Brands clothes , relevant in 2016

What will be fashionable in 2016?Clothes designers what we choose?With the development of the Internet, each user can see all the fashion shows in real-time.We can only choose what we like.However, remember that not all the new trends of each approach.

Fashion brands in 2016

minimalism of the nineties, in the spirit of which represented the majority of the collections, ignored Miuccia Prada.The collection of Prada Spring 2016 has made a real stir.Bright dresses with prints of female faces, sports socks.The dress is made of dense fabric with decoration decorative stones.

Chanel Cruise collection 2016 was presented in Singapore at Raffles hotel.The collection sports a note has been added.Men's shirts, bags in the shape of the bottle of perfume Chanel # 5, a lot of blue.Also in the collection are light chiffon model with drapery and classic costumes by Chanel.

Alberta Ferretti presented ve

rylight and fresh collection of dresses for every taste.Particular attention was attracted by the dress-shirts that are perfect for the office and do not look boring and long evening with drapery.

Dior Resort 2016 has been presented in Monaco.Cruise Collection was a very varied and vivid.Clear lines, combination of colors, lace attached to the collection, already familiar to us the luxury of Dior style.

Riccardo Tisci, the designer of Givenchy, has created a very conceptual collection, which surprised everyone.Broken machines and models wearing masks of all impressed.He wanted to join in the collection of the fragility of the Japanese and African drapery.On the plateau we can see a few dozen draperies.Some models have a very deep neckline, but by Tisci, it looks quite appropriate.

Collection Lanvin Spring 2016It was very "metal".Almost all of the dresses are made of shiny fabrics.Recent models are very diverse: classic dresses, wallets, skirts "pleated" pantsuits.

Burberry created a very beautiful collection in a sustained style, pastel colors and classic style.All models are made in the decoration of the most fashionable length next season.

Sarah Burton - the designer collections of Alexander McQueen, has created a very warlike images.The collection has a lot of leather outfits, dresses with feathers and bare shoulders.The concept of the collection is that even strong and warlike girl remained feminine.The entire collection is made in black, red, white.

Collection Valentino was very elegant and concise.Impeccable silhouettes and colors are impressive.Bright colors, exotic patterns.Mostly emerald, turquoise and mustard color.Each model could see the bandage on his head in tune together.Braided chains with pendants, figurines, also became an absolute hit.For anyone who loves luxury - Valentino is ideal.

Stella McCartney presented a veryfeminine collection.Discreet prints and crisp silhouettes very good looking models.Also in the show I attended supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Saint Laurent combines the collection femininity and strength.Feminine outfits in combination with rough leather jackets, leather leggings and a light shirt.This style of clothing will certainly find its fans.

What clothes to wear in 2016

  • Most designers abandoned the bright colors, favoring deeper saturated orpactelnym tones.Very relevant navy blue, brown, purple, black, white, sand and mustard.
  • length dresses and skirts should be a couple of centimeters below the knee.Such variants are present in all collections and became a hit.
  • sheath dress is also very popular.They have all the brands.Since coloring can decide for yourself by studying the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeach designer.
  • Most designers have tried to create an image of a strong and courageous woman.This is indicated by boyish shirt from Chanel, dress shirts at Alberta Ferretti, warlike images of Alexander McQueen.
  • is suggested to wear classic styles.If you want to move away from the classics, choose a model with the original drawing or drapery.
  • are very popular in the sixties style coats.These can be found in the collections of Moschino and Carolina Herrera.Adherents classics - Belstaff, Chloe, Bottega Veneta.And if you want something unusual, pay attention to Lanvin and Valentino.Coats will help you look feminine and romantic in the spring of 2016.
  • Remember - you need to buy only those things that you are.You do not always have to rely on trends.