Brands handbags , relevant in 2016

Bag is the essential accessory.It complements your style and image.What will be fashionable in 2016?After all, most of the designers have presented their collections.Let's look at the most successful shows and define what each approach, because the choice is very large.

Fashion color bags in 2016

Let's start with color.All remember that the most fashionable color of summer 2013 was a very beautiful orange color, it is called - cinnabar.Depending on the structure of the skin handbags, the color may look bright or feminine.The same color was represented in the collections, combined with black leather that looks extremely bright.Adherents of dark colors, it is suggested to pay attention to another color, which can often be seen in the collections - plum and burgundy.They were brand new and looks very nice.Also fashionable are navy blue, black, beige and leopard print.Even designers offer to move away from the tradition of buying a bag to match the shoes or accessories, you can create a whole image to

bag in harmony with the basic color of the attire.
very popular brand that has distinguished a variety of colors, has become the brand Furla.Their collections look very vivid and alive, and thanks to the variety of forms, each will be able to choose what is right for her.

bags Form 2016

second topical issue is, of course, form.This season, designers stick to the form of handbags in a barrel.It is very convenient, this bag holds good size and looks neat.The bag should not be much, but the volume required.All collections can be found bags with short handles in the shape of a horseshoe, sometimes replaces massive short chain.

have all Lois Vuitton bags, regardless of size, have a chain instead of a pen, it looks very feminine and fun.

Designers Bvlgary hold its classic form, so much diversity in their collections we do not see, but a variety of colors and the trend of short handles present.

Many small bags can be found in the collections of Chanel and Chloe.They are the classic rectangular or square shape on a long chain.In fact, replacing pens chain is very convenient, because they last longer maintain their appearance, as well as stronger.

material for bags in 2016

choice of materials from which the bags are made very large.In fashion, as always, it is the skin.It is better to smooth - in all colors, it looks bright and expensive.For winter, designers offer handbags fur or fur trim.Fur used shades of beige, gray, black or burgundy.

L. Vuitton presented a collection of fur handbags with chains instead of pens.Furnish also can pick up the tone of your fur accessories or clothing.

Another trend - a tweed bag.They are represented in the collections of almost all designers.A whole collection of tweed bags presented at Chanel, and you can pick up stockings, gloves, scarves, trousers to match.

Exclusive handbags in 2016

Chanel never ceases to amaze conceptuality of their collections.March 5 Chanel collection titled Ā«GlobalizationĀ» (Globalisation) was presented at the Paris Fashion Week.Karl Lagerfeld has placed in the center of the podium a huge wooden bowl, which lights all the shops Chanel have been identified in the world.In the wake of "globalization" was created pouch in the form of a globe on a thin leather strap, which was decorated with a gold chain, as all bags from Chanel, and gold was performed finishing in the corporate style 2.55 and of course a great logo, which was presented atall bags autumn-winter collection 2013-2016.For the most daring - Chanel Globalization.

Furla in his new collection presented expired transparent plastic bags.This was an absolute novelty of the season and these bags have typed a lot of popularity very quickly.The most fashionable form presented in the four most fashionable colors.How to resist here?

D & amp;G is very creative approach to the creation of the collection.Egyptian style and gold looked very nice in clothes and bags.A fashionable form of a barrel with little hands was present even in the smallest of handbags.

On the anniversary of GUM Moschino presented only fifteen copies Wallis exclusive bags.For those who want to be the most fashionable in this season, you should hurry up to buy the thing, which released these brands.

Prada designers decided to stick with the classics and restraint.There are no bright colors, no extravagant forms, all very stylish and noble.The colors in the collection bags were muted, as designers used matte leather and suede.

Tips for Choosing handbags and care for them

Few tips on how to choose the right bag, and care for her.

  • Pay attention to the material from which the bag is made. It should be qualitative, or some time later, the bag will lose its shape and form.
  • Rough skin is considered more practical material.
  • For any bag you need to take care of.If skin is cleaned regularly and use vlagootalkivayuschie funds.
  • Suede also need to be cleaned, use cleaning products, and to maintain a good appearance, use a special brush for suede, usually one side of the rough brush, and the other soft rubber.