How to restore order in the closet

Not everyone is able to maintain perfect order in his closet.However, when things are scattered haphazardly, they very quickly lose their appearance.And the time to look for the necessary things out much more.Another significant disadvantage of the cabinet, where clothing is stored randomly, is the lack of space.For this reason, things gradually "move" on the shelves armchairs, chairs, tables and other not suitable for storage space.All this leads to clutter the apartment and prevents the hosts a comfortable life.

How to restore order and put things in the closet

Cleaning should start with the withdrawal of the entire contents of the cabinet.Without the slightest regret should get rid of things you do not use for a long time.The dress, which went out of fashion, or favorite, but lost views pants should be thrown away.There is a rule that we have to say goodbye to the things that I have not used for over a year.An exception can only be evening and festive outfits, as well as individual items, with

which you are associated precious memories.The remaining unclaimed clothing and shoes need not be stored, it just takes up too much space.

Sort items in the closet

Our further step - sorting seasonal wardrobe.Keep only those things that will be using this season.The rest must be neatly folded into a box and hide.For clothing, where the season is yet to come, will approach the far shelf loft or cellar.If your home does not provide for such a place, the place the boxes in the closet.Another option - to remove him to the bottom of the wardrobe.Save space will help and vacuum bags.

All sorted clothes you choose to store in the closet should be put in order.To this end, every thing should be washed, repaired, ironed.Do not neglect the ironing procedure because well ironed thing takes up less space than wrinkled.And folding ironing much easier.Calculate how many hangers can accommodate a wardrobe.It is best to hang the clothes you put on the shelf.So kind of clothing is appropriate to wear it immediately.

Distribute all on a hanger, dividing clothing sets.What does not fit must lie in neat piles.They need to sort out, so to be able to easily find the necessary rest without turning upside down.On how to be careful storage of things, depending on the amount of time spent gathering.

socks and underwear

Underwear and socks conveniently stored in cardboard boxes, which are sold in many hardware stores.They are compact and roomy, but because it is easy to find their place on the shelves of the cabinet.If several boxes, then it is convenient to put on each other, providing additional space savings.Even underwear and socks can be folded in the drawers.

To open each box, trying to find the right thing, spread underwear and socks, regardless of their color.Sort Another option - to draw two boxes: one for storing socks, two laundry.Divide things as possible on the composition and purpose.Stores offer special organizers with cells that can simplify your task.


Optimal and convenient way to store shoes - is to leave them in the box in which you purchased it.It will not hurt to sign box or stick her photo of the couple lying in a box.However, this will not save the place.Alternative offers producers of goods for the home.Transparent plastic containers let you sort shoes by season, style, color.And most importantly - they are all visible.Sami boxes should be put on the bottom of the cabinet.The shoes that you wear less likely to be put down.

belts, ties, jewelry

Ties, belts, jewelry is best to keep the inside of the cabinet door.Sometimes it is in the closets, a special hanger, or do it yourself.For example, attached to the door of the bar, is sold for towels.On the hanger is to hang small hooks, suitable for storing jewelry.With this design, all ties, belts and accessories will be visible and available for selection.

How to keep order in the closet

How to clean up the closet and get started - do not know everything.To delve into its depths, searching for the necessary thing to be properly decomposed all the clothes, shoes and accessories.This requires proper organization of the inner space of the cabinet.Modern offers a range of shops to buy special baskets, boxes, organizers, dividers, boxes and other useful storage space, appliances.

If you are not able to buy boxes or organizers, they are easy to make with their own hands.For example, create a strong cardboard dividers for boxes with sheets or socks.From thick wire hangers Construct the required shape and size.Using cardboard, it is easy to make a box for storing small things.Remember - if carefully get out of the depths of the cabinet that you need to be problematic, so space is organized properly.The second option - you have too many things and be "thin out" their wardrobe.

Do not throw in the cupboard dirty and crumpled clothes.Do not make him a closet with unnecessary things - it is better to use a large box.article of clothing that you wear rarely transfer to a long drawers and shelves.It is possible to make to order additional shelves and expand storage space for clothes.The contents of the cabinet will have a neat appearance, and you will be more convenient to use them.

Video tips to restore order in the wardrobe

Enough Do you storage space for all your stuff?If the answer is no, you need to learn how to clean up the mess in the closet.By following the tips in the video, you will soon be able to learn the proper organization of space in her wardrobe and you will understand better what are the criteria to sort things.Recommendations will help decide which things are worth to keep and what to get rid of it's time.