How to choose a humidifier

favorable microclimate in the apartment - an essential condition for the well-being and health of people living in it.Low humidity, dust, mold, tobacco smoke fumes, odors contribute to poor health.To eliminate dryness and air pollution indoors is recommended to use a specially designed for this equipment - air humidifiers.How to choose a humidifier?

Some humidifiers are able to moisturize and clean the air, and effectively kill harmful microorganisms.Such devices are designed to create a favorable climate, installed in the living room and office.Sufficient moisture indoors positive effect on the safety of cabinet and upholstered furniture, parquet.

humidity level is maintained automatically.Humidifiers are known for their economical power consumption.The cost of these devices available for many buyers.Modern climate systems almost noiseless.

Select humidifier for children's

In the cold season heating devices make the air dry.Air conditioning in summer and reduces the humidity in the nursery.If the

humidity is 40% or less, it is fraught with serious violations of health and well-being.Comfortable humidity indicator in a residential area in the summer - 60-70%, and in winter - 50-70%.

In order to preserve the health of the child in the air child should be subjected to moisture and free from dust, bacteria and mites.To create a favorable atmosphere in the room advise to buy a device for humidifying the air.Suitable humectant any structure, all of them, except the traditional design of the device, can provide the humidity between 40 and 80%.In humidifiers traditional construction, the figure is 50-60%, but in many cases this is enough.

Besides moisture, the unit will contribute to a significant reduction of allergy and asthma, improve overall health, enhance immunity.During operation, the unit will deal with air pollution, the number of bacteria and viruses is reduced significantly.

choosing a device for child, guided by its price, appearance, availability of display size.The more expensive the device, so it has more features.Humidifiers function of ionization of the air cleaner and much more expensive, but have something to pay.If the price is critical, take the traditional type of moisturizer or inexpensive ultrasound.

How to choose a humidifier for a newborn

body of the newborn has not yet been able to defend themselves against various germs and infections as effectively as the body of an adult.Therefore doctors so highly recommended for newly born babies proper care.The same applies to the climate and conditions in the room where most of the time is a newborn.

baby's skin loses a lot of moisture.In dry air reacts nasal mucosa baby, and this may hamper his breathing.Increased dryness of the air in the room where the baby can lead to allergies, dysbacteriosis, other diseases.Therefore, the air in the room should be clean and humidified.But in high-rise urban houses with central heating in a natural way that is difficult to achieve, and to help caring parents come humidifier.

Which moisturizer is needed for a newborn room

  1. desirable that he could still except moisture and clean air.The advantage is a function of the ionization device
  2. The humidistat should be to assess the moisture level premises
  3. In the absence of water the humidifier must be switched off automatically
  4. The easier to clean and maintain the device will be better for the parents.You are now missing, and so cares for the baby care
  5. instrument must not emit unpleasant sounds, so as not to scare the kid.Better if it will be silent
  6. Compact humidifier would be a plus.Unnecessary clutter in the room with a newborn to anything
  7. Availability inhaler-flavoring function may be useful in order to protect the baby from airborne infections.There are essential oils, effectively disinfecting the air
  8. Choice brand, model, type and cost of the humidifier depends on your taste and wallet

Many of these conditions are available in an ultrasonic humidifier.If this device meets your expectations for the price and you like the quality and design - for the room where the baby, it is better to choose.

Steam humidifiers for air

This type of equipment to improve the microclimate is based on the technology of "hot" wet.The device produces a sterile allergen steam temperature of 100 degrees.

Using vapor achieved great performance - the steam-type devices are powerful dampers, which are also used to recreate the subtropical and tropical climate in greenhouses.The strength of the devices operating on the principle of molecular heating steam is no need for filter replacement cartridges - they are simply not available in the structure.

In this design, there are weaknesses:

  • Manufacturers do not bundle their products with humidistat - about their purchase is necessary to take care of themselves buyers.Without humidistat to determine whether the air is moist enough, it is impossible
  • Compared with household devices of other types, steam humidifiers consume more power.The increased consumption is associated with a greater power and performance - it amounts to 0.7 liters of water per hour

Ultrasonic humidifiers

to moisten the air in some devices use ultrasound - water will evaporate under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations.Ultrasonic humidifiers are used to create the normal mode of humidity in conservatories, greenhouses, as well as in the rooms and halls, which are stored antique furniture, precious wooden musical instruments.Their productivity is 0.4-0.5 liters per hour.

Ultrasonic devices buy more often than others - they have many advantages:

  • relative simplicity of design
  • acceptable design, "blends" into any interior
  • Security
  • Cost
  • wide range of models
  • Compact
  • Low noise
  • Availability humidistat that allows the adjustment of the device.

The disadvantages of ultrasound type devices is the need to change cartridges - the cost of 1 set of 3 pieces is about 30% of the cost of the device.

The main purpose of such devices - humidifying the air space of premises: living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and offices.The small size and compactness - important advantages of ultrasonic humidifiers.

For easy management process humidification recommend purchasing the device with built-in LCD display.The display will show all the necessary information.Economy models have a classical mechanical control (knob), more expensive devices equipped with touch control system.

to remove water from salts and impurities in the sale with the unit is a removable filter (cartridge).Thanks to this filter on, flooring, furniture and interior items not produced typical whitish coating of the device housing - clean them will be much easier cleaning will be faster.

