Power supply for LED tapes

Ribbon with LED - lighting device used to illuminate the decor in the house, a cafe, on billboards.LED-device is made of plastic, which is attached to the LEDs.Voltage power supply for LED strip is 12V or 24V.Sometimes use transformer, designed for the computer.BP produced with built-in machine, which saves network overload and short circuit.

Types of PSUs

source that adjusts the supply voltage for the backlight LEDs, divided into several types:

  1. Compact PSU.This device has a small size, weighs a bit, so it is often used for decoration in a residential area.Produced in waterproof case.The main disadvantage of the compact transformer is a low power.
  2. unit in a sealed aluminum box.It is a large-sized device with a large mass.Its capacity can be more than 100 watts.Given the size of the PSU, it is often used for decoration outside (resistant to moisture, temperature extremes).
  3. Open conductor.May have different power.This transformer wins low cost.Cons: open-BP very bulky and heavy.

Power supplies for LED tapes are transformer and pulse:

  1. Transformer PD reduces the voltage to 12 V to 220 V. The standard is performed smoothing the pulsing voltage When using a special filter.The main advantage of this transformer is considered to be its elementary construction and isolation from the AC mains.Cons: large size, can not cope with fluctuations of voltage.
  2. Switching Power also works on the transformer.Characterized in that operates at a high frequency, characterized by small size and weight.BP this type is connected to the mains supply 220 volts, as well as transformer device.Disadvantages: very bad job transfers "idle" overloads.Plus it hard to be repaired scheme.

How to choose a power supply for LED strip

If design with LEDs to choose the wrong transformer, it can cause damage to the lighting, and even cause a fire.Often you can find the controller, producing a stable voltage performance, which can not be changed.This does not affect the brightness of LEDs, on the contrary, it makes easier the work of the conductor.Mini-transformer must be configured to the selected LED strip indicators - in order to avoid problems with stress.

It is very important to buy or make yourself a guide, which will coincide with the terms of a specific scheme and correctly used.How to choose a power supply for LED strip?For proper choice you need to calculate:

  • operating voltage;
  • incoming and give power.

How to calculate the power

When calculating the power necessary to take into account the length of the LED device.To select a device with the desired parameters need information on the consumption of a meter tape.Consider the example of how to perform the calculation of the power supply unit.You have chosen a light source such as SMD 5050 with 30 diodes, a length of 5 m Calculation:.

  1. power indicators for one meter tape multiplied by the length of the lighting (5h7,2 = 36).
  2. turns out that 5 meters will "eat" 36 watt.
  3. It should be remembered that the power of the transformer should be chosen with a margin.In this example, a better buy BP at 40 watts.

How to connect

Connect the unit only.If decorative lighting will be installed during the construction of the building, it is best to bring the wiring as close as possible to the place where the tape will be placed.Install outlet there.When this is not possible, it is necessary in advance to buy the cable to length.PSU must be equipped with a plug, which is connected to a network (if it does not, then he made his own).

Installation diagram

connection Steps:

  1. Take the cable the required length.Once upon a section - at least 1.5 mm.
  2. On one side of the cable wires are installed, which smooth out the insulation 3 mm, on the other - a plug for inclusion in the grid.
  3. brown wire is connected to the phase (jack L), blue - to zero (slot N).
  4. cable ends should be fixed with screws.
  5. connected conductors.If you plan to connect multiple tapes at once, then it should be a good performance.

How to make the power supply of 12 volts with their own hands

Anyone wishing to make their own guide, which is useful for devices with LEDs.To construct BP 20 units needed:

  1. Block 12 Volts capable of transmitting an electrical current of 1 Ampere.
  2. chip 7812 to the radiator.
  3. diode bridge with the presence of the capacitor.
  4. prepared device is connected by the classical scheme.It remains only to connect self-made vehicle.Details PSU optionally placed in a housing of a standard small transformer.

Video: Connect LED strip to the power supply units

Connect the PSU can be anyone.The main thing - just to adhere to instructions.Through a video clip, you will understand how to power the lighting equipment, the actions carried out for the correct and safe operation of the lighting.The video shows in detail the process of connecting the unit to an LED strip.Watch Video description will explain the characteristics of each stage of work.