How to learn to guess at the Tarot cards

Researchers create sets of cards for divination at different times.Each deck of Tarot is unique because has a special meaning.Magic cards behave like living, sometimes in response to questions raised and deployed consistently, and sometimes capricious, and refusing to give hints to guess.In today's world there are about 1500 different packs, their number continues to grow year after year, as the fashion for magical practice is quickly gaining momentum.How to guess at the Tarot cards to get a reliable answer?First you need to choose the right stocks.

Types of Tarot cards

Many novice tarolog lost when a variety of tarot decks, presented on the market.Naturally, their main question - how to choose a set.All kinds of Tarot is divided into 4 main, each of which is designed for a specific job.Depending on the purpose, in the form of interaction fortune-teller preferences for a variety of decks.

  1. Universal Tarot cards.This group includes the Osho Zen Tarot of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowle
    y, Raydera-White, Gold Crown.These decks are ideal for beginners because they are intended to work with the layouts for different occasions.The creators of the universal cards offer a personal interpretation of the version of the Arcane, and combinations thereof, but all Tarot sets this group united by a common sense.They make it possible to disassemble the problematic situation and look into the future.
  2. Copyright tarot cards.They were created at different times of the authors who wished to make to the vision of divination tarot reader.As a rule, the treatment of these cards is slightly different from the classical, so work with copyright decks often brings a lot of interesting and surprising discoveries.Among these are: Tarot 78 doors, Atlantis, white cats, fairy, de Este, Goddesses, Oracle and many others.
  3. traditional Tarot cards.This group includes the first set of fortunetelling, created by artists in the palaces of the rulers of different states.The most famous among classical considered deck Montigny, the Renaissance, the Visconti-Sforza, Egyptian Tarot, Lenormand.These cards are reissued today, allowing you to explore the classic version of the tarot cards.
  4. Highly specialized tarot cards.A striking example of this group are deck Manara.Valued and Tarot Gnomes.It is best to take these decks to search for answers to specific questions.To study the global order they are absolutely not appropriate.Tarot Gnomes - an excellent option for solutions related to the material side of life and life issues.Manara more suitable for those who want to learn about love or intimate aspects of life.


How to guess at the Tarot cards?The first law, which is to remember a novice practitioner - Divination is a mirror of our inner world.All the feelings and emotions that we experience during a session are recorded on maps.In addition, the result is affected by old resentments, anxiety, unresolved problems, complexes and desire to guess.So to get the most accurate answers to these questions, it is best to do the alignment on the cards themselves.

Interpretation of cards by experienced fortune tellers happens on an intuitive level.Each drawing is interpreted in different ways - depending on the position of the card in the scenario and the questions raised.Skill "read" value comes from experience.For its development is more practice.If you have recently begun to speculate, it is better to use a simple method of interpretation - use the deck to offer instruction.

How to learn to guess

There are several ways as possible to learn to guess.Today, the use of learning Tarot opened special schools that provide students with a diploma of completion of courses.Trained in the craft of fortune tellers, you can also directly from an experienced "master".However, before choosing this path, find out by what technique he wonders what kind of deck and uses.If the principles of divination match to your preferences, ask a specialist to teach you.

forecast maps give, sometimes warn of troubles or errors show what could be the consequences in the decisions taken.To avoid confusion in the interpretation of the values, you must not only know the interpretation of the cards, but also be able to feel them.Before starting practice, to become better acquainted with the ancient treatise, adapted for modern readers.It teaches divination "The Sacred Book of Thoth."

tarot deck consists of 78 cards, they contain two Arcana - Senior and Junior.Newbie can use the full set, but for its development need long term.It is better to begin acquaintance with the technique of divination, since the Great Arcana 22 cards.Their interpretation is easy to remember, in addition, these cards are the most important and can provide answers to important answers for you.Tarot Divination involves the implementation of certain rules:

  • can not give to others your cards;
  • front of divination is to relax and ignore the external stimuli;
  • not worth anyone's guess when foreign people, especially the skeptics;
  • Divination by the Tarot cards is best done in the evening.

