Clothes wardrobe

In today's world, people acquire numerous assistants to facilitate everyday life: washing-machine, grinder, combines, vacuum cleaners, robots, etc.Clothes wardrobe becomes an indispensable device in the home.It quickly dries clothes, saves time and effort.

For whom is this technique?For all!Especially useful it will be for people working in wet conditions: plumbing, electrical, communications, subway workers, firemen, the military.Increased demand ovens are among the catering facilities, recreation centers, hotels, schools and kindergartens.

Winter sports lovers will also appreciate the true technique, since returning from a skiing trip, sledding or just playing in the snow, we do not know what to do with wet clothes.In the presence of the oven need to hang wet clothes in it and in a short time to get things dry.It is not so scary to get wet in the rain.

How to choose an oven

Dryers are designed not only for drying clothes, but also for compact and high-quality storage.They are quite able to rep

lace the bulky closet or a huge box.

Before selecting the wardrobe, you need to understand how it works, as well as the features that it provides.And taking into account these indicators to choose the model that will meet all your requirements.Though

function at all for clothes drying cabinets alone, but the features of the device are different.The main differences lie in the type of ventilation, control knobs, the chamber volumes and materials manufacturing unit.

models ovens used 2 types of ventilation:

  • natural ventilation to the outside vent
  • forced with centrifugal fan when the air moves only inside the cabinet

The different models of cabinets for drying are temperature control and work time.Some models have several temperature regimes, others have only a couple of modes.

cabinet unit can be different depending on the point of use technology.In an industrial environment use cases completely galvanized or stainless steel.At home, the cost in cases in which only the inner chamber is made of stainless steel.

Buying a drying cabinet, choose the desired volume of the chamber.The more sets of clothing you plan to dry at a time, the greater the volume of the chamber is recommended to choose.

analyzing the above features, stop the choice on a model in which there are programs that you need.

choosing drying technique, attention should be paid to the compactness of the product.Some manufacturers offer models with collapsible design that make the equipment easy to find a place in the apartment of any size near the wall in the hallway, bedroom, closet, or even the kitchen.

Types ovens

Ovens are designed not only for clothes drying.They are indispensable in many industries.For medical purposes use a sterile drying chamber.Some laboratories meet special ovens with many technical options, such as sterilization, disinfection, drying, calcination.

Another variant - an oven SWAP, which is used solely in industrial and laboratory conditions.This device is equipped with a forced air circulation and high-performance thermal insulation in connection with which it is made of galvanized or stainless steel.The device performs the drying and calcination of objects from different materials with the removal of the moisture and organics.For home use SWAP is not intended.

In a domestic environment for drying wet products using butterfly for clothes drying cupboard with shelves, bars and grids.Some ovens require prior spin things in others you will be able to place even for drying wet clothes.

Drying oven for baby clothes

Model RUBIN RSHS-5D-135.Used mainly in the locker rooms of kindergartens and schools, it is designed for five sets of clothes.It consists of five branches, each of which fits on the top set of clothes, a pair of shoes and a pair of gloves.


  • The upper part is perforated shelf on which it is convenient to dry hats and scarves.At the bottom is also perforated shelf to dry shoes
  • There are convenient hooks for hanging clothes
  • device is equipped with a thermostat, allowing to set the desired temperature from 0 to 40 degrees with an accuracy of 0.2 degrees
  • Wardrobe powered by voltage 220V
  • Warm air is carried out by the convector
  • not require prior clothes
  • spin has a built-in Auto-off function in case of overheating
  • Doors double


  • width - 1320 mm
  • Height - 1500 mm
  • depth - 350 mm

product is made of steel, is made of powder spraying enamel.

Clothes wardrobe SHSO 2000

This metal model intended for drying wet clothes and shoes.It is convenient in that it has a removable mesh shelves, allowing space equipment will be used to the maximum.If desired, the cabinet is easy to connect to the exhaust air, for this purpose on its roof has a built-in connector for flexible duct.With this feature, the evaporation of moisture and discharged to the outside, not inside the premises.


