Baby bedding for boys

Pondering design a child's room, pay attention to the arrangement of bed for a child.Complete rest - guarantee of health and good mood baby, so choose a high-quality bedding.Baby bedding for boys should be made of natural fabrics, bright colors and do not lose shape after washing.Choosing lingerie sets for the bedroom, keep in mind the child's age and preferences: 3D image of your favorite heroes will not leave indifferent any boy.

Choosing baby bedding for boys is huge: you can buy a new kit on the market, the textile store or order online.Linens from environmentally friendly materials - expensive, but the money spent to buy it fully justified due to the quality and durability of the product.Check out the recommendations of experts in this matter, before purchasing a set of bed for your child!

Seasons bedding

buying bed linen in the nursery, pre-think about what it would have to operate on what time of year.On average, one season is necessary to prepare two sets of bed linen, changing them as

needed.temperature increase should serve as a signal for a change of linen and replace it with a set of lighter and breathable materials.

For cotton cotton linens, despite its softness and practicality, the summer should be replaced with silk, satin or linen sets.Linens of these materials has a high absorption capacity, as well as well-kept cool.In the hot weather is better to abandon synthetic fabrics - this also applies to lingerie sets and children's pajamas.For example, nylon pillowcases and sheets almost do not absorb moisture, so the child will be much sweating at night.

The last few years have become incredibly popular bed sets of bamboo.Products made of bamboo fabric, have antiseptic properties, perfectly absorb and evaporate the excess moisture, and even control the temperature regulation during the night.Sleep on this bed rest - a pleasure!

Choice bedding material

child chooses linens for bright prints and recognizable superheroes, but the mother should focus also on the material of the sewn product.Knowledge of a particular tissue allows the hostess to predict its lifetime, to assess the degree of practicality and seasonality.If you have no experience in choosing the baby bedding materials, refer to the following information:

  1. Calico - inexpensive fabric having a rough structure and high wear resistance.It retains the original color after an unlimited number of washings, easy to iron.Not advised to buy a bed of calico for young children - it natret delicate baby skin.
  2. Poplin - fabric, similar to the scheme of weaving calico, but with a lot of threads per 1 cm², which makes it much more tender.Poplin does not fade and does not lose shape when washed, also has a low cost.
  3. Satin - fabric, showing the perfect combination of price and quality.The material is soft and smooth to the touch, almost no creases, no catches animal dander and dust.Satin can be used in all seasons and children, and adults.
  4. satin jacquard - a dense, silky fabric with a pattern that is produced by the strong twisting cotton threads on special machines.This material belongs to the category of the elite because of the high prices and refinement of it sewn products.
  5. Atlas, or eucalyptus fiber - the best achievement of textile production.This gentle, breathable fabric has a high absorption capacity.Linens Satin does not break and will not deform after drying.
  6. Superkotton - cotton fabric, which has a dense weave and increased strength.The quality of this material is practically not reflected frequent washing and ironing.Thanks to a special coating on the fabric surface has a silky and soft luster, better painted.

Filler baby bedding

information on the composition of the fiber-fill pillows or blankets from baby bedding set is indicated on the product label.All bed linen fillers are divided into two groups on the basis of natural and synthetic fibers, and each of them need special care.Advantages of natural fillers to artificial obvious:

  • antiseptic properties
  • breathability
  • hygroscopic
  • insulation
  • naturalness

If you plan to buy bedding made of natural fibers, give preference to European producers Piccollino (Pikkolino) and Ferretti (Ferretti).They produce products filled with non-allergenic plant fiber ingeo from corn grain.Filling issued under these brands, hygienic and easy to use, quickly recovers its shape, but also provides good thermal insulation.

include artificial fillers leads hollofayber - non-woven fabric produced in Russia.This material is comprised entirely of polyester, so has the capacity to restore and maintain the shape over a long period.Hollofayber provides a high level of thermal performance, virtually no breaks and no odor.Products based on this fiber are considered environmentally friendly and safe even for babies.

Other synthetic fillers (wadding, padding polyester) are not less popular among manufacturers of children's bed.Pillows and blankets with artificial fiber compact and easy to fit on the shelves in the closet, and on the soft mattresses are not inferior to Perino.After washing in the laundry products hollofaybera or syntepon again become pure white.

sizes of baby bedding

Linens purchased not by the size, this meal for the child and for his parents.Crumpled sheet, dangling pillowcase or blanket immense - it is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous, because the toddler can get lost in the excess fabric and fall off the bed.To avoid such problems, before you buy bedding, remove measurements from the mattress, pillows and blankets.

