Clerk Portfolio Tips

said that modesty adorns the man, but who knows better about your professional capabilities and unique skills that you possess?To be popular in today's world, we must be able to efficiently and effectively describe yourself or your organization to others.To successfully address this problem more information is available, how to make a portfolio, which has views of the dossier, what are the rules of its filling.After reviewing examples of design work, you can choose the template you want and make an excellent presentation of their achievements.

What portfolio

systematic collection of findings and work performed individual or organization is called portfolio.Typically, such a file is performed in a folder and / or an electronic file.After reviewing the contents of the portfolio, you can see what kind of achievement is at the person, and to lay down an idea what kind of services can be made bearer of this document, at what level will do the job.The presence of such a portfolio of informat

ion about professional opportunities a person associated with the people of creative professions - designers, artists, freelancers.

Today, because of the apparent ease of structuring a portfolio of useful data they began to use people of different professions - doctors, teachers, educators.Often abbreviated version of the list of human results can be displayed in the summary, actually showing a detail-filled column "Achievements".For students who after graduation has no experience, portfolio, indicating success during training sessions or practice increases the chances of employment.Beautifully decorated logical analysis of the work done will be useful even schoolboy.

School portfolio

School - a place where there are like two worlds: a competent teacher who has the knowledge base and inquisitive child's mind, who began his journey of learning.But for teachers and students to come in handy folders that will display their achievements.Each school has developed certain patterns, lists of recommendations that explain how to make the school portfolio, which sections should be included here.Then you can see the features of drawing up and see examples of the finished teacher's portfolio, first-graders, high school students or an entire class.


How to make the teacher portfolio?The folder should be talking about the achievements of the teacher, to raise them to their qualifications, to testify about the active participation not only in the educational process, but also in extracurricular activities at school.To form such a dossier is not only a positive attestation, but for objective self-analysis of his work and the planning of specific actions aimed at improving professional skills.

Consider the example of filling a teacher portfolio, specifying the sections of the document.

  • General information - personal data, education, work experience, professional development, awards, diplomas.
  • Portfolio achievements in pedagogical activity - assimilation of the program students participate in contests, medalists.
  • Scientific-methodical activity - participation in professional competitions, the development of the author's programs, research work, publication of articles.
  • After-hour activity - scenario of events, working in circles.
  • Educational and material base.


How to make class portfolio?This dossier - the result of joint creative work of teachers and pupils.Start a portfolio with a total worth of class photos, children's list with contact data, responsibilities, what they do in school.Next issue separate sheets for each student with an indication of his personal information, family information, indicate academic achievement, whether it is engaged in circles.

Check out an example of a class portfolio.It is necessary to specify the following sections.

  • work and leisure plans of students;
  • special achievements in education (participation in the Olympic Games);
  • sporting achievements;
  • creative achievements (what interests the students, participation in exhibitions, etc...);
  • social activities (such as voluntary work);
  • joint entertainment (information together with the photo).

primary school pupils

peculiarity portfolio for primary classes is that with the creation of their guys do not cope.Parents need to help, not to do everything for their child, even a first grader can remember their first academic achievement.Portfolio child who goes to class 1, looks colorful.The folder is different in appearance, depending on the child's interests and preferences.For example, girls in the design to portray love princesses, and more boys interested in cars.To so arrange portfolio, you can download ready-made template to free online resources.

high school students

At this age, the teenager has already formed a circle of interests, professional inclinations manifested.The student or pupil preparing for entrance to university, and graduate of the portfolio - it is a way to bring together the main achievements of the school years, to show the desire, to orient the choice of profession.This folder should be an individual issue is clearly structured, rigorous and concise.

Consider the example of a design portfolio with the operating time high school student.Remember that the purpose of such dossiers - an objective to present the work done by you, for it is here to include sections:

  • My portrait - autobiography.
  • Portfolio achievements - copies of certificates, certificates, diplomas, certified by the school administration.
  • Elective courses - preferred subjects, the courses of choice, such as a foreign language.
  • Olympics competitions.
  • research activities.
  • My hobbies - in some sections, student clubs involved, examples of drawings, poems, essays, etc.

Portfolio for kindergarten

If we talk about how to properly arrange the portfolio in kindergarten, it is worth noting that more work will be regulated kindergarten teacher and the group, which he leads.These folders should indicate the professional teacher.With regard to the illustration preschool skills, it is for the child and parents a creative process, but also the baby learns to keep track of your achievements.Next, the examples of design portfolio for kindergarten.


The folder for the teacher - an important attribute for employment and for certification.Clear rules of its execution is not, and the dossier or a senior teacher methodologist DOW will differ because of the different categories and specifics of such specialists.Before looking at an example of an educator portfolio, refer to the sections that can be included in it:

  • teacher's motto, business purposes;
  • short working career;
  • training;
  • self;
  • data about open sessions;
  • participate in events held in the kindergarten.


This portfolio should do cumulative, so children can every few months to evaluate their work.Here are the approximate contents of the folder:

  • acquaintance with the group - to specify the motto, put the total group photo, briefly write about all the alumni;
  • set schedule;
  • journey for the group - photos interior room, illustrated with drawings and children's stories;
  • exhibition of works by children;
  • photos of the activities carried out;
  • achieve group;
  • page for reviews of parents.


