Patterns hook - simple circuits for beginners

When the house there is a couple of hours to spare, I want to hold them to good use.Learning to knitting or crochet is easy - it would wish.Imagine how you wear things tailoring with a unique design suitable for your figure.Wearing a sweater or top, tied their hands, you feel confident and relaxed.Patterns crochet scheme - drawings, which will create a complete product composition.Try to implement them yourself!

Schemes crochet patterns for beginners

If you take the hook the first time in his life, after a couple of hours before you will openwork cloth, a few petals of flowers, Christmas tree, pineapple, star and other unique decorations for clothes.By taking knitting evening, you will please a baby hat, socks, booties panamkoy or lace.A couple of weeks it easy to create a simple drawing on, but the selection of the original plaid thread on rain or shine.Note melange yarn that will create a multi-color variations knitwear.What are the patterns of use?


This simple drawing, which does no

t require special skills, will help to achieve lightness, smoothness, volume Knits.Decreasing or increasing the number of columns, you will gently constrict or expand the width of the things on your own.In this style, run patterns - flake, ribbon.Use volumetric shells for warm cardigans, sweaters, decorative pillowcases.

That instruction for knitting "seashells»:

  1. Tie aerial loops with the number of multiples of 4. The bottom row is ready.
  2. Expand the hook in the opposite direction of the chain.Pass the first three loops and knit 3 or plus n columns with nakida (v. To n.) In the fourth.
  3. Make air loop and continue in the same way until the end of the series.
  4. The patterns Crochet patterns shells no facial and purl loops, because every time it turns out the same pattern.


During the evening you're unlikely to embrace the diversity of patterns openwork crochet patterns.But try at least 1 worth.Openwork knit suitable for desktop napkins, shawls, shirts with summer flowers, skirt, basque made in the Irish pattern or fan style.Start any product with an air chain.Example lace knitting: After step 1, repeat the 2 rows of columns without nakida (v n b...), Alternate them with air loops (in n..) For future expansion.The pattern of symmetry must be present, consider each loop.Knit 3 petals: 3 tbsp.with hole 3.n. (repeat 3 times).


Nothing complicated there in dense patterns.they knit on similar principles, but each row goes wavy, after filling previous openings.The connection method is even simpler, there is no longer considered missing.Thick knit crochet suitable for fabric, tablecloths, baby warm autumn plaid.According to this principle, carried out patterns - Japanese, crocodile, spider, crow's feet.From the thickness of the thread depends on the number and density of the hook knitted things.If you want to associate a blanket, do not forget the embossed rim, which give the product personality.


grid patterns suitable for napkins, summer, air, tops on the beach, evening children's and women's hats, decorative skaterok.If you choose a round shape of the article, you need to start with the basics - the ring of air loops, and then piping will tend to increase.The rectangular and square patterns are row after row, a combination of patterns are repeated.


For some simple patterns - this alternation of columns with nakida, air, purl and facial loops.Beginners should try to basic products, to hand accustomed to the hook.Ordinary napkins, decorative trim, monouzorchatye blankets, with a combination of thread in the style of a gradient or use a fluffy mohair, it turns into a trend product.You'd be surprised the final result, as with simple patterns really get interesting variations in the colors of things.


Embossed patterns are obtained thanks to the many techniques of knitting.It depends on the thickness of the yarn, knitting scheme volume, the number of columns per one loop.What do you want?Classy plaid will be obtained in a short time, if you knit in 4 thick thread.Light, air, relief blouse for baby get acrylic using backstitches and facial loops.Use arc technique and zigzag for unusual knitwear.


Patterns crochet jacquard schemes imply interweaving of two or more colors, repeating in a circle.Using this principle, produced geometric, plant and avant-garde trend figures.In recent years, at the height of knitting patterns were deer, elk, Christmas trees on winter sweaters."Lazy Jacquard" includes zigzags, rectangles, circles.Any thing easily linked, using this technique, and hook the required size (in millimeters).

Features technique loin knitting

sirloin knitting - an amazing and simple technique.It recalls the principle of embroidery.You knit grid of empty and filled cells that develops and beautiful pattern.Imitation lace helps recreate not only mediocre, napkins rustic but sophisticated designs, scene paintings.To get started, try tie a small sample that will help you imagine the magnitude of the desired pattern.Smaller squares grid will create a complex figure, and the larger of the double, triple bars, a few stitches, thick thread - lace easier.

construction schemes for knitting

To peer at the photo or the finished product, and know exactly how to get this thing to each circuit attached to the sign value of the instructions, as in the photo below.Any knitting begins with the chain typesetting of stitches, and then often go without nakida bars.Depending on the complexity, the drawings are executed repeatedly or alternate with other patterns.Decoding standard notation:

  • air loop (in n..).
  • lifting loop (p. A.).
  • column without nakida (Art. B. N.)
  • column with capes (v. To n).
  • Art.with 2 hours.
  • column with two nakida (v. 2 n.).
  • Art.3 n.
  • tubercle (dash equal to the number nakida).
  • ring of air loops.
  • several art.with n.1 p.
  • bars with a common vertex.
  • place pattern connection.
  • polukolechko.

What patterns hook suitable for blouses and panama for girls?

Use patterns to crochet all that tells a fantasy.For summer, light products suitable mesh sheet mill, delicate seashells, warm winter jackets for use in relief, dense circuitry.Collection of children's clothes, regardless of the pattern is decorated with flowers, animals, the elements (eyes, ears, mouth), then the image looks more fun.Check out the best rubber band, like hats and blouses.Several patterns in the image below will help you navigate the choices.

Video: how to read circuit

pattern of the video below, you will learn all about the concepts of rapport, determining the start of the series, turning and circular knitting.This movie is perfect novice needle women who only learn the delights of crocheting.Even after learning the whole theoretical part, do not forget, just practice, you achieve accurate, amazing, unique results.Then you will not look for someone knitting patterns, and begin to create your own!