Standard sizes of baby bedding on the single bed are: sheet - 140h150 cm, Pillow - 40x60 cm, duvet cover - 108h135 see in some sets of baby bedding duvet cover is not included, but it is a must in winter and autumn..Wool blanket, dressed in cotton or linen duvet cover, stop stabbing the delicate skin of the child and will remain clean longer.

If the boy is sleeping on a sofa bed, you should buy one and a half or double bed linen.For convenience, use sheets with elastic bands - they are easy to dress up and do not slip as a result of the movement.If possible, wash bedding child with their hands at the temperature specified on the product label.Failure to follow the care instructions is fraught with the fact that the fabric can sit down, and you need to urgently find a replacement kit spoiled.

Texture and colors of baby clothes

Having defined the material and size of bed linen, proceed to the choice of his color texture.Remember that underwear is intended for a child, so avoid dark and gray shades - they will act on the baby's depressing.Do not rush into extremes, buying linens active saturated colors - red, magenta, blue, orange, purple.Such colors may deprive the boy of restful sleep and lead to overstimulation.

Pay attention to the texture of bedding sets: it must be absolutely smooth.Avoid sets with excessive decoration - embroidery, applique, deliberately rough seams - sleep in such clothes, the baby may rub the skin.Wash linen Unphosphatic washing powder and dry by hanging the product outdoors.So you will save the child from allergic reactions and it will provide a comfortable and healthy sleep.

Baby bedding for newborns

Choice bedding for infants - the mission is difficult, but doable.The main thing to adhere to three principles - naturalness, naturalness, security.Immediately discard the synthetic fabrics, bright acid colors, active decor.Look for kits soothing colors (white, milk, cream, lilac, ivory), giving preference to products whose production natural dyes were used.

Russian manufacturer of linen "Golden Goose" offers parents a wide range of bedroom furniture for children.Comfortable and soft bed linen for babies include up to 7 items, including protective bumpers on the bed, beautiful canopies, blankets, and special pillows.Blanketed bed in the arena better after washing and starching - product will look smart and less wrinkle.

Master class on making skirting playpen, see the video tutorial:

underwear sets for boys with characters from cartoons

may be difficult to put enacted fidget in bed, no persuasion other than watching a cartoon, do not apply.Try to change the situation in their favor: buy bed linen depicting popular cartoon characters, and presented it as a gift.Bed linen is in the child's bedroom, you give him a chance to feel part of a fairy tale.He would fall asleep in the dreams of the new incredible adventures in the company of fantastic characters.

include bedding sets for boys with prints of cartoon characters popular "Transformers", "Cars", "Smeshariki", "Ingres berds" (characters from «Angry birds» computer game), «Hello Kitty».These kits are easy to order via the Internet - the main thing to know exactly what your child is passionate about.

Manufacturers linen

From brand bedding depends on many things: the quality of the material, durability, service life, ease of use.Here is a list of popular baby bedding manufacturers:

  1. «Ferretti» (Poland)
  2. Piccollino (Italy)
  3. «La Scala» (France)
  4. «TAC Disney" (Turkey)
  5. «HOBBY» (Turkey)
  6. «I Love you» (Ukraine)
  7. «Viluta» (Ukraine)
  8. «Fidget" (Russia)
  9. «Ivanovo textiles" (Russia)

If you purchase Linens one of these brands,be sure it will serve you for many years.Moreover, bilateral kits with the image of Disney characters will leave a lasting impression in the mind of your child!

In this video you can learn more about the range of the brand "TAC»:

Useful tips on choosing bed linen

you decide to change the linen in the nursery, then check out the main recommendations of his choice:

  1. Determine the quality of the product.Ask the seller to get the bedding from the package and spread out on a flat surface.Inspect the fabric for defects, check the size of the laundry with the specified on the label.
  2. Smell the selected item.If linens will smell paint or mold, give up its acquisition.This product may cause allergic skin rashes or lead to poisoning artificial dyes.
  3. Check the seams.High-quality bedding linen should be stitched seam, and have treated the edge.Note the thread color - it must match the color of the finished product.

Baby bedding for boys to complement any bedroom, filling it with the atmosphere of magic and comfort.Colorful colors, soft quality materials and practicality - main characteristics of the "right" bedding for the baby.If you have made happy the kid a new set of bed, leave a review and photo in the comments!