What if broken mercury thermometer

If broken thermometer, is it dangerous?The consequences of poisoning vapors of toxic substances can be disastrous if you do not conduct timely cleaning of the apartment.What if broken mercury thermometer, and what measures need to be taken in order not to endanger themselves and the household?Get ready for a bulk operation - to remove mercury is not so easy.

What to do with a broken thermometer

threat are the broken glass and, in fact, mercury.If a mercury thermometer is broken, immediately take the necessary security measures:

  • Remove from the room of children and animals.A pregnant woman should also not be near.
  • Wear shoe covers and rubber gloves.If you do not have shoe covers, you can replace them, for example, packages.
  • Close your mouth and nose wet gauze bandage or a surgical mask (if any).
  • immediately open windows and ventilate the room start.

How to remove the thermometer, frustrated by negligence?First collect the glass with a cloth, cloth, adhesive tape.What not to do i

f you break a mercury thermometer, is to try to pick up the pieces with a vacuum cleaner or a broom.You can catch the mercury beads, which can lead to poisoning of the room air.Before embarking on a mercury collection, make sure that you have removed all the glass.

How to collect mercury

To most effectively cleaned of mercury apartment, you will need:

  • hermetically sealed bank;
  • wide adhesive tape;
  • damp sponge;
  • syringe (with its help it is easier to collect small balls).

Try to do the job faster - to the extent that, as the mercury evaporates, the air in your apartment becomes more and more toxic and hazardous to health.What to do:

  1. Fill the jar with water around.
  2. Unwind 30-50 cm adhesive tape - mercury bulbs is easy to stick to it.
  3. Used Scotch mercury immediately cut off, put them in a jar and close the lid.
  4. remaining balls collect via syringe or a sponge.
  5. During demercurisation do not try to collect small balls into one big!In general, try not to roll the mercury on the floor - it accelerates evaporation.

What in any case should not be used:

  • vacuum cleaner;
  • broom;
  • brush with a shovel.

air cleaner during cleaning will grind mercury and bring it back in the form of tiny particles, which can quickly poison the air.How quickly evaporates mercury from a broken thermometer, is largely dependent on material temperature and vacuum cleaner strongly heats it.As a result, the air is quickly becoming poisoned.With a broom and dustpan situation is much the same - thin twigs are ground balls of mercury and accelerate evaporation.

particularly dangerous division of silver balls up to a couple of education.Try during cleaning not give mercury to fall apart, otherwise severe poisoning the air can not be avoided and is therefore particularly careful to collect material from the carpet.After you remove all the balls, which emerged from the thermometer, it is necessary to ventilate the rug.It is best to fold the corners to the center, to remove a large package (eg, garbage) and to make the street.

To pass

Once you have collected mercury in a sealed jar, there is need to put and tools you used: sponge, syringe, latex gloves.Close the jar to toxic fumes is not poisoned the air in your home.To mercury emissions?In no case can not be discharged into drains, garbage disposal or shake out.So you endanger others.Poisonous fumes very quickly pollute the environment.Total of 2 g of mercury (as has one thermometer) can poison more than 9 thousand. Cubic meters of air!Where, then, do the bank?

Where to call if broken thermometer

To properly dispose of the bank with a toxic substance, type 112, call the brigade MOE - employees will be taken from you the remains of mercury and items in contact with it.If necessary, you can ask to measure the toxicity of the air in the apartment.This will help you determine whether the health room is dangerous, as it still needs to be aired.

Can you get poisoned with mercury from a broken thermometer

poisoning mercury vapor - how dangerous it is?The effects of intoxication may be as moderate and very high.Short exposure to mercury substances affect kidney condition.If the same person for a long time, breathing the fumes, the consequences can be fatal - damage to the nervous system and brain until the madness.

Symptoms of mercury poisoning:

  • headache;
  • weakness;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting.

Video: broken thermometer in the apartment, what to do

This video shows very detailed instructions for cleaning mercury.Qualified doctors, specialists in safety and Dr. Komorowski told that you can not do if broken mercury thermometer, and what measures should be taken.The instructions are accompanied by a clear and simple steps that will help you spend demercurization own with the help of available funds.