insects.Get rid of cockroaches allow gels "Dohloks", "Clean House", "Raptor".
  • houses.Inside the house trap is covered with Velcro, and in the center is the bait.The traps are filled with poison gas.After the use of this part of the lure cockroaches others die from their infected individuals already taste the poison.Completely get rid of the insects, we recommend using the "Raptor" traps "Combat superbayt", "Clean House".
  • Crayons.These means comprise a toxic agent.Finely processed places clusters of insects on the walls, floor and ceiling.

advise to get rid of parasites with the following effective ways:

Brand "Globol" produces a wide range of insecticides in different forms.Using these tools easily.If you have difficulties, at the manufacturer's website contains videos and photos that clearly explain how to use the chemicals.All funds are guaranteed to eliminate the cockroaches and bacteria - for at least 30 days after the application means the insects die.

Brand "Gett" launches professional means of combating cockroaches, which are guaranteed to save you from them.These funds are usually experts in the fight against parasites.But how to use them is not difficult, we advise you to prepare a mixture with your hands.

  1. Dilute the product with water in a ratio of 1 to 10. If you need a strong concentration, diluted 1 to 5.
  2. Give active substance dissolved in the water - it will take 5-10 minutes.
  3. Wear protection (gloves, goggles and mask), spray means in the room along its perimeter.Pay special attention to places of insect clusters.
  4. Thanks microcapsules, which are contained in the poison, the poison of insects transmit to each other.

Service to combat cockroaches

In some cases it is better to invite the professionals - they reliably relieve your home of cockroaches and other insects.If the unexpected invasion of the "guests" will be observed not only you, but also your neighbors, be sure to invite a specialist.The purse destroy cockroaches will be significantly cheaper, furthermore, the simultaneous struggle "on the different fronts," much more efficient forced "migration" of insects.

Alternatively paid services specialist is recommended that you contact the local sanitary and epidemiological stations.Its employees are required to eliminate the risk of human infection with infectious diseases - cockroaches are considered to be carriers of various infections.

Video master class will help you learn how to get rid of cockroaches once and for all

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