How to arrange child in kindergarten portfolio, why to this folder?This is a good tool to track the dynamics of development of the child, but for children of preschool age, it should be more interesting and creative work that captures achievements baby.This portfolio is formed with the help of teachers and parents, but the child explains why it is important to self-fill these pages.In the future, the pages of this dossier is only possible with the consent of a preschooler.

Consider an example for preschool portfolio.Include the following sections in it:

  • of personality and environment of the child - family, friends, hometown;
  • daily routine;
  • what games like to play, what he likes to spend;
  • some dreams have a child, which would like to achieve;
  • the physical development of the data;
  • some cognitive and creative skills acquired - for instance, learned the letters, learned to dance;
  • achieve child - reading and writing, thanks, photo to participate in contests, competitions;
  • impressions child - from trips, theater visits, etc.,
  • comments and suggestions of parents.

How do student

portfolio young people enrolled in universities, is a very serious approach to the formation of a systematic collection of their achievements and acquired skills.Smartly decorated portfolio will help to find the first job, and for some professions, such as the architect, no such meeting employment work in the specialty virtually impossible.

How to formalize this dossier to the student?Portfolio is decorated in a business style, it is better in the form of forms.The student must be specified:

  • on the title page - your personal details, the name of the institution;
  • which carried out courses, research work;
  • list of achievements during their studies, which attach certified copies of documents confirming their;
  • level of knowledge;
  • he showed his skills and abilities, for example, during the workshops, when writing essays, etc .;
  • both participated in extra-curricular activities of the university;
  • ratings and reviews of teachers.

professional portfolio of work

This way of organizing developments often used by representatives of creative professions, because of their activity involves the search for new solutions, creating new directions in their chosen field of activity.In order not to interrupt the creative flight of thought, such professionals often do not like to be adjusted to the strict framework of the preparation of its portfolio specialization, but compliance with certain recommendations at systematization of the results of creative work must be present.

further discussed examples and the general rules, which will be useful for a freelancer in the field of design, programming, photography and representatives of other creative professions.Sample sections of this type of portfolio:

  • elaborately decorated title page;
  • brief curriculum vitae indicating professional achievements;
  • examples of the most successful works;
  • customer reviews.


This collection of works previously made for other customers - a good way to advertise and promote their services.How to make a copywriter portfolio?Necessarily it is necessary to tell about the experience, the number of written articles.Take screenshots from the sites where the most successful published your article.Constantly update your files, placing there new work that the customer had no idea about the level of your professionalism.Consider an example for the copywriter portfolio.


term "designer portfolio" very broadly, because such a folder or e-mail files also have an interior designer houses, and web-designer, who designs websites interface.Systematize its developments dossiers and graphic designer, whose sphere of activity is the creation of visual communication images.To paraphrase a famous saying, we can say that the designer's portfolio feeds, because, in addition to well-designed printed version, this file should be placed on a variety of thematic web sites, or personal website.

can do some portfolio, for example, in one place multidirectional work to increase the number of clients, and the other to collect the job, interesting a particular customer with whom would like to work on a permanent basis.Were selected for public viewing only the best projects can even include works not accepted by the customer, but in which you are sure that they have a meaning and they characterize you as a unique specialist.


How to make architectural portfolio?For members of this fine profession printed collection of the best developments made into a restrained business style, and to create a digital record is better to choose the format and size of the files, which will be convenient to send e-mail.To structure developments recommended in such sections:

  • student work;
  • professional projects made in the workplace;
  • personal projects, describing your vision of objects.

architects should speak graphics, images, not words, so a minimum include the structure of the portfolio of the text, using it only for the necessary explanations.Include sketches made by hand, they accentuate your individuality.A well-systematized and properly, consistently outlined achievements of the architect - a kind of graphic story about the achievements and future plans.


finished model portfolio - it's her business card, and a prerequisite, it begins with the negotiations on its participation in the projects, demonstrations or filming.Such a dossier consists not in one shot, it consists of a set of photos that are better ordered from professional photographers.Photos should reflect the dignity of women, its ability to transform.Men's model portfolio is less common.

in a qualitatively made dossier, which is often referred to as beech, because in fact it looks like a book with pictures of the model include:

  • minimalist photo for evaluating external data girls (such shots do on a neutral background, portrait and full-length in the lowerunderwear or bathing suit);
  • portrait with unusual hairstyle, make-up;
  • pictures showing how the model can pose, with a focus on profitable body angles;
  • photo advertising posters, magazine pictures and photos for the catalog, showing the ability to advertise products.


How to make a portfolio representative of the creative profession?Collection of the artist's work can be very different, because each of the members of this professional field is your vision, as well as customers require the creation of a wide variety of images.The best solution would be a portfolio that can be easily changed depending on the audience.As a general scheme, you can use this rough plan dossier of the artist, stating:

  • summary autobiography;
  • a creative concept adheres to the originator;
  • samples of work performed.


most important in the presentation of their professional knowledge by specialists of this sphere - to take a good sample resume portfolio and clearly explain the benefits of cooperation specifically with him.Charts and diagrams shown below, should supplement this information.Include materials portfolio, testifying to the ability to develop marketing strategies to promote similar products.Claiming a certain position, it is necessary to refer to the projects in which you participated, with particular reference to your role in their implementation.


How lucky draw programmer portfolio?Collection of evidence such specialist skills should include a lot of screenshots - examples of work done.