Tick ​​the dog - what to do

Many breeders are faced with the unpleasant problem that occurs during the warm season: on the skin of their pets may cling ticks.These insects are small, but deliver serious inconvenience.Ticks that can transmit the disease when they bite, dangerous not only for animals but also for people.So, encephalitis tick can infect humans, the virus that lead to unpleasant consequences.Below you'll learn what to do if a dog bitten by a tick, what are the consequences of the bite and the measures that help to avoid the same situation in the future.

Types of ticks in dogs and their bites symptoms

risk found on dog tick increases with the onset of spring.When warmer and the temperature is above zero degrees, begin to hunt small insects.In the summer, at the peak of the heat, ticks are less active, but even then the likelihood of considerable bite.Ixodes arthropods move slowly and do not jump from the trees as many mistakenly believe, but they have the ability to feel the warmth of a mammal in a dozen meters.A

fter the tick smelled the food begins to crawl to the animal.Overtook goal, moves to the dog's coat.

Some time after the tick has got a dog, he explores the territory in search of fine leather: there it will be easier to get the necessary nutrients from the blood.As a rule, from the "favorite" place - it's the neck, ears, stomach, but they can also cling to the back and other places.In some cases, the search for suitable conditions for mite food takes a few hours, which gives the dog owner the ability to detect it in time.They fastened a long time (see the image in the photo below), the first few hours to remove them will not be too difficult.

After the tick firmly stuck into the dog's skin, it is no longer the situation changes.supply period of a few days.Due to the special nature of the anesthetic that is injected into the blood of the site of the bite, the dog at first could not feel a foreign body and does not feel uncomfortable - itching and irritation appear only on the second or third day.If the tick something infected dog, unpleasant symptoms occur earlier.

Ear mites

ear mites usually called Ixodes insect that crawled into the dog's ears and bite her there.If you get it inside the ear, the dog begins to feel discomfort almost immediately.The first symptom of ear mites - a permanent itch, causing your pet to scratch the affected area, often injuring themselves.Then there is a second clear sign: brown liquid, which has an unpleasant odor that is released from the ear.Seeing this sign, the owner should immediately contact your veterinarian, who will prescribe medications protivokleschevye.

subcutaneous mite

subcutaneous mite affects the inner layer of the epidermis, sebaceous glands and hair follicles of the dog.When the bite is harmed not only the skin but also the internal organs.Signs of a tick bite: very itchy, causing the dog is constantly scratching, alopecia at the site of injury, the appearance of small wounds and ulcers.Basically subcutaneous mites affect puppies whose immune system is still weak, usually entering the body of the mother.Treat the affected skin is hard, so better to protect animals.

What to do if a dog bitten by a tick and how to get it

easiest way to find a tick on the skin surface gladkosherstyh dogs or after a few days of being bitten, when, were filled with blood, it becomes more.Depending on the time that is spent on the top layer of the epidermis, but also on the number of mites, changing the complexity of its elimination.When you remove the insect must act carefully, observing safety precautions not to accidentally injure the dog or do not pick up an infection from a tick.Popular ways to get rid of a pet from tick: manual removal, shampoo and change of linen.

Manual removal

Manual removal - an effective way to rid your dog of the insect, but this procedure requires accuracy and compliance with certain precautions.Firstly, you can not force arthropod pull up, so you run the risk of tear his body, leaving his head stuck to the dog.Compress the tick is also not recommended, otherwise there is a chance that harmful substances inside the insect will be injected into the pet's bloodstream.Before the procedure, you must be sure to wear gloves to avoid contamination.How to remove a tick from a dog:

  • fluids.Lubricate the tick with oil or gasoline - about twenty to thirty minutes ONET himself no longer.The method does not always work.Some experts believe that the lack of oxygen in the blood stimulates throw harmful substances that threaten the life of the pet.
  • Use tweezers.Firmly grip the tick in the area just above the head, but not too squeeze.Begin to twist it, but do not pull to one side or the top.The procedure can take anywhere from several seconds to ten minutes.
  • Thread.Tie the tick thread on both sides, similar to the previous method, start "unscrew" it gently and slowly.

Special shampoo for dogs

not uncommon, especially in dogs living in private homes in the nature, a large number of mites on the skin immediately.Manual removal in this case, will take a lot of time and energy, so you need to try to destroy them using a special shampoo.Ask the pet store a drug that kills the larvae of mites and can affect the removal of those already bitten pet.Spend wool washing procedure once per day.The remaining, as far as possible, remove manually.

