Fashion chandelier 2016 - photos

Properly chosen lighting can enliven and decorate any room.Their main purpose - to cover housing - expanded designers and they offer use of chandeliers as bright accents.Most fashionable chandelier 2016 embodies all the representations of the ideal lighting products.

Which lamps offer global brands in the current year?

most fashionable chandeliers 2016

still trending crystal pendants are decorated with all kinds of golden curls, horns and classic pendants made of transparent or colored crystal.As the decorations are also used candles and precious stones.These lighting fixtures are appropriate in the rooms in eclectic styles and Empire.Among the classics

representatives massive popular articles in the antique style with shades, made in the form of flowers, balloons and bells with forged base.

continue to demand the suspension model with chrome iron components, with clear geometric shapes of colored glass chandeliers and vines.

chandeliers in classic style

Classic lamps are par

ticularly refined beauty.They are characterized by a majestic scale, the presence of fine lampshades, luxurious finishes of expensive materials:

  • Swarovski crystals
  • Murano
  • expensive textiles
  • precious metals

Classic models are made in the form of:

  • chandelier, richlyadorned with sparkling crystal pendants, beads and drops of colored crystal.The role of lighting in them lies with the electric candles.

  • Lamps with shades, surrounded by decorated with fringe and metallic handmade elements.
  • stacked structures.

  • Mnogorozhkovyh products with round shades from blown glass in black, white, gold or cream versions.

Chandeliers with forged base

for country houses and city apartments, different scale, in 2016 recommended to buy models with forged base.

They are made with the use of forged by hand details.Subsequently, the metal parts attached to the color of bronze, patinated copper, silver or gold.Decorate such articles made of wood, glass, crystal elements.

chandeliers crystal chandeliers

Fashionable 2016 remain crystal products.In the past, these lamps were decorated with castles and palaces of royalty.Currently, they have become much more accessible.His popular chandeliers are required to create a unique, pleasant to the eye lighting.It arises as a result of refraction of the light beam through the crystal.

Crystal chandeliers stand out against the other models:

  • the perfect combination of elegance and beauty of the light emitted
  • unsurpassed quality

Types of crystal chandeliers:

  • suspended model
  • products with shade
  • lamps, chandeliers, ceiling
  • model
  • designer products

Chandeliers with the effect of artificial aging

Among the representatives of the classical style special attention of designers use the model with the effect of artificial aging.Such products are made using metallic elements coated patinated copper, brass, bronze and artificially aged wood parts.This design gives the product an antique look.A similar method is used for decoration of forged chandeliers, lamps with lampshades and classical crystal suspensions.

When making a room with the lighting unit "antique" great importance furnishing style.


in a modern style for the interior, executed in the style of hi-tech, designers recommend lighting with a modern edge.Interior style dictates their characteristics such as:

  • no rich decorations and ornaments
  • strict lines
  • minimalism
  • harmony of proportions

Popular in 2016 will become a model Tiffany style.

Choose a chandelier features a kitchen, an office, a hall, living room or bedroom you will be video advice of a professional designer.

Pendant Chandelier with geometric shapes

In 2016, a trend lighting fixtures with shades of different geometric shapes: round, square and even, in the form of zigzags or spotlights.They are made of glass, textiles, crystal, porcelain, plastic, nickel-plated metal.Such devices are used for lighting the interiors, designed in a contemporary style solutions.

Suspended chandelier with elements of Textile ceramics or wood

rooms, decorated in a very modern style or country-style chalet, can be supplemented by suspensions with ceramic elements, textiles,tree.Choosing such a model it is recommended for rooms with high ceilings.Hanging chandeliers should not interfere with the movement of people in the room.The role of the suspensions in such products perform twisted electrical cords and chains.Possible designs are shown in the photo.

Lampshades Art Nouveau

appropriate for modern interiors are chandeliers with shades Art Nouveau.Here there is a rejection of the austerity of straight lines in favor of natural, new technologies.Dominated by non-conservative, original design solutions and the desire to give up frills, but not at the expense of elegance.

lighting manufacturers often comes bundled to the ceiling lights and wall models, table lamps, floor lamps.

Some mentioned fashion trends is not saved the first year.What are the trends in lighting fixtures you are impressed, share photos of their chandeliers in the comments at the bottom of the page.