  • There is a program from overheating
  • DRY mode 3: conventional ventilation, drying at 40 degrees, drying at 60 degrees
  • Equipped with a timer, which exhibited 4hour display operation or continuous operation
  • Low noise operation


  • Power - 220
  • motor consumes 60 watts
  • heating element consumes 2000W
  • unit Weight - 60 kg
  • Performance heater -360 m3 / h

electric clothes drying cupboard Hotstorm

Hotstorm - roomy spacious wardrobe, which can be stored and dry clothes, shoes, sports equipment, ski suit, underwear, etc.The cabinet has three convenient sections, two of which are easy to push up and put them to dry long clothing (coat, jacket, coat, shirt, jacket).If necessary Hotstorm connected to the ventilation through available at the top of the body flange.


  • Dimensions: 1,6m x 0,6m x 0,495m
  • Power - 220
  • motor power consumption - 60 W
  • heating element consumes 2000W
  • There is a function which prevents the appliance overheating
  • 3 drying modes: ventilation (set if dry clothes to get rid of unpleasant odors like cigarette smoke, the smell of the fire), heating up to 40 degrees and heated to 60 degrees
  • Built-in variable
  • timer Low noise
  • 360 m3 / h - ventilated processor performance

drying cabinet Asko

Swedish company Asko offers many models of dryers, which differ in the number of programs and functions.Model ASKO DC7583 is a drying machine.The main feature of this version of the device is that it is suitable not only for drying wet clothes, and the soaked, wet but not previously pressed.

Modern design device makes it a full-fledged subject of the interior, in its beauty and visual appeal is not inferior fangled furniture, linen nightstand or dresser dressing room.Producers managed to hide the heating element in the ASKO DC7583 in the upper part, which has increased its electrical safety.

Due to the unique design of the equipment is suitable for drying delicate clothing, knitwear, bedding, plastic products, knitwear, footwear, headgear.

There is a function of accelerated drying.Use the slider to set the desired temperature range: ventilation, drying at room temperature, drying at high temperatures.

The camera has three sections with convenient hangers, beams and supports for boots.Still, there are ergonomic retractable suspension, as in a conventional rack or closet, which is easy and convenient to put things.On the door hanger is provided for smaller items (gloves) and a small container.


  • Dimensions: 184h60h64 see
  • Availability of automatic programs: normal warm dry drying, dry and extra dry, cold drying, heating.These programs are selected depending on the degree of humidity of the laundry, as well as the type of fabric: synthetic fabric dries much faster than linseed product
  • Timer (30 min 12:00)
  • Delay start
  • Speed ​​mode
  • Content cabinet loadedweighing up to 3.5 kg
  • Moisture is removed at a rate of 21 g of water / min
  • LCD display with the end of the process

clothes wardrobe Electrolux

Model EDD2400RH

Designed for drying things everyday wear, sportssuits and sports.Inside, there are three sections for easy layout of things that recline and fall for hanging long garments (trousers, coats, etc.), which will hang and not wrinkle.Equipment connected to a ventilation.


  • Three modes: ventilation, drying between 40 degrees and drying up to 80 degrees
  • Automatic shutdown in case of overheating
  • Adjustable timer
  • Low noisethe
  • Dimensions: 185h60h60

Useful tips on choosing clothes drying cupboard

  • opt for a particular model, check its equipment.Some installation details are only suitable for certain models, to find and purchase them separately is almost impossible
  • purchasing a product, make sure there is quality certificates from the company.Bona fide sellers in the sale of equipment issued relevant documents and guarantee service
  • Before placing items in the drying do not forget to clean them from the mire of the streets

In the circle of your friends has someone uses a drying cabinet?Are they satisfied with your product?Perhaps you have your own experience with the drying equipment.Share your observations and tips in the comments.