How to calculate holiday pay

Rest like employees of any company: small or large.Especially when this is paid for compensation.About how considered selling, you can argue long.Large companies have long benefited from special programs, such as 1C, which will automatically show the result and put the amount of payments for each employee.For those who want to calculate their own legitimate payments in this article we deal with the various situations and calculation formulas by which is calculated the amount of payments.

procedure for granting leave and the payment of compensation

The Russian Labour Code states that every worker is entitled annually to rest 28 days.There are some types of leave:

  • core;
  • optional;
  • donor;
  • temporary maternity (paternity);
  • sick (due to illness or their child);
  • training.

On the main leisure claim all employees who have worked in the company from six months after the conclusion of the agreement and more.Temporary workers who have concluded a contract for a period of 2 months, as calc

ulated on the relevant payments.Additional holidays granted in the following circumstances: dangerous working conditions, long working hours, work in the North.It can get health care workers, teachers and athletes (coaches).

Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth pay a lump sum.Regardless of the time, it is 100% of the average salary.Remember that the legal holiday can not be free.The organization is obliged to pay you compensation in the amount, which is obtained in the calculation.And for this there are special formulas that work correctly in all situations.

How to calculate the number of leave days in 2016

To learn how to accrued vacation days, make the necessary simple steps, such as:

  1. Determine the length of an employee working inyour company.
  2. Calculate the total number of days of rest, which rely particular employee during the work you do.
  3. Count the number of days that have been used and paid for.
  4. remaining days and are considered to provide a holiday to which the employee is entitled.

formula for calculating payments

If you type in the Internet "payment holiday in 2016 calculator on-line", the search engine will give you lots of links on which is calculated the amount of their ownthat you should be an organization as payment for legal holidays.They laid a peculiar calculation formula, by which all the coefficients are automatically calculated.The formula looks like this:

  • OH = CLE * OD, where OD - accrual for vacation;CLE - the average daily wage;ML - days of legal holidays.

algorithm computation takes place according to the formula:

  • CLE = PSN / 12 / 29.3, where the SPE - the total amount of charges for the billing period (for example, from January to December, where premium and additional payments are not included), 12 -is the number of months for the entire billing period, and 29.3 - the average monthly number of days assigned to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.

Knowing these simple formulas and basic information about their working days, average earnings, and so on, you move yourself to calculate how much you should be a company in which you are working hard.Everywhere it has been the chief accountant, but not always his calculations are correct.Be sure to check your charges, not to be cheated by dishonest leaders that modern life is often found at all.

Example accrual of vacation

When calculating very common complex situations, in which all the factors needed to obtain the correct amount should be studied carefully.Responsibility for this job always hangs on the accountant.He calculates the amount of vacation to all employees of the company, and responsibility in the wrong calculations lies entirely on it.It is advisable, if you check your own holiday payments that did not happen any unpleasant situations in the future.

To make it clear, give good examples of the calculation of holiday pay.Consider a situation where your employee did not go to the hospital, or, on the contrary, due to illness (or their child) was absent from work.In addition, employees do not always use their legal vacation or do not have time to use it before the dismissal.The formula for calculating holiday allows us to calculate the amount for all work situations faced by employees of the company and the employer.

In the case of a fully spent billing period

Consider for example, how holidays are calculated.Peter Petrov wanted to go to sea in May 2016 and for it to take 14 days.The residue is transferred holidays.For 12 months, he has been credited with 300,000 rubles.How do you know how much compensation will be selling?Here is the algorithm:

  1. calculation of average earnings for the holiday: 300000/12 months / 29.3 = 852.2 p..
  2. calculate the amount of compensation: 852.2 * 14 = 11945.3 p.

This organization is obliged to pay the amount to the employee as compensation.By law, he should receive it no later than 3 days prior to the legal holiday.It happens that the employee wants to relax at the beginning of next month, and the salary for the month worked not yet accrued.Then recalculated taking into account the previous unpaid months, and in case of change of the amount of wages next month - compensation or retention of a difference in the issuance of money for salaries.

When not fully exhaust the settlement period

employee company Ivan Ivanov decided to take another vacation in July for 14 days, but it did not work full billing period, as atdisease went on sick leave in April.To make the correct calculation, you need to know the amount of unburnt days and then use the formula for the calculation:

  • CLE = PSN / (POM * 29.3 + Nd), where POM - the total number of months worked, and ND - days not worked.Next vacation is calculated according to a standard formula.


  1. 300000 / (12 * 13 + 29.3) = 822.8 p.
  2. 822,8 * 14 = 11519.4 p.

Calculation of compensation for unused vacation

employer is obliged to pay compensation to the employee for dismissal if the legal holiday was not used.As these are considered to be selling:

  • CLE * OD = OH - accrual for vacation.
  • remaining values ​​are calculated in a standard way.Money for the rest, which did not take advantage of the enterprise worker, must be paid.This compensation comes to women after the decree and employees up to 18 years.

Video Tutorial: How to calculate holiday pay

Calculate your legitimate payments on their own is not difficult.You just need to properly use the above techniques and know all the ratios.The video below illustrates how your vacation considered examples.After watching you will become much clearer in the calculation of non-standard situations.If you want to get as much as you expected, be sure to produce their own indexing and good rest!