What not to wear full

Most companies that produce clothing, adhere to certain standards and sizes.But those outfits that look very good on skinny women are not always beneficial to look at the form of a woman.Many different torture yourself diets and exercise in the gym, and others like her body and try to emphasize her figure.How to choose the right clothes, so she looked advantageous.
first misconception among women with non-standard size, you need to hide your figure under baggy clothes.Baggy clothing gives the figure formlessness and several sizes.Naturally, too tight, too silhouettes should be avoided, because it will be immediately noticeable absolutely all figure flaws.
second misconception - wearing long clothes.Long dresses and skirts, on the contrary, create the illusion of volume.Long knitted skirt will look sloppy and fluffy add several dimensions.

Appears question, but what to wear?

Choose dresses classic style.The length may be 1 cm above or below the knee.To the fabric is not hung - it must be a dense an

d high-quality.Color you can choose any.Avoid styles with thin straps too tight sleeves.


course, always going to the dress you're not awake.In fact, with the help of the skirt is the perfect place to hide the flaws and show dignity.Choose a pencil skirt.This classic style perfectly hides the fullness of the hips.Pick up the length of the one that is right for you.For example, if you have beautiful knees, do not need to close them.


Do not choose too tight-fitting blouses and turtlenecks and avoid body.They will show every detail of your figure.Good looking blouse with short sleeves-lanterns and direct the cast to the chest.Classic long sleeve shirt pastel colors, are also well suited. Sweaters and cardigans knitted quality will look very good with the classic skirt or trousers.Choose any color.


short woman is well suited pants just below the knee, as well as those that are 1 cm above the lower leg.Pick up these pants should be individually on a figure, but in this case they will emphasize your strengths and create a nice silhouette.It is not necessary to purchase pants of bright colors, better to stay on the dark: black, blue, brown.If you want a lighter color, choose a cream, beige, not white.

Photo 1:

  • Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
  • Trousers - Bodyflirt
  • Jacket -ICHI
  • Bag - LeTanneur
  • Shoes - Vitacci

photo 2:

  • Blouse - Dorothy Perkins
  • Trousers - Elena Miro
  • Cardigan - Raquel Allegra
  • Bag - Mascotte
  • Shoes - Lena Milan


Forget ballet flats, sneakers, platform shoes, solid shoes, sandals with thin straps.Ballet shoes will make you even lower, but still they make you look sloppy.Platform shoes, although growth will add, but do massive legs and will always attract attention, creating the illusion of volume.With the massive boots - the same story.Sandals thin straps, also underlined the volume, and your foot will not look elegant.Select classic shoes on a thick heel.They will look very nice and tidy.If you want to wear open shoes, look for sandals with a low heel with thick straps.In such shoes your feet will look very elegant.Try not to look at the hairpin, and if a heel - always choose sustainable.


third misconception - always wear dark clothes.It is not true.Dark clothing is not always hides figure flaws.Bright of clothes should be worn.For example, throwing a light blouse dark jacket, you will look just great.It is also necessary to choose colorful clothes.With the help of prints that are so fashionable this year, you can play with the color, not to the detriment of the silhouette.Purchase clothing with large print.Small flowers, stars and other small parts are constantly to provide all that you are trying to hide.At that time, as a large figure will help to create a good shape.

Photo 1:

  • Bag - Antonio Biaggi
  • Shoes - Paolo Conte
  • Dress- Michael Kors

photo 2:

  • skirt - Mango
  • Blouse - Yves Saint Laurent
  • Shoes - Pura Lopez
  • Bag - Antonio Biaggi

Anda few recommendations:

  • Choose a quality, expensive fabric.Otherwise, any clothing will look shapeless and sloppy.
  • Choose soft, soothing colors.It is difficult to take seriously an adult woman in a bright flashy clothes.
  • give preference to classical models.If you want to meet the fashion, it is better dilute outfit fashion accessories and shoes.It is not always appropriate clothes from the catwalk to real life.Do not forget about it.
  • Choose quality jewelry.
  • With a slight growth Avoid long dresses and skirts, as well as the volume of long trousers.They will make you even smaller, and spoil the whole silhouette.
  • Choose a bag of medium size, clear form.It is important that the material quality and the bag holding its shape.
  • not buy bulk bags.With the growth of small they look - like a bag.Too small bags look like a purse and an unnecessary amount of stress.
  • Use lace or sheer fabric, only in those places where you want to show your advantages.

And a few fashion tips for plus size women on video