Methods for cleaning suede

Which woman is subject of mind when she saw the beautiful suede boots or sandals?Yes whether even shoes, sneakers or Ugg boots, loafers, ballet flats!Suede Shoes in great demand among buyers.By purchasing high quality and not cheap shoes or jacket, brewing question: how to clean suede?Nursing similar article asks special, because suede fastidious, requires dry-cleaning and does not tolerate moisture.Shops offer a variety of options, how to clean the shoes, but which one is best?

The clean suede at home

Suede there, natural and artificial.Greater strength has the first type of material.For both types of washing can not be used suede - due to its structure fleecy fabric absorbs moisture and swells and then becomes too hard, rigid.This factor will not only affect the quality suede drop, but also the deterioration of appearance.

Before thinking how to clean suede, get along with beautiful shoes water repellent spray, treat the surface of the shoe.Especially careful to be the first treatme

nt to socks.Invisible protection film will be boots or shoes from excess moisture and dirt.Your suede shoes are not afraid of the spray flying from under the wheels of the car, rain or huge puddles.Noble material should remain in its presentable form.

use brushes for suede and nubuck

After the first walk, you will need prophylactic shoe shine.Before brush suede shoe Special tool, use the brush to refresh the dry surface of the shoe.In this case, useful:

  • rigid sponge - porous brush, remove the top layer of dust, small dirt.Used in conjunction with the cleaning foam.
  • Eraser - removes fat and stubborn dirt.
  • Brush with teeth made of rubber or rubber - has the same properties as clean as the eraser.
  • crepe brush - will give a velvety surface, neat appearance.
  • Compact brush with the eraser - combined version of two assistants, and a small, suitable for socks with you in your purse.
  • Office Shoe cleaning machines - to brush choose mode with rough brushes.

Given folk treatment methods, use a piece of crust of rye bread.Rump, which has such a property, how to clean suede from dirt and stains, verified by many consumers.Fluff fluff out, by holding suede shoes over the steam, after cleaning it with a brush.Do not forget the main rule: suede cleaning should only be dry.

use of special chemicals

For suede protective functions use water-repellent spray.What additional resources are experts cleaning?The special paint-spray - one of the most essential assistants impregnation Hardened areas suede, color restoration features.And the best option to maintain color becomes transparent dispenser for shoes.

If you need to make a pair of shoes to its former brightness, it takes more than individual selection of aerosol cream color suede.Such aerosols are often sold directly in shoe stores where you purchase suede shoes, manufacturers recommend each tissue type appropriate means.Many companies have a huge range of tools suitable for any skin color palettes.

suede - breathable material, but these shoes require more and more "fresh" in the form of a special deodorant.At the end of the season you useful information about how to clean suede boots and properly store them.Before you put the boots or shoes in the closet, suede shoes must be carefully cleaned.Cleaning suede, painting and procedures with glue holds a master.Do not forget about the special blocks to keep in shape!

Effective folk remedies to remove stains

Dry cleaning clothes at home - is, above all, respect for their things.From dirt dry method will clean suede bag, shoes, just to clean sheepskin coat at home.How to clean delicate suede and not to resort to complex methods?Everything will turn out using available materials.These are:

  1. vinegar.Great helper to address the question, how to clean suede shoes from light spots.For procedures using 9% vinegar, diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 5.A cloth moistened in a solution and rub the various pollution.After cleaning, you need to put on a suede tool restores color.
  2. Starch.A kind of powder to remove grease stains from suede.Sprinkle on the spot, then after half an hour to brush.Starch bring fat and you do not happen to think about how to wash sheepskin coat, gloves or bag.
  3. Coffee grounds.If your shoes are sewn from brown or black suede, it will be cleaned with a sponge soaked in normal coffee grounds.The tool is applied to the stain, then clean with a brush and leave for a while.Then coffee grounds residue is removed from suede gauze pad, wipe with a damp cloth and thoroughly dry.Important!With electrical suede not dried.
  4. ammonia.To apply for the purpose of cleaning suede ammonia diluted with water (1: 5), moisten the sponge in the solution and clean off dirty spots and stains.After the procedure is necessary to put the color reducing agent.
  5. Crumb.Light colors suede purified by crumb of white bread.To clean, require little to rub contamination crumb, but observing moderation: with vigorous scrubbing is the probability of loss of color and velvety suede nap.
  6. solution or soap powder.If the surface is dirty, then prepare a soap solution for pre-cleaning.You will need: a soap chips or powder (.. 1 tbsp) warm water (1 cup).Wash off the dirt using a liquid rough and hard brush to shoes.After processing suede wipe product, and dried at room temperature.
  7. soda and milk.To wash the dirt as suitable mixture of a tablespoon of baking soda and a cup of warm milk.Apply on the suede with a stiff brush and rub in a circular motion.Wipe with a damp cloth or flannel cloth and dry.
  8. Eraser.Special treatment, subject to a dusty and dirty suede.Plus the use of a return to the rough surface of the pile.To clean the contaminated area should be rubbed suede.Replace eraser get regular school eraser, the rough side of a matchbox, fine salt (for light-colored material).

How to deduce grease stain from suede

Cleaning of oily stains suede fabric is very specific.It is necessary to pay attention to the color of suede, the reaction to the cleaner.For example, the salt cleaned only light suede, or bright spots may remain on the dark fabric.The first step in contact with fat tissue must be getting wet spot with a paper towel or napkin.Well absorb fat starch, talc and dry tooth powder.Pour on the stain dry means you need in abundance to powder fully covers the spot, leaving behind its edge.

Effective influence and the ability to update the thing has heated on a dry pan detergent.They are sprinkled with spots and cover them on top of the absorbent material: paper napkin.The process of withdrawal of fat from the suede will be gradual, the thing you need to leave for an hour under the hot tool.Another use additional heating iron, but at low temperatures so as not to damage the suede thing.

Want to know how to clean shoes?Well it helps remove stains soapy water.To cook it in warm water add soap flakes, washing powder for woolen clothes or dishwashing detergent.A blowing agent and a sponge gently in the direction of the pile, washed spots.Dirty foam also collect a sponge and bristle brush or comb a special eraser.

How to clean suede light from contamination

Remember suede can not be washed!We ran in the rain or running shoes need to scrub the white sofa - things only need to be cleaned.There are two methods of cleansing light lint-free cloth, to help upgrade the surface:

  1. dry.Assumes use eraser to remove minor stains or delicate cleaning soap suds.Along the surface of the sponge is applied fleecy foam detergents, and its remnants are removed at the same time a dry towel.After cleansing the product is dried, straightened the pile brush.Grease stains sprinkle starch or a mixture with sal ammoniac, leave for half an hour - hour.Remains clean off after a while a small brush.
  2. wet.Clean cloth moistened with a solution of 100 ml of milk and liquid ammonia (10%), wipe cloth.After spend wiping a cotton swab dipped in warm clean water.

Video tips for caring for shoes made of suede

Suede fabric remains at a consistently high positions in sales.What did not sew Suede: shoes, garments, home furnishing items, auto accessories.To avoid bad weather conditions or accident kapnuvshego fat is not always possible.The question arises: how to properly clean the item, return it to a cool look?In order not to harm the delicate, sensitive suede, you need to know the specifics of cleaning things.Black, beige, blue, red, gray - suede any bude sparkling clean!

How to clean natural and artificial suede

How to remove salt from suede shoes

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