How to protect against damage and the evil eye

Our world is full of criminals who use black magic spells to harm their enemies.The victim of a witch's influence can become any citizen of the world, so every one of us should be able to be protected from this.To learn how to protect themselves from the evil eye and spoilage, written many books.They all describe similar methods to counter the evil spell.If you suspect that someone from relatives or loved ones imposed a dark spell, use the recommendations of knowledgeable magicians to neutralize it.Do not wait for the will of the highest heavenly powers!

How to put yourself protection against curses

ancient orthodox method will help to protect against spells, curses, even if it has been sent down for photos.Sophisticated amulets and charms are not required.You need only one thing - to know how to wear the pin from the evil eye.It must speak and the right pin.Fill the glass beaker with holy water.Lower the open pin down the direction of the head.Zoom into the glass to his mouth, as if a

bout to take a sip.Whisper a prayer "Our Father", "Nicholas» and «key», each three times.Remove the pin and secure it to the wrong side of the garment, on the right.

Ways to protect against the evil eye and spoilage

There are a number of methods by which you can protect yourself, your loved ones, and focus on the bad effects of witchcraft.Experts say that the protection against the evil eye and spoilage is neutral in its energy sector.Techniques used in contrast to black magic, do not contain negative, so it is not necessary to be cautious with them.Protect from the evil eye and spoilage help simple amulets, talismans and special rituals.Put the magic defense will be able to everyone who believes with all his heart in his actions.


Children need magical protection against the evil eye and spoilage, like no other, because they are characterized by traits such as openness, naivety, gullibility.soul of the child is ready to reach out to anyone who will pay attention.Tiny necessarily need a guardian.This role is performed by a favorite toy.Tender feelings of the child will fill the teddy bear or rabbit with positive energy, which will be a reliable protection from the evil eye, damage.Under no circumstances should you wash this toy.Running water will wash away all of the information.From the powerful talisman remains simple physical shell.

Home and family

Evil thoughts of people with strong energy, whether it's unintended evil eye of envy or intentionally send down a strong damage, easy to break into your house / apartment throughwindow.Protect their help herbal charms.To occult film is not passed to you from the visitors in the hall should be an icon from the evil eye and envy.Increase magic defense help crosses, made sooty church candles with which you defended the service in the temple.Before the entrance hang a bundle of onions or garlic.Barely visible guardian drive away negativity, to protect against damage.

himself during pregnancy

Many women seriously think about what to wear from the evil eye during pregnancy.The period of gestation of the child pulls the internal forces, so the negative energy penetrates freely, hitting soul.Incredibly simple, yet very effective though Ward for expectant mothers - woolen thread, worn on the right hand.Strengthen protection help guard stones.Let us briefly discuss each in order to know which one is best suited:

  1. Rubin protection of pregnant women from the evil eye and spoilage.During labor will need to remove the red stone, as it significantly increases the bleeding.
  2. Amethyst, hidden under the pillow will be good naveivaet expectant mother dreams.Purple stone beneficial effect on health.
  3. Green Garnet support mental energy.It will double the female force that is consumed during pregnancy is particularly intense.Besides stone fruits ripen reliably protect from damage and the evil eye.
  4. Emerald facilitate childbirth, maternity give courage to overcome difficulties later.Wearing this stone should be on the little finger, in a silver frame.Then he will be protected from the evil eye and to give damage.
  5. Blue Turquoise strengthen health and prevent premature birth.Enhance the effect of the stone will help gold.
  6. Jasper will take care of the energy of reproductive organs, the fetus will provide protection against the evil eye and spoilage.
  7. Moonstone normalizes the natural processes in the body of the pregnant woman ensures prosperous birth, protects from damage and the evil eye.Wearing Moonstone need on the little finger, but not every day.


If you bought a used car, to prevent possible consequences require clearing of negativity and protection against the evil eye.Pick up a pair of scissors, bypass the vehicle in a circle three times, cutting the air.This simple ritual cuts off the negative energy strands that connect the car with the evil that it has passed over the lifetime of the previous owner.Also, write down how to remove damage to the vehicle and protect it from accidents: in the mirror hung a bag of black leather, it placed three stones - turquoise, amber, satellite.

at work

damage and the evil eye in a working team - a common phenomenon.Employees of lower rank in secret or openly envious of higher ranks, because of what creates a powerful energy impact, aimed from different angles.In such situations, only a few are thinking about how to get rid of the curse or damage, and it is in vain.Reset the negative energy of the evil eye and spoilage will easiest mirror amulet - Turkish blue eyes.It can be attached to a bracelet, key ring, pendant or pin.It returns a negative impact glazlivym and evil people.

Video in the home to protect against witchcraft and enemies

read this roll, you will learn how to remove the evil eye and protect against damage by simple proven ways.The millennial wisdom of magicians around the world will help you avoid injuries, serious injuries and even death.Simple charms, which you will learn from this video that will protect your family from negative people and help overcome many difficulties in life.

How to get rid of the evil eye

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