How to choose a pot made ​​of stainless steel

Every housewife knows how it is difficult to choose the dishes for cooking.It would be desirable that lasts a long time and qualitatively coped with its task.Pots made of stainless steel have appeared recently, but has already gained popularity due to its beneficial properties.

Benefits pans made of stainless steel (made in Russia)

prior models of other alloys they have several important advantages:

  • surface pans Russian production is ideally smooth.This helps to prevent the accumulation of germs and harmful substances into the cracks and scratches.At the time of purchase, be careful - for guests on the pan should be no dents, and other deformations.
  • Utensils made of this material can serve more than one generation, due to its durability.
  • Stainless steel has a high strength.Because of this, it is useful properties is not subject to deformation and fracture.
  • Even after many years of operation of the pan retain their appearance, without losing luster.
  • food in a bowl does not burn that helps p
    repare without superfluous harmful fats.
  • smooth surface makes it easy to clean the dishes after cooking.

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Pots made of stainless steel with a double bottom

«stainless steel» The material is known for a long time.However, due to its low thermal conductivity manufacturers pans are not created out of it products.This quality did not allow to use the beneficial properties of stainless steel - steel heat unevenly, bad conductor of heat.For a long time the reason of her doing just cutlery.It helped make a difference invention of a double bottom with two layers of steel.

With encapsulated bottom

Between these two layers is placed copper or aluminum disc, which is well heated and distributes heat.By itself, the aluminum is not fit for surfaces - it burns quickly, spoiled and spoil the plate.But with steel "capsule", covering the bottom, it was possible to combine the advantages of these two materials - aluminum heat-spreading function and heat-resistant properties of stainless steel.

This is called encapsulated bottom.The thickness of the aluminum layer must be at least three millimeters.The thickness of the copper layer because it has a higher thermal conductivity can be a half millimeters.

There encapsulated bottom of the walls, but this option does not use the disc more than two millimeters in thickness, providing poor results when cooking.

not forget to check the certificate before buying.The warranty is usually issued for two years.


stainless steel pots composition of this material varies depending on the alloy.By the standards of the American Institute of Steel and Alloys (Aisi) they are available in several versions:

  • In the first place the quality is steel with chrome and nickel (№304).Most models for cooking on the stove is made of it.At the moment, there is no material that would surpass it in beneficial properties.
  • Nickel - expensive element.To reduce the cost and price, made stainless steel where manganese is not fully replaces him in the composition of the alloy.These pots made of stainless steel can be found in the store at numbers 201 and 202. They are cheaper, but not as high quality.
  • Steel Grade 403 is made without nickel.Typically, it is used for covering the outer bottom.

Medical steel, which has a higher strength and better quality is produced with the designation of 18/20 stainless steel.

Utensils made in Germany

German manufacturers are included in the top 5 of the best in the world market in this field.They create a model of high quality steel, which is protected against corrosion.German pan made of stainless steel allow the use of spatulas and other kitchen appliances made of metal.Popular brands, which are presented in our market - Rondell, Krauff, Fissler.

Sets of pots Stainless

Usually the hostess in the kitchen is not enough to buy only one pot to meet the needs in food preparation.Special kits are made to simplify the selection - there are various container sizes and diameters for different types of dishes.Buy a set of often cheaper than taking everything separately.At the forefront of the production are German pans Rondell sets, cookware sets luminarc, Belgian brand berghoff.It is becoming popular is a little-known dishes swiss home.

For housewives, who are tired of gray, we recommend that you choose a fully colored pots or variants with colored fittings (handles, tack or holder cover) that produce in the range.It helps to choose the kitchen utensils for the kitchen style.

dishes cost

price for stainless steel pans depending on their inherent characteristics.Note:

  • how to produce a model - by soldering or welding.Kitchen utensils, made by soldering, is an order of magnitude more expensive, but more durable.
  • price will also depend on the type of steel that is used in the production.The best, but expensive option - 304 mark.
  • If the disc between layers of stainless steel was made of copper, the model will be more expensive than a similar, but with aluminum.
  • stainless steel pan with removable handles have a price higher.
  • The price affects the country production and brand.Domestic models will be cheaper, but may not be of lower quality.

care utensils

to permanently preserve the beauty and functionality to support the pans should take care of them properly:

  • Do not rush immediately to put the pot on the fire after purchase.You should carefully wash it, dry with a soft cloth.Completely wiping the moisture after washing, you can also maintain a shiny surface.
  • Dishwasher - a bad option for the purification of such material, although sometimes it is provided.It is written in the instructions for use that came into the store.
  • Food Storage in these pans after cooking is not recommended.Acidic food or foods to which is added salt, spoil the beautiful surface.In addition, there is a risk that the nickel through microcracks will fall into the food.
  • To avoid rainbow-divorce stains on the walls of the pan, do not heat the empty container on the fire.If they come after a bad experience with them to help cope vinegar or citric acid solutions.
  • white salt stains may appear on the walls of the cookware if to throw salt into the cool water.It is better to add to the boiling liquid, stirring until completely dissolved.
  • no need to fill the container with water to provide a more rapid cooling.They need to cool themselves.
  • Burnt food particles easily cleaned in this way: pour the salty warm water to the bottom, leave for two hours.

Cleaning - it is important to choose the right

Caring for stainless steel will help properly fitted cleaners.For good results suitable non-rigid sponge that will not scratch the internal, external wall and to prevent harmful substances from food in the alloy.The detergent must be liquid.Powders can also damage or scratch the smooth texture of the pan.Avoid chlorinated, ammonia cleaning agents.

Choosing kitchen utensils made of this material, study certificate of quality carefully in order to understand whether this is a product of high quality and durable.Pots are bought infrequently, so the hosts need to take a responsible approach to the selection.

Do you have any experience cooking in stainless steel cookware?Tell us in the comments if you are satisfied with the result.