Inscriptions for tattoo transfer

If in your life happened something big or epic, leaving an imprint in the memory and heart, do not forget about it.For some, such moments are seen