Recording the image on a flash drive by UltraISO

UltraISO program has many useful features, among which there is also urgent to date record images to USB-drives.This feature allows you to use more convenient format storage media to perform such serious problems.Learning how to write the image to a USB flash drive through the UltraISO, you can avoid many difficulties related to lack of drive and a low degree of reliability of legacy optical media.With this information, the operating system installation task to a computer / laptop will not be a difficulty for you.

How to make bootable USB flash drive Ultra ISO

cope with this task will help a simple sequence of actions.To do this, your computer must be the program itself.If you do not already have one, you will have to download the installation file and install UltraISO.If in the process of unpacking the archive antivirus will "indignant", go to its settings and temporarily disable the security system.

When this is done, run the installed program, and then follow the instructions below

.It explains in detail how to write the image to a USB flash drive through the Ultra ISO:

  1. In the program window, find the menu item "File" (the first in the list), click on it.
  2. A drop-down list of options from which to select "Open".
  3. To create a bootable USB flash drive, select the program path to the file with the "." Format that you would like to record.
  4. Next, open the menu tab "Bootstrapping" and select "Burn Image Hard Disk" from the drop-down menu that appears.
  5. After these steps, the recording window will appear in which you want to select the storage device to which you want to mount. "" File.
  6. Believing the correct execution of previous instruction items, confirm the action by pressing the "Record" button.

You learned how to write the image to a USB flash drive through the program UltraISO.Before you begin, you need to prepare the carrier.If the files on it will have to format it.Open "My Computer", find the list of connected devices the required drive, run the context menu by pressing the RMB (right mouse button).Next, select "Format".A window appears in which you want to choose a file system (NTFS recommended).To the cleaning process has not lasted long, select "Fast" and confirm by pressing the "Start" button.

video tutorial for creating a capture image on a flash drive by UltraISO

reviewing the video below, you will understand how to make the USB flash drive bootable disk.The step by step guide explains in detail the easiest way to image on USB-drive transfer.Save or write down the algorithm, so that in case of emergency need to reinstall the operating system do not have to fiddle with cumbersome CDs.