What is the best electric shaver

electric What better try to figure out a lot of men around the world, hoping to find the most unique - a comfortable and high-quality electric shaver.Of course, a clear answer to this question can not be.How many men - so many opinions about this, and someone prefers the old fashioned way using a conventional machine.But why is it that while the abundance of goods in the market, some representatives of the strong half of humanity still prefer good old machine.

machine or electric?- That is the question

razor Disadvantages:

  • course, now the machines have become safer to use than before.Yet the risk to get hurt and hurt yourself skin during shaving is pretty high.
  • To maximize skin smooth and efficient shaving, you need to have some skill and agility in this case.
  • And as luck would gels or foams for shaving, as well as new machines run out at the wrong time.

Benefits razor:

  • Perhaps the main advantage of the razor blades is their affordability.Probably every man can afford to buy the mach
    ine, which is now being sold at almost every corner.
  • In addition, many men claim that no electric shaver does not shave off stubble all so carefully, as it will make a regular machine.

Disadvantages of electric shavers:

  • Availability shaver means constant care for her.Some men can scare tedious cleaning Veins and blades after shaving.In this case, you should choose the model that is equipped with a self-cleaning function, and can be cleaned under running water.
  • Some men say the appearance of irritation and itching after using it.It should be noted that when used regularly, a month later the skin becomes accustomed to this shaving mind, and all the irritation will be held.

Advantages of electric shavers:

  • use virtually eliminates the possibility to receive cuts and abrasions during shaving.
  • If equipped with electric batteries, this greatly simplifies its use and makes it possible to shave, for example, on the road.

Which razor better grid or rotary

Before giving an answer to this question should be understood and that electric shavers are grid and rotor.What is the difference between them?That is so in shops selling a variety of different types, but they are all essentially are either rotary or grid.Grid works on a similar principle to the machine: using a vibrating blade cuts the stubble, and the blade of a thin layer of the skin separates the mesh.Rotary shavers shaves stubble view by rotating round the legs, which are arranged in the shaving head.When selecting a rotary or mesh should be noted that for sensitive skin prone to irritation, more suitable grid, but it is believed that the rotary razor shaves better and more accurately.Therefore, to give preference to one or another razor should be taking into account features of their skin.To the question "what is best shaver for sensitive skin" the answer is simple - grid.

What shaver better: tips and tricks

best electric razor can only be one that fully meets your requirements for the device functionality, its ergonomic design and efficiency.Therefore, going in search of the best razor, you must gain a certain list of priorities, and remember that the more equipped and functional razor is, so, consequently, will be higher than its cost.

a mistake to assume that all models are designed only for dry shaving.Many men prefer to shave his stubble (especially owners of a thick and stiff bristles), pre-softening it with warm water and abundant lubricating special means for shaving.Many modern electric shavers also have the function of wet shaving.Some manufacturers have taken care of your comfort and designed shavers with already built-in compartment is meant shaving, which gradually and uniformly during shaving will be distributed on the skin.Besides, electric targeting wet shaving much easier to clean from the shaving debris.This is enough to place the shaver under running water and rinse.

If you often on the road, then you should look at the razors, which have built-in battery or have the opportunity to work from ordinary batteries.Electric, powered by batteries, not intended for daily use such, but for the rare application of the road it will be just the perfect option.

Men who like to shave in the shower, should pay attention to models with a waterproof casing.

Many an important role in choosing the best electric shaver is its ease of use.Pre-defined model, take it in your hands, feel its weight and dimensions, listen to your feelings: Are you comfortable to hold it tightly there adjoins hand to the body of the device, there will be convenient for you to continue to use it for other purposes.

What better electric: Braun or Philips

Today, leaders in the production of electric shavers are brands such as Braun, Philips and Panasonic.If you chose the grid varieties shaver, you should look at the models of Braun and Panasonic, whereas Philips specializes in the production of rotor models.Of course, to say for sure which company is best electric shaver is not possible, because each of them has a wide range of models, including each buyer will be able to find the model that corresponds to all its needs and requirements.