Why not put empty bottles on the table

Even if you're not too superstitious, the signs in any case easy to fall into your life: from the mouth of the wife, girlfriend, mother in law or acquaintance.They are stored right away, because they are associated with prejudice, negative energy, possible circumstances.Any common man tries to avoid undesirable consequences, unconsciously following the signs that have hidden in memory.A striking example - the empty bottles on the table.Why they can not be put there?

history tradition remove empty bottle from the table

About absolute truthfulness is no question, but in this version, many experts are inclined to take the true origin.In the early 19th century, Russian Cossacks made a trip to France.None of the battle, appointments and meetings do not take place without a feast, right?Parisian waiters at the time came up with a trick: not to count the number of bottles sold, it was easier to fix the empty containers that are left on the table after a stormy pyanok.

Cossacks were more smar

test than Garzon from France.Seeing this trick, they began to hide a certain number of empty bottles under the table, to spend less money in the calculation.And it worked!Some historians interpret that sign appeared during the Second World War.It does not really matter, but the fact is logical explains superstition.

Why not put empty bottles on the table

And what belief you know personally?Why can not leave an empty bottle on the table?To determine the truthful, logical and not superstitious answer, you need to be aware of the sources.Find out what linked such sign, practice, and why the bottle after drinking alcohol is considered a sign of bad taste.Once you are familiar with the arguments, the conclusion came by itself - to keep or remove.

old beliefs and superstitions

A long time ago, when the bottles were not cylindrical and flat, each overturned packaging was a sign that there will be no dead, after all drank to the health.The myth that it presaged death - is nonsense.Previously, men even talked toast when ended with liquor, "Lay the dead man."After changing the bottle shape on the cylinder had automatically put it under the table.

more common superstitions at the expense of empty household items.Bottle - is no exception.People believe that if you leave the empty container on the dining table, they then do not have the money, because it leads to poverty.This concerns not only the bottle, but also all utensils: plates, cups, saucers.If you are a very superstitious person, it is best to stick to will that lead to prosperity in the family, rather than the destruction of the general budget.

Another version - more fabulous.The empty bottles Starts evil spirits, and he left them on the table, you will "contaminate" all around.The container should not be left unfinished wine, as it leads to tears hosts.If you are the last drop of alcohol, and you pour it to someone, that person must make a wish.Remember the phrase "the remains sweet"?It is here, and relates.

It is impractical

People who prefer the logic of signs, clear the cause of the dispute.This approach is simply impractical.Bottle after the devastation becomes easier, it begins to disturb and hurt her elbow accidentally becomes very easy, given alcoholic intoxication.In such a state, and not clean properly the pieces, and it can lead to disastrous consequences if you are not in the restaurant, where every move watched waiters.

second reason, talking about the impracticality - where to put the new bottle, if the old will take place?It is only logical, given that the major feast passes modestly and with a cup of tea.Some believe that the empty bottles left only oppress the conscience, they say, you work tomorrow, and you see the amount of alcohol consumed, and already the thought bad hangover.Pull this moment, enjoy the evening!

Leave the bottle on the table - a sign of bad tone

Aesthetes know about the table manners, so any literate, educated people, who gladly cultural rest, will be guided by this cause.If you invite guests, and left the empty bottles on the table, they can easily take it as a sign that it was time to go home.It's not decent!According everything is understood, but not so humiliating gestures.And if you are invited on a date a lady, imagine how it would be embarrassing to talk about themselves something interesting and only partly visible partner.

For those who are not going to get drunk strongly enough and the changes to the horizontal position of the bottle.So do in all the restaurants with a large flow of people, so it was easier to notice the waiters who ran liquor.Then you just fit, ask "whether to upgrade?".The preferred because, than to hide the bottle, then call the waiter to get her out from under the table, right?