Fashionable youth clothes 2016

Features Youth wardrobe naturally follow from the features of adolescence and young age.Finding himself, rebellion, inconstancy, unpredictability lay their mark on what is youth.

Fashionable youth clothes most diverse and changeable.The essential features of the wardrobe - practicality, convenience, independence and democracy.Therefore, in the new season in young leaders eternal good jeans, denim everything: shorts, sundresses, skirts.Fashionable denim will be a combination of inserts with different fabrics: chiffon, chintz, silk.

Fashion styles 2016

Popular are several styles of this season.

style grunge (grunge), which appeared a few decades ago.This word is translated as "disgusting".It implies untidy clothes with different kinds of holes, abrasions.In addition to the torn jeans, are now relevant and torn T-shirt.Such outfits - a protest of young society.

Designers are advised to look at the direction of the "military" or "military" clothes: boots, outerwear, like a j

acket or coat, riding breeches.Such outfits invariably popular with the young for several years.
"Techno" is also relevant, sports, "punk" classic, "biker" style.It will be possible to put on a few T-shirts at once, on a t-shirt to wear a jacket and a variety of scarves, shawls.

fashion colors 2016

motto of the youth's wardrobe: "Being a bright, garish, extravagant!"Therefore dominates the brightest palette of colors, combining multiple contrasting colors.For example, the yellow dress worn with blue leggings, red sash.Combinations can be very different, unexpected.

The internet will also be small and big flowers at the different background.Look for bright, contrasting accessories: handbags, backpacks, handkerchiefs, scarves.The new season of the newly popular "predatory" coloring.Young people will wear clothes with color zebra, leopard, peacock, tiger.Exotic prints correspond to the needs of young people.

The newly announced fur, which give the most unusual color, velvet, from which the network jackets and trousers instead of evening dresses, corduroy.

complex and ambiguous inner world of a teenager and a young man expressed in fashionable clothes 2016 season.