Best Laptop Processors

development of modern means of content consumption (smartphones and tablets) has defined a laptop in a separate segment of mobile electronics.With his help create materials, solve production and management problems, play games.Which processor is better for a laptop depends on the mode of use and the tasks solved by it.To select the "brain" for such a portable computer with a reserve should be: to further upgrade may not be possible or worth the extra cost of paying for the work of specialists.

Key Features Processor

There are a few basic parameters, which should be selected.Which processor is better for a laptop to your requests, depending on the task and budget.Consider the main characteristics:

  1. manufacturer.In fact, chips market occupied by two rival AMD and Intel companies.They occupy 98% of the sales market and the rest of the producers practically nothing to oppose.The remaining 2% is divided between VIA, ASUS, and the Acer, but the products of these firms do not have a minimum
    of competition, to buy their processors are not worth it.
  2. number of cores.Performance notebook processors depends on this number, but not only.If the machine will be used as a game, with the same budget that preference should be given a higher frequency, rather than the number of cores.To solve the problems of processing large video or photo priority - the kernel, then they will work to the maximum.
  3. connector type (socket).The chip is mounted on the computer motherboard to a special place - a socket.Motherboards are not universal: if the motherboard is designed for AMD chip, it will not work under the Intel, and vice versa.Sockets within a single manufacturer is also different.If you choose, always make sure that the connector on the motherboard with the same processor.
  4. clock frequency.In fact, this chip's speed - it is logical in this aspect of the desired maximum number.In the case of the laptop is not so simple: it should be noted that the increase in clock speed involves increasing the load on the battery.Chip heats faster, requires cooling, as a result - the battery life is reduced.
  5. frequency of the system bus.This is the speed at which the chip to "communicate" with all the other devices in your computer: video card, RAM, ROM and other components.In contrast to the clock, the frequency of the system bus does not affect the heating and battery life.The higher the figure - the more efficient the processor is.
  6. cache memory.To apply each time to the RAM chip can store frequently used instructions and data in their own resources.Modern processors use a three-level cache memory.The fastest - the first - no more than 1024 in terms of kilobytes, the second and the third - to 8 megabytes.

The AMD differs from Intel

If comparisons processors these producers under the same technical characteristics, the difference will be in the following paragraphs:

  1. AMD cheaper than Intel's 15-20% depending on the chip patterns.The higher the performance, the more noticeable difference.
  2. Incompatibility sockets, ie,one chip will not be replaced by another.
  3. Computing Intel performance by 20-25% higher than the AMD counterparts.
  4. power graphics cores in AMD chips higher by 20-25%.This difference becomes even greater if the computer is equipped with a video card of the same manufacturer.
  5. Intel is leading in energy consumption.This figure is lower than the processor for at least 30% than the AMD counterpart.

What type of processor is better for a laptop

best processor for a laptop - the one that will provide a comfortable performance of its tasks with minimal energy costs.The less warm chip, the less energy will be spent on its cooling.Laptop battery life - the main difference between the device from your PC.To choose the right chip is powerful, it is necessary to determine the tasks.


games require huge capacities of processors.Quad AMD Athlon 2 with a frequency of 2800 MHz in this regard would be a better choice than the 2-core Intel Core i5, asgraphics will be high.If you reduce the initial tension on the AMD chip from 1.4 volts to the level of 1.2 - total electricity consumption is reduced by 30%, making it the same cost as Intel, but the best performance.To overclock the chip must be returned factory tension.In preparation for the game do not forget to put a laptop-quality thermal grease during assembly to protect it from overheating.

For home or in the office

main problems to be solved at home and in the office is working with the text - surfing the net, photo editing, viewing videos.Buying a heavy duty processor with such a usage model is impractical.To solve such problems would be missed a dual-core Intel Core i3 chip.It is easy to cope with all the office applications, browsers, simple graphics editors and music players and video.

To work with demanding programs

If the laptop is a tool designer, used for video editing, graphic design projects, or presentations, it can not be regarded as an office or home laptop.Such devices need to quickly develop with the client project, make cost estimates and to show the advantages / disadvantages of various solutions.Speed ​​computing processes should be the maximum.

For this laptop, you can use only Intel processors series of Core i5.Integrated graphics core will save not only the cost of the video, but also in energy consumption.If the laptop will be used for video - should be selected Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge graphics card with the appropriate class performance.

Rating processors for laptops for 2015-2016

performance Currently, AMD and Intel have released a large number of chips to meet demand in all market segments.TOP processors for laptops has several competing models:

  1. AMD FX Vishera - shows the greatest frequency at the moment (4700 MHz).Depending on the task runs 4 or 8 cores.Designed to work in the gaming PCs and laptops.High performance is ensured not only by the frequency of the processor, but also the largest market amount of L2 cache, and L3.
  2. Intel Core i7 Devil's Canyon - is designed to work with demanding programs on video processing, 3D modeling, drafting, complex computing processes.Increased energy efficiency is clearly visible to save battery power.
  3. Intel Core i7 Skylake - quad-core chip, is designed to solve computational problems.His ability to work with demanding applications in modeling, creation of video content development, software testing and process control.It has the lowest power consumption among the competitors in its class.

Video: how to choose a processor for notebook

The video shows a comparison of notebook processors with specialized software.Testing is under conditions where the chip of "squeezed" maximum performance.Videos will be interesting to those who are determined with the choice of the most powerful device for your computer.The survey results clearly shown in the form of charts, comparative tables and charts.Comments specialist test course will help to understand the issue of choice, even for beginners, professional help system integrators.