Value cards with divination by Tarot

in knowing the cards themselves and know how to predict the fate of the right.Do you believe that really know their fate?Experienced forecasters confirm that the magic tarot cards is very influential.With the help of simple on the face of the Tarot cards, people predict the future, say in the events of the past or present.Meaning of the Tarot is very multifaceted, each card is revealed as an individual in its meaning.Interpretation of Tarot with divination - is a universal way to predict some aspects of his life and worthy to meet them.

interpretation of tarot cards

The longer you work with a deck tarot cards, the faster it increases energy and strength.There are different types of tarot cards, their distinctive features are the size, colors, theme.The basic structure of the deck - it is 78 cards, 22 of which is the Major Arcana, 56 - Younger.White cards are sometimes included in the deck, means that consideration should be deferred.

value tarot card also depends on the type of card:

there are dark deck ( "Thoth" of Aleister Crowley) and Bright (Egyptian, Manara, Decameron, Osho Zen Tarot, Lenormand).Special types of cards, such as the Roma, Tarot Gnomes, Rider-Waite, Visconti specific in their values, so predictions can be ambiguous.A deck of cards, each master chooses for themselves, it is not necessary to take off the shelf at random and experience: depends on how much value cards will be true.

Value Major Arcana

  • Jester (0) - successful start of something new, replenishment of energy, optimism, positive attitude (in the literal sense) or unexpected life twist, an attempt to conceal his person from someone else's view (inverted).
  • Magician (1) - Direct evidence of the value you wish to reveal their full potential upside - stiffness, secrecy, unwillingness to realize themselves.
  • Priestess (2) - intuition, creative potential (immediate value), or about the danger warning symbol of conceit (inverted).
  • Empress (3) - if the card tarot is right, then it is a complete abundance in the creative, the material plane, if you turn - revenge, lack of energy, efforts and financial difficulties.
  • Emperor (4) - the value of direct Tarot: Your mission is to be the fight for the truth, a lie can not leave the place.If the card is turned over - strict subordination to man or the inability to control himself.
  • Hierophant (5) - Direct state mark you need to know how well you manage your will.Reversed - slander, shame, and a combination of the Hierophant tarot cards and Hung - love betrayal.
  • Lovers (6): Card straight - the inevitable choice of love, friendship and love strong, upside - internal conflict.
  • Chariot (7) - the movement, the victory in the struggle, righteous thoughts with the right cards state the reverse - the uncertainty, anger, bad influence on others.
  • Justice (8) - life experience.Undecidability cases, resentment, lingering quarrel (inverted value of the Tarot).
  • Hermit (9) - loneliness, kindness and deepening in their own thoughts (line card) or a hint to your "raging" behavior and the consequences of (inverted).
  • Wheel of Fortune (10) - a symbol of wisdom, right action in any position map, the only difference in the speed of execution.This process is slightly delayed When the reverse map.
  • Strength (11) - with a direct side - soft feminine force and the ability to defend their opinion, with an inverted - the weakness and failure of the approach.
  • Hanged Man (12) - willingness to change, a desire to realize themselves, to be flexible thinking.Inverted card - a waste of time on unnecessary circumstances.
  • Death (13) - in a straight position symbolizes change, and what - will mark the adjacent map.Upside-down position - the stagnation of affairs, let the fear of the old, open to change.
  • Moderation (14) - Updating of mental strength, readiness for new actions, accuracy and balance of action represents a direct map, inverted - on the contrary: the imbalance of actions, works and thoughts.
  • Devil (15) - a direct position - fame, success and harmony of the business relationship, and the reverse has the same values, just next door with good cards.If there is not very good card - excessive desire for material gain.
  • Tower (16) - a straight position is not too favorable, it refers to conflict and chaos moments.Next to the bad cards - loss, good - speedy end failures.Contact position symbolizes the stagnant situation, the position of which can not be changed.
  • Star (17) - symbolizes success and favorable moment all your undertakings (forward position).Laziness, lack of confidence and stubbornness appears inappropriate for the upside card.
  • Moon (18) - are not always developed intuition plays a hand in a straight position Arkan - a symbol of creative instability in reverse - a lie, meanness and hypocrisy of others.
  • Sun (19) - no wonder Arkan marked a strong element, straight position - happiness, great joy and a successful life.
  • Court (20) - direct you to update map predicts forces, awakening and fullness of power, and the reverse signals of the impending event not to be missed.
  • World (21) - leads to a chain of good life events, and the reverse position inspires that hope does not fade, the result will be soon.

Interpretation Minor Arcana

Waite Tarot is not limited to the Major Arcana, the value of cards in divination specifically taken into account every nuance.The Minor Arcana cards in the layout divided into four elements - Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles.The meaning of each tarot card is ambiguous, but rather in the definition of a person in love scenario, certain professions, Beliefs.