Maps of the cards

many wondering how to guess at the situation, the relationship, the future, the tarolog Experts believe that none of these methods can not guarantee the accuracy of prediction.During a divination to a certain situation decomposed Tarot not only talk about how the situation is in fact, but also show the attitude of different people.If you want to speculate on the future, a deck can present fragments of possible future events, combining them with the present and the past.

on relationships, love

Tarot relations - the most popular layout.Modeling relationship is different from the direct intervention of witches and witches.Knowledgeable people are not using prohibited equipment to fall in love with a particular person who wants it - it is a great sin.Experienced fortune teller just lift the veil of secrecy.With the help of a magical deck they can learn about the betrayal of the beloved, or to see a love triangle.Guessing on love and relationship provides an opportunity to learn how to apply your particular person.Make alignment so:

  1. first card from the deck stretched indicates how you relate to put forth a man.
  2. second display your feelings for him.
  3. third tells about your actions.
  4. fourth points to the hidden thoughts of man.
  5. Fifth opens his feelings for you.
  6. Sixth says human actions directed at you.
  7. Seventh - what is the relationship between you and whether or not it exists.

At work

How to guess at the Tarot work?The alignment of three cards show career prospects, determine the cause of financial difficulties, will tell you what actions can correct the situation.You can not use this technique too often, so as not to aggravate the situation.For the alignment of the deck selected three cards:

  1. One shows the events that have happened in the past and affected the situation.
  2. second depicts the real situation on the job.
  3. Last predict the future outcome of events.

On health

Guessing on Health provides a lot of layouts Tarot, with the help of which it is possible to learn about their state of health, to determine whether the loved one is ill.Through maps, you can get information about the causes of illnesses and understand how to act to deal with them.Often wonder harmful to health, so it is recommended to do the alignment with a minimum interval of a week.Example:

  1. first card says about the general state of health.
  2. second shows that it strengthens.
  3. third - which weakens.
  4. fourth - what actions people take to improve the condition.
  5. Fifth - what actions degrade the human condition.
  6. sixth - what is the way of life for anyone wondering.

In future

This alignment is better to do an experienced fortune tellers, as with the interpretation of cards may have problems.The method of divination for the future, usually used for drawing up a horoscope for a month or longer period of time.Each Tarot card should be drawn for the future along with fortunetellers mental issue.For example, you can ask about what you expect in the next year / month.The balance will be this kind of:

  1. first card tells about real time situations that occur in your life.
  2. second - that will have an impact on you in the future (help or hurt you).
  3. third - card advice that will help you choose the right path.
  4. fourth - those are your qualities or actions that predetermined events.
  5. fifth - the last events that occurred related to the current situation.
  6. sixth - the future map.
  7. seventh - your attitude towards the situation.
  8. Eighth reflects the attitude of a loved one, which affects the situation.
  9. ninth - which anxiety and fear have an impact on your decisions.
  10. tenth - the final map that shows how you will end the situation of interest.


This alignment will help to understand the relationship between the two lovers - even if they are very complicated and confusing.Guessing on Tarot "Pyramid" is designed to search for answers to the troubling questions, for example, "Do you have relations of the future? ',' Is this the man loves me?".The answers will help deal with the situation and figure out which direction to go next.How to layout:

  1. first card - it's you, it symbolizes the role of a fortune-teller in the relationship.
  2. second - is chosen, the map reveals the hidden human attitude to you.
  3. third - love relationship (as they are now).
  4. fourth - a possible future relationship.

on the situation

What is the best guess at the Tarot cards to find a solution?Everyone from time to time going through hard times.The balance of the situation helps to find a way out of the problem situation.You will be able to understand what was the original cause, identify possible ways out of difficulties.Is it dangerous to such a divination?Experienced fortunetellers believe this technique harmless, so use it often allowed.How to lay out:

  • mind are forming a question;
  • pull three cards and put in a row;
  • define their meaning (first - past, served as the development of the problem, the second - its impact on the lives of the third - what to do to rectify the situation).

Virtual divination

huge number of sites offer visitors spend online fortune-telling session.However, the results of such a scenario is very uncertain.Esoterica believe that speculate on the Tarot Online is useless because the main role in the process of power plays to guess his inner message.If the guess on online maps, this important component is lost, and the result becomes invalid.It's fun and harmless, if you wish, you can try your luck, to tell fortunes in the network, but beware of scams that are asked to send SMS to gain access to the divination.

Alignment day

Adult intelligent man capable of a sober assessment of incoming information, but there is another category of people - suspicious.For them, the divination can have dire consequences.Many services offer free tarot cards spread out, with interest on that are easily suggestible people.If the result of the alignment for the day positive - there is no danger, however, negative forecasts for the hypochondriac become a sword of Damocles.Remember, this person himself programs themselves do not fail and become a magnet for trouble.

Video as a guess at the Tarot cards

Life sometimes presents us with surprises that cornered.Finding an answer to the question of what to do, pushes some to turn to the esoteric and magic.Interest in tarot divination has been around for a long time.The relevance of this method of solving the problem is unlikely to ever fall.With video you will learn how to correctly guess and interpret the cards value.

Education divination