On average, one cartridge lasts for a few months of work.To replace the filter, you must purchase a set of cassettes with a powdery substance.Typically, the kit includes three cassettes.Select the tape is necessary, depending on the level of hardness of the water in the device.

device safety is ensured by its automatic shut-off when there is no water in the tank.Due to the rotating sprayer, it is possible to refresh the air in any direction.Some modifications of the device are equipped with a function of "warm vapor", providing protection against microbes.

Traditional moisturizers for

air operation of the device of this type is based on the principle of evaporation of liquids with cold surfaces.Air cooler works as follows: when the fan room air passing through the evaporator, it is cool and wet.The main drawback of this design - the maximum moisture content is only 60%.Use this device to create a semblance of a tropical climate in the greenhouses and conservatories will not work.

Increase the productivity of traditional humidifier is simple - it is necessary to install near radiators and heat sources.This clears the dust particles from the air and make the indoor air fresh.

Design Advantages:

  • Easy
  • cheapness
  • noise Lack

Devices of this type are used in aromatherapy.For flavoring premises necessary capsule with oil-fragrance set inside the device or drip a few drops on the evaporator.Aromatherapy and floral aromas - a great tool for stress reduction and relaxation.

Some devices of the traditional type is set ionizing silver rod.Silver has the ability to deal with many kinds of bacteria - pathogens of infectious diseases.Also, some modification of devices for air humidification are equipped with anti-bacterial cartridges, which are able to absorb germs.The small size of these devices make it possible to install them on any surface.

humidifier with ionization

This device is capable of performing multiple functions: purifier, ionizer and humidifier.Such devices are also called "air sinks."The presence of silver in the device allows the rod to ionize the air, whereby the dust particles and wool fibers lose their ability to hover in the air and are deposited on plastic dust catcher humidifier.

Next wheels are cleaned with water, poured into a special container.For the complete elimination of dust pollution need to do wet cleaning, and clean the humidifier pan of accumulated dust.

If ionize the air to breathe regularly and only the purified silver rod humidifier fresh air, have all chances to get rid of, even from chronic diseases of the nose, throat and lungs.The manufacturer recommends to ionize the air in the absence of people in the room.

Advantages of the design:

  • opportunity not only to clean the air, but also to moisturize it and ionize
  • opportunity to get rid of chronic ailments
  • Can be used as air freshener

Humidifier with the option of cleaning the air in addition to its advantages has a major drawback- a high price.

Manufacturers humidifiers

production of household humidifier engaged in well-known European and Japanese companies.They offer a large variety of products in different price range, the service life of not less than 5 years.The world leader company Plaston (Switzerland) is considered in the production of these devices.The company owns such brands as Boneco and Air-o-Swiss.

Under the brand Boneco produced mainly simple moisturizers and water brand Air-o-Swiss manufactures the device more powerful - "air wash".All products of the Swiss company has an excellent design, many of them are equipped with displays and microprocessors, long cables.

In Europe, the company is also engaged in production of Aircomfort HVAC equipment, Venta and Electrolux.Less common products brands Daikin and Sharp.

General characteristics of the devices for purification and humidification

  • Purpose - humidification (optional: ionization and purification)
  • Area moisture - from 5 to 100 sq.meters
  • tank capacity - from 2 to 5 liters
  • volume of air used (Air liters per minute) - from 10 to 150 and above
  • Available filter - water / HEPA filter / charcoal filter
  • display Availability - yes /no
  • Management - mechanical / electronic
  • noise
  • Dimensions, weight

for humidifiers Care and cleaning

To air cleaner prematurely broke down and gave only the fresh mountain air, for him to take care of in a timely manner to clean.If a breath of air, rich in substances of stagnant water can be harmful to health.

ease of maintenance are different instruments of the traditional type in which only every 3 months is necessary to change the filter, or rather its vehicle.If the water is hard, the filler is changing more frequently if mild - rarely.We recommend using distilled water for humidification - in this case, the filler will not need to change.

Manufacturers of ultrasonic humidifiers are often complement their unique anti-bacterial rods, which contribute to water disinfection.But it is worth remembering that the action of the rod is limited to 1 year - then the catalyst rod and must be replaced.To the water does not have time to stagnate, it should also be changed regularly.

addition to water replacement filters and cartridges, and the unit needs to be cleaned.For cleaning, disinfection and neutralization of microorganisms using solutions of chlorine-containing agents to a safe concentration.If these drugs cause allergies, use anti-allergy remedy - vinegar solution.In addition, you will need water and sponge (cloth).

disassemble the unit, remove all the innards of scale and other deposits.During cleaning, do not use scrapers, do not use excessive force.After descaling and deposits treat the entire surface of the device with a solution of chlorine-containing drug to improve hygiene.After hygiene appliance and wash all running water nozzle.

Useful advice on using humidifiers

  1. Use with distilled water device.As a result of the use of tap water, the inner surface of the device, the floor and the things in the room are covered with a layer of plaque
  2. Installation and device is installed on
  3. hard, flat surface For daily use of the device is recommended to make a complete clean it once in 15 days
  4. Provide ventilationor air circulation in the room
  5. If you have air conditioning, install also the humidifier - the impact of the dried air will negatively affect the well-being

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