Fashion leggings 2016

In the wardrobe of every woman have tights.In 2016, this type of women's clothing is still at the peak of popularity.Tights can transform the image of women, making it a stylish, fashionable.Variety of colors, patterns, textures large, so choose a model leggings for every type of girl simply.What models of leggings will be relevant in 2016?How to wear them correctly?

Options fashionable leggings 2016

In 2016 fashionable leggings are classic colors, thin or semi-transparent, with printed and plain, with a mesh or an unusual pattern.Unlike tights are made of a thick fabric, which is useful for applying various patterns on them.Often leggings sewn from natural materials, so that the girls feel at ease, comfortable in tight clothing.Relevant in this season will be a model in the dark and quiet shades, with complex patterns, prints, textured effects.

Extravagant tights depart in 2016 by the wayside and be fashionable feminine, elegant models.They can be made of a material that simulates the

skin, suede, lace, metallic fabrics gold, silver, bronze and black colors.Particularly fashionable to wear this year dzhegginsy - denim leggings.In winter and autumn wear a true model of velvet with embossed pattern of saturated colors.

Tight pants do a shorter or longer.The basic things for fashionistas are the tights of black and white shades.In the season of 2016 to date, will be fashionable model with ethno-drawings (national ornaments Africa, Norway), leopard, abstract prints.New season - tights with embroidery.White leggings and a blouse of the same tone in ethnic patterns suitable for the gentle boho style.And if the bright tights to wear with a lace top, you get a feminine, romantic image.

Leather leggings

Clothes made of leather is present in the collections of famous fashion brands.Many girls like to wear these things, because they are universal.Particularly popular among young people gained leather leggings.They successfully highlight shapely legs and a beautiful figure.Leather leggings look stylish, fashionable.Tight pants made of rough natural material are perfectly combined with soft, comfortable clothing.On the way out to the black leather leggings perfect fashionable halter top and bright yellow jacket and a red leggings can wear a white top and jacket.

with a complex pattern or ornament

Colourful drawings on tights particularly fashionable this season.They are suitable for both everyday wear and for parties.To balance the bright elements, leggings with ornaments is better to wear a plain things.But the brave girl with a perfect sense of taste, may try to combine the two things with a print.Trendy Scandinavian patterns with deer, Asian, African national patterns on leggings will help to create a unique image of the girl.brass, wooden ornaments suitable to them.

Colored tights

Fashion bright tights - perfect clothing option for the summer and spring.They will make a spectacular girl, attractive.Colored leggings fit well under a long, voluminous top.His color is better to choose in quiet basic colors: beige, black, gray, brown.Or, to put on all the clothes in one color.For example, sandy shade is best to wear shorts with brick elk.


denim leggings look great on young girls and women.They may be of different colors, styles, and a number of models of pants has pockets and prints.You are lucky, if the type of your figure - "hourglass".Dzhegginsy long top and a belt at the waist perfectly emphasize the advantages of your physique while hiding figure flaws.

For everyday wear denim leggings perfectly be combined with a plaid shirt, a blouse, a long sweater, sneakers, loafers, high boots, high heel shoes.But halter top bad harmony with dzhegginsy.To avoid vulgar kind, it is better not to connect together these items of clothing.The top of the dark tones will blend in well with any color pants.Lush "ladies' denim leggings better to wear under a tunic or long sweater large knees.

With print space

Unusual sensation in the fashion world has produced fashion show with pictures of the cosmos.Designers used for the print photographs taken through a telescope "Hubble".In 2016 leggings, which depicts a photo of galaxies, constellations, nebulae - it is true, it is fashionable.Tight-fitting trousers with a space theme can be glossy or matte.The fashionable tights with a galactic print there are blue, purple, black, pink, purple, blue shades.

color variants can move seamlessly into each other, creating a fantastic background on which are painted the planets and stars.Bright print emphasize the beauty and originality of the girls legs.Fashionable print space on the leggings looks romantic, extravagant.Wearing their best under plain top and shoes.Trendy tights with pictures of galaxies, nebulae make you bright and spectacular.