  • King - a symbol of the strong man, powerful, capable of conducting major cases.His positive or negative traits are revealed in spite of the position of the card: direct - the person is reliable, the opposite - stubborn man who loves the benefit of all.
  • Queen: direct hand - reliability, noble woman, with an inverted - the unreliability of moments, financial loss, problematic life situations.
  • Knight - a decent man, a conscientious, responsible in everything.The other side of the tarot cards means that expectations will fail, the person will be disappointed and hurt.
  • Page of - the creative potential of the human high multifaceted.This young man, woman or a child with a bright future.On the other hand, it is not the best quality - mindedness, pettiness and reducing health.
  • Ace - a very major achievement in life, large financial gains in the near future and well-being.On the contrary, in an inverted value of the card - material goods, but without moral satisfaction.
  • Ten - abundance in the house, good attitude, confidence.The other side of the card - instability in all plans: family, financial, operational.
  • Nine - rest, reciprocity of the person you love.Stability in all aspects, but on the contrary - ill-considered actions, betrayal, destruction plans.
  • Eight - rewarded only the work that was not feigned, overcome challenging obstacles, but if a person gives up the slack - it is waiting for stagnation in business.
  • seven - from the straight position, waiting for the human work that brings him pleasure, but brings tangible benefits.The opposite - a signal that the power invested in something, most likely fail.
  • Six - fate will be generous to you: you will get even more than deserved.The reciprocal value of the card - hatred, failure in career way.
  • Five - loss in every sense of the word.The collapse of the working relationship, lack of wisdom, insults, difficulties in material terms.
  • Four: straight tarot card promises prosperity in financial matters to you is provided, but if the card is reversed - the pleasure of this little trouble will be enough.
  • Three - love will be useful for a career or family: the man next - your destiny.Reversed card - incentives for the development of self, relationships and careers there.Expected weakness, dissatisfaction with himself.
  • Two - character received news depends on the card position.When inverted znachenii- they are negative and the collapse of their plans, with the direct - all the difficulties you will be able to overcome and get a long-awaited success.


  • King - a man possessing wealth, eligible bachelor, and a decent choice.
  • Queen - advantageous marriage, friendly and intelligent woman, a good future wife.
  • Knight - a symbol of an honest, self-confidence man.Knight worthy of credibility.
  • Page of - positive active person, a good match and a good friend.Energetic and successful in your endeavors.
  • Ace - this card is pure triumph, the beginning of the successful cases, man's enthusiasm brims over.
  • Ten - not always what you expect - a complete success.Perhaps the moral to the person you are not ready or do not match your plans for the future.
  • Nine - a constant struggle, and the result depends on you - or renewal and replenishment of lost love or the loss of a loved one.
  • Eight - an unexpected, but pleasant completion of the previously launched.Do not be afraid Impromptus, waiting for you to success.
  • Seven - the value of the card indicates: it is time to resort to mutual understanding and to go on a general compromise.Trials can not be avoided, but held wrestler belongs to a victory.
  • Six - recognition and success.Expect good news and achievements.
  • Five - the tension of the moment.Period, giving rise to quarrels, petty troubles.
  • Four - unearthly pleasure.Your family - your safe haven, where you expect the comfort, warmth and acceptance.
  • Three - a joyful event.Birth, marriage and relationship harmony.
  • Two - you in the dark, but your problems are behind us, believe in yourself.


  • King - power, power.Authoritative mature man, managing the situation.
  • Queen - elderly shrewd woman who will assist you in your difficulties.
  • Knight - strong brave man protects you in a difficult moment.
  • The page - be careful with the "friends".Not everyone who is smiling to you, sincerely wish you prosperity.
  • Ace - the responsible thing to do.Work and be rewarded painstaking triumph.
  • Ten - failure.Strong collapse in all aspects of life.Near the traitor and the collapse in the work.
  • nine - you have to believe in yourself to overcome the force of destruction.The main danger - death.
  • Eight - looking for allies to cope with failures in work and life.Beware of envy.
  • seven - fight with opponents, their plans were in vain, and you are met with success.
  • Six - you will find the way to pleasant moments.Chance of moving or traveling.
  • Five - of dispute the main exit with dignity, that it does not impact on your life plans.
  • Four - you need to rest and complete relaxation.It will take time for yourself and your thoughts.
  • Three - the loss of something important for someone really worthwhile, the upcoming separation from loved ones.
  • Two - the harmony of feelings, rather friendship than love.Resolution of the conflict.


  • King - the value of Tarot cards represents decent and honest person next to you.He - your defense.
  • Queen - magically attracts a woman.Lover or wife.
  • Knight - meeting an unexpected, but pleasant.The interpretation of tarot cards is the fact that this man - your love.
  • Page of - a husband or lover.This person leads you to the creative impulse and passion.
  • Ace - Card provides for a pleasant emotional background, a volcano of positive moments, good mood.
  • Ten - loving family, strong bonds of marriage based on trust and love.Ten - a symbol of honesty in relation to you.
  • Nine - the value of cards Tarot says that your future will be successful, fruitful work and success overwhelming.
  • Eight - a violation of the balance of life.Fall on the job, insults loved ones.
  • Seven - the promises and dreams, but no confidence in the present day.All around you - shaky.
  • Six - your future is the result of a good past.Nice memories.
  • Five - Problems sometimes forget that entered a new stage of life is good.
  • Four - get rid of depression, whatever it was called.Your efforts are not in vain in life.
  • Three - harmony in the family and excellent completion of initiated cases.Your work is rewarded.
  • Two - the passion of love and enjoyment from the vicissitudes of events.