How to handle a temporary tattoo at home

You have never had a tattoo, but have always wanted?Find the perfect tattoo is not easy to master, and to decide on a piercing pain more difficult.Doing this is not necessary, when the hand is gel pen.If you feel that you have creative abilities, and you want to fix them in the form of a temporary tattoo, do it yourself at home!

How to draw a tattoo gel pen without henna on her hand

Temporary tattoo must be those who are going to go on the weekend to a stunning party, rock concert, a club get-together, but Monday will be in the office, university or school.A significant obstacle to the application of a real tattoo becomes ban parents.So, satisfy your desire and at the same time do without psychological scandals.

not necessarily look for master drawings with henna or ask questions about the professional temporary option.Tattoos with a pencil or pen to help you to express their own vision of the beloved figure in their skin.It is subject to everyone!Ensure simplicity and ease of implementation, rea

d the following step by step instructions.

Short tattoo gel pen

For two days the tattoo you will need these materials:

  • black ball gel pen;
  • simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • parchment or vellum;
  • cotton swabs;
  • wet rag;
  • talc or lock of hair;
  • liquid which contains a high percentage of alcohol;
  • disinfectant spray for the treatment of wounds.

Technique short tattoo gel pen steps:

  1. Selection own design.If you close artistic activity, then you will not be difficult to draw a tattoo with meaning, nature, expressing your emotions.If there is a predisposition to it, get ready stencil, for example, in specialized communities on this skill.
  2. Circle pattern outline on vellum or parchment pencil.Gel pens carefully paint the inside layout.It is necessary to work carefully, but that was not sag.
  3. Locate short tattoo.If you want to put it on their own, the place must be accessible to you, such as a tattoo on the foot (back, neck does not fit).If you will help others, it is easy to experiment.Treat this place alcohol.
  4. Dampen a cloth in warm water.
  5. Take tracing paper or parchment with a picture, apply to the selected location on the body.On top of the paper with a tattoo distribute a damp cloth, good press, hold for one minute.Move a little edge tracing paper to verify the presence of the tattoo on the skin.If it does not fully re-shoot, then soak a rag top for a while.
  6. If you find that the picture is not bright, take the gel pen and Draw on top of the bonus layer.
  7. Secure tattoo using talcum powder or a hair retainer.Spray disinfectant spray on top, covering tattoos additional adhesive film.Temporary tattoo is ready!

Long-tattoo tattoo

to please you for a long time, prepare such materials:

  • black gel pen;
  • needle;
  • wool;
  • disinfectant spray for the treatment of wounds;
  • alcohol.

execution technique:

  1. Select a design, as in the previous, short-term option.
  2. Treat alcohol tattoo location.Use as a tracing paper for drawing layout and eye pencil to recreate the drawing next tattoo.In any missteps extra line wash with alcohol.
  3. If you are not ready to cause yourself pain yourself, ask for help from a friend who has a stable nervous system, minimal creativity, has accuracy.Or call your master tattoos.
  4. Deal needle with alcohol, and then she pinned the picture you want to receive.The holes should be small, not deep.If this is your first job, it is best to choose a tattoo in the form of inscriptions, geometric shape contour.
  5. received point-holes carefully paint the gel pen.Wait for a while, and then remove the excess paint.
  6. Apply a disinfectant spray for the treatment of wounds by creating a protective film and removing germs.Long-term tattoo is ready!It will last at least two weeks, the exact time depends on how quickly the wounds will heal.

selection of simple images for tattoos handle

Before getting a tattoo gel pen, practice on paper, her friend, to assess the real eye view image.For the first time will approach simple and easy options for tattoos on the wrist with miniature compositions.The more you get involved in this business, the more beautiful, bigger, more unique patterns are.If you get pleasure from it, you think about it, do you see yourself in the future, as a master of tattoos.

Light tattoo beginners

Are you new?Do you have ideas for applying temporary tattoos gel pen?If not, what are some examples of original images on the skin will help you decide or push off from the desired result.Light tattoo options for beginners - it's characters, little birds, lettering, geometric shapes, simple elements of nature (leaves, branches).Originally it will look like a tattoo of a ring on his finger.

beautiful tattoo for girls

If you are not the first time engaged in painting a pen, consider the complex variations of performances.An example are the tattoos in the Indian technology mehendi.When the girl's hands decorated with such figures, the image becomes a mysterious, feminine and intimate.Another original solution is a lush, multi-colors, visually bulky trees, air feathers of birds, animals.

Video: the gradual establishment of a tattoo at home

To ensure ease of creating a drawing at home, watch the video below, where the boy will show you by example how to learndraw a tattoo pen.The video materials are used which have been described in the text above (time variant).Process simple, handy tools have at home almost every, and the method of application does not lead to blood poisoning or other hazards.Please try to recreate in his small work of art!

Stock temporary tattoos made pen

Earlier tattoos were the identities of people to determine the personality decoration for many high priestesses and priests.The presence of such figures do not surprise anyone, not impressed and considered commonplace.Now many people have an opinion on tattoos score changed.But there were individuals who know how to express with tattoo their character traits, benefits, outlook on life.To decide on such a bold step hard, but we should start small.If you will draw the beauty of temporary tattoos in the future, you will be sure not to regret the long tattoo.