With leopard print

Animal themes presented drawings on tights spots of different sizes on a contrasting or plain background.Matte or glossy structure of such pants looks romantic.Decorated with leopard patterns can golden zippers, rivets, rhinestones.Wear these leggings under the plain things better not to overload their way and not make it bland.

Fashion predatory print on leggings looks sensual, so you need to follow some rules when creating an image in this item of clothing.Predatory print leggings bad harmony with short blouses.Good leopard leggings look in the ensemble with high heels, clothing, mint, orange, black, white, brown, khaki color, large and bright jewelry, tunics, cardigans, long jackets, short dresses.

leggings pants

Tregginsy (leggings pants) suitable for slim women and lush girls.They are made of a dense material with added elastane.Often leggings pants have inserts of artificial or genuine leather.Some of the details are similar to the design of conventional pants.On tight tights may be pockets, buckles, rivets, lines or arrows.

Tregginsy have different colors.They emphasize the advantages of your physique.These tights look good in duet with contrasting sweaters, jumpers bright colors, short tops, shirts, bikes.Footwear for these pants fit different plan from ballet shoes to heels.With tregginsov creates a powerful slimming effect, making the figure of a girl slender, graceful.Designers predict that tights pants are not soon go out of fashion.

Trendy color leggings 2016

Dark quiet shades of leggings are relevant in the current season.In 2016, a touch of trendy color will marsala, so tight pants in a palette appropriate to have in her wardrobe of every fashionista.Black leggings - a classic that will always be relevant.Grey shades tight pants help the girls create an elegant, stylish image.


Fashion leggings gray color can be dark and light shades.They accentuate shapely legs.Girls with a perfect figure fit light gray leggings and dark variants tight pants will help to hide flaws physique.Asphalt shade tights combine well with long tunics and sweaters.With steel-colored tight pants will perfectly blend top with pastel, dark or bright colors.

under the thin shade of gray leggings are perfect: a short dress, blouse, jacket.Use them as a shoe boots, boots in black or purple suede, gray boots, shoes with a wide or high heels.The bright accessory in the form of a scarf or a hat, combined with asphalt-colored leggings, give the image of a girl a unique and stylish look.


fashionable maroon leggings will look spectacular.What clothes to fit him?Burgundy leggings - a bright accent, they must be combined with a neutral top.But instead of black color is best to use dark blue, burgundy, brown.An interesting option is a combination of a harmonious image of bright leggings with contrasting colors of clothing.Bordeaux leather leggings perfectly combined with mint cardigan, and accessories to create an image in this case it is better to pick up quiet tones.


popular color tight pants for girls has always been black.Leggings of the tone perfectly adjust the figure, making it much slimmer, more beautiful.Trendy black leggings are ideal for tunics, long shirts, shirts, sweaters.Brilliant options such leggings ensemble with a short skirt, a lace top, high heels would be appropriate at a party.Going to a restaurant, movie theater, wearing tight black leather pants in sequins, rhinestones.

What to properly combine and wear tights?

universal kind of clothes are considered tights.With the right mix, they are suitable for sports run, a romantic date.Leggings are well combined with a short silk, Knitted dresses, mini-skirts, shorts.Tight pants are perfectly combined with a long, covering the buttocks and face.Denim and leggings - a wonderful option to create a bright female image.Elegant look on the girls in tights and long pullovers sweater.

In cold weather leggings are well combined with knitted dresses or tunics.Warm sometimes under tight pants Shoes ballet flats, sandals, shoes, sandals, high heels or flat shoes.But the open model of the shoe will be out of place in conjunction with elk.Cold times leggings look good with moccasins, boots, ankle boots, Lofer, Snickers, uggami, boots.But sneakers combined with leggings is relevant only for sports training.To complete the image pick up fashion accessories: scarves, bracelets, hats.

Photo fashion women leggings 2016

wide variety of colors and prints in fashionable leggings models will satisfy the tastes and preferences of any girl.Space, leopard patterns, African, Scandinavian designs on leggings will help transform the woman of fashion, giving the appearance of her originality, style.Solid models in bright or soothing colors will make the kind of woman naughty and fashionable.