How to train a kitten to the tray

Cats - the most popular pets.They are attracted by its tenderness, ability to give affection and, importantly, cleanliness.However, their natural cleanliness does not always ensure cleanliness in the house.In particular this applies to natural bowel movements.Let's talk about how to train a kitten to the tray.

Getting Started

first toilet training skills kittens receive from his mother.Cat Mom shows where and how you need to defecate.It depends on you only providing a toilet and fresh filler.If your pet has been deprived of such an opportunity, to teach him "to go to the toilet" and you will be able to.The main thing is to have patience and perseverance.

How to choose a tray

purchasing a kitten in the house, regardless of its breed, you will have to buy a tray.And the first mistake that newly minted kotovladeltsy - buy small tray corresponding to the current size of the pet.Cats grow rapidly, and soon the plastic tray will not hold all of the animal.This leads to the fact that pet sits in a smal

l trough, and his ass hanging over the ledge.As a result, a pool is formed next to the toilet.

For this reason, when purchasing a tray is to give preference to large instances.The range includes trays pet stores with bars, conventional trays, toilet cabins.The choice depends on the filler, which you are going to use.Thus, the perforated tray is useful when using industrial bulk fillers.Many owners prefer instances with bars, grille allows you to keep the purity of animal paws.

Selecting a location for the toilet

choose a quiet, secluded and accessible location for the tray.An ideal location can serve as a bath or toilet.By putting a box in the bathroom, take care to pet could get into the room at any time.To do this, keep the door open.

Fillers for cat litter pet stores offer fillers zeolites and natural minerals, silica gel and wood fillers.All of them are designed to absorb urine and odors.

Conditionally all fillers are divided into two groups:

  • lumps
  • Absorbent

If you prefer the first kind, then you will have during the day several times to release the tray from the feces and clumps.Completely replace a filling once a week.

cat litter - a good thing.But some animals are attracted filler as a toy.There are many cats that have not recognized the filler on the intended purpose.They are more to the liking oilcloth, cut or torn piece of paper.Choose one that suits your pet, you can through experimentation.

Some manufacturers flavored fillings, which is not always delights fluffy consumers.Sometimes toilet training a kitten refuses to go into the tray, the reason for this may serve as a new vehicle, which has an unpleasant odor to it.

How to teach a kitten to the tray

kitten Education should begin with the first moments of its appearance in the apartment.The delay in this case is fraught with the development of bad habits that lead to the fact that the animal begins to spoil, anywhere.

First of all, the owner needs to get rid of a number of stereotypes.

Education must begin with the earliest days of the kitten in the house.However, many owners think that a little kitten did not have to teach to the toilet, after growing up with it, and he will learn.The result of such a position would lead to the fact that the pet will do their affairs, anywhere but not in the space provided.Becoming older, he will wonder what is demanded of him, because of his previous experience tells him nothing.

Argued that even a small two-month kitten all well aware, and it is only a dirty trick from harm.For this reason, the owners announced a real hunt for the unfortunate animal, catch him and punish the slightest suspicion of a misdemeanor.The kid can not understand what his fault and begins to secretly take a crap.He hides and pissing in secluded places, where there is no fear that it will catch unawares and will scold.

Actually kitten is interested, to the house where he lives, was clean and dry.Search toilet - it is a necessity.By their nature, cats tend to bury waste his life.This knowledge they have laid down on the level of instinct.For this reason, the kid and looks for a substance that allows to do it: land in a flower pot, paper, cloth bag.

Kitten initially know what you need to dig a puddle.Once in the apartment, it is according to the rules "digs" the floor and burying feces that supposedly should already be absorbed and should not smell.But this does not happen, and the baby is desperately trying to rectify the situation, drawing attention to the cries host.Inexperienced owner saw an impartial picture of poor starts poking his nose in the urine, yelling and beating cloth.

And if after such a drubbing you hope that the pet will go straight to the pot, it is very much mistaken.In this situation, the kitten finds that affairs should be done in secret, where no one would see: behind the sofa, an armchair, a wardrobe.Especially since it is also forced to smell unpleasant smell, when he could not bury what was necessary to bury.

be correct from the first minutes of the new tenant to show him the toilet with filler.And not just a show, but after 5 minutes after a meal easy to carry and put in a pan, patting tum.In young kittens desire to go to the toilet arises almost immediately after a meal.Therefore, do not have to watch for a long time.

During the day, you need to continue to monitor your furry friend.Once you see that he was worried, pick him up and take in the tray.If a kid is playing, do not carry out the mission, continue to monitor and repeat the procedure until until you reach desired.

We offer watch the video tutorial, which is available on how to train a kitten to the tray.

How to train a kitten to the tray Briton

From breeders of pedigreed cats can hear the street kitten quickly accustomed to the toilet, rather than the British or the Fold, Persian.In fact it is not, all the kittens equally well accustomed to proper toilet.

If the kitten and defecates in the wrong places, it may be due to the abnormal behavior of the owner or a large distance to the tray.Maybe the kid does not have time to find a tray.To do this, in the first days of the new tenant, it is placed in a small room with a few small trays.

To draw attention to the trays, rummage with his hand in the vehicle.Seeing as you rummage in the vehicle, he immediately decides to dig himself.Tear-out hole, he wants to use it for other purposes.There have already triggered the instinct, dug a hole - write.

If the baby still relieve themselves in an unauthorized place, then remove him and using sharp-smelling spray, treat the place.

How to teach a cat to walk on the toilet

accustom to the toilet is better grown animal.First of all, this is due to its size, a small kitten can just fall inside.

First tray is transferred to the toilet.Then gradually begin to lift the tray from the floor by placing it under the paper or cardboard, until it is aligned to the height of the toilet bowl.The cat is gradually getting used to the position of her toilet.

next step is to transfer the tray on the lid of the toilet.Once an animal gets used, put on the toilet potty chair.Under the hole set the dishes filled.Seeing the filler, the cat will understand what is required of her.After some time, devices are removed, and the cat has to defecate sitting on the toilet.

Useful Tips To

  1. pet is not written on the sofa, treat his perfume, smelling salts or a vinegar solution.It is necessary to "destroy" the smell of faeces.
  2. Dirty tray can cause reluctance to celebrate the animal in need of it.To
  3. kitten did not write under the couch, close to him to get access to, take an empty plastic bottle and lay on the sofa perimeter.
  4. Corky citrus "repulse" the desire of cats to use the toilet in the flowers.
  5. to close access to the pots, you need to pick newsprint and close its soil.

Tell us in the comments how you accustom your kitten to the tray, your experience may help other readers.