Replacement bedding

If a dog has been infected, the likelihood that larva ticks left on the bunk is very high.In the treatment shampoo every day, it is desirable to change the bedding or at least shake them vacuuming.Daily washing of the old bedding and replacing it with a new one are much more effective than cleaning without water and detergent.

Possible consequences after a tick bite

Consequences after the tick bite for a dog can be unflattering - have an infection that no lack of timely treatment are fatal.The most dangerous doctors called piroplasmosis and borreliosis.The first cause tiny parasites that get into the blood of the animal and are localized in the erythrocytes.After the incubation period, microbes begin to depress blood cells as a result of vital activity that causes suffering in the dog.Without the vaccine survived only two percent of the pets.

Symptoms hit the causative agent in the blood:

  • temperature is above 39 degrees.
  • Sluggish state, lack of appetite.
  • Low Activity.
  • Painted urine acquiring brown, beet, black, red.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Yellowness.

borreliosis (Lyme disease) is less common in Russia, confirm the presence of microorganisms that cause it happens only through laboratory blood tests.Depending on which system is affected dogs, Lyme isolated joints, heart, neuroborreliosis, their symptoms differ.This disease can be dangerous to humans, so if there are signs of defeat of one of the body's systems, pet, is to make an analysis on Lyme disease.

How to treat piroplasmosis animal

If you find a dog is one of the symptoms of piroplasmosis, you should immediately consult a doctor.The earlier a specialist prescribe treatment, the higher the chance of future well-being of the animal, because even cured pathology can cause liver disease, kidney disease.The first thing to do - to destroy Babesia causing disease.To do this, the doctor inserts a special drug dog, after which the microorganisms are displayed together with parasitized erythrocytes, even prescribed maintenance therapy.After drug administration the dog get better, usually on the third day.

methods to protect the animal from parasites

The easiest way to protect dogs from ticks - a check coat and skin after each outing.The peculiarity of insects is that the first few hours, they can not bite animal seeking a convenient place, so the chance to get rid lossless high.To find a tick, run your hand against the dog's coat, inspect it carefully palpate.If it is already "leeched", you will feel a touch small, convex bead.Especially carefully inspect the scalp, neck, ears, belly.

drops and sprays mites

is not possible to constantly inspect the dog if the owner leaves it to nature or to the country.To prevent bites, veterinarians have created special products that repel arthropods and prevent the risk of infection by the bite.In just a few days before departure, it is recommended to treat the dog's neck drops "Advantix" - means there are about a month, so do not require frequent application.

is not possible to constantly inspect the dog if the owner leaves it to nature or to the country.To prevent bites, veterinarians have created special products that repel arthropods and prevent the risk of infection by the bite.In just a few days before departure, it is recommended to treat the dog's neck drops "Advantix" - means there are about a month, so do not require frequent application.


From March to October, domestic animals should be protected from ticks, fleas and flying insects.As already noted, "Advantix" works 4 weeks, therefore, necessary monthly processing the entire period of activity of the parasites.For owners who prefer to handle their single animal vets often recommend Foresto® collar with long-term protection of up to 8 months.

Folk remedies

Experience shows that effective folk remedies against mites there, because insects are well feel the blood, although there is a method that reduces the risk of a little bite.To do this, wash the mammal tar soap, and then rinse decoction of wormwood.Another way to avoid bites - sew a light summer suit and put on a walk in the park, where there is tall grass, and the risk of catching a big tick.In addition, do not allow your pet to interact with the yard dogs.

Video: how to get a tick in the home

To correctly remove a tick and does not hurt the dog, is well understood withdrawal technique.The video below shows the manual removal.Breeders do not recommend the use of oils, vodka or other liquids to block his access to oxygen.The owner of the dog, using improvised means to remove the insect, notes that the pull or press on the tick is not worth it, otherwise it prisosetsya even stronger.After removal of the arthropod, the wound was treated with iodine disinfectant and ticks kill.

Photo: looks like a tick on a dog

order to immediately identify the tick and find out if the dog needs help, you need to know what it looks like.This insect with eight legs, a small head and a shield.He has brown, black, reddish shades.On the dog is accelerating, becoming more agile.If a tick has bitten your pet, then it becomes easier to define - to touch it looks like a small yellow, gray or pinkish pea.See photos to easily understand, it looks like a tick, and view it on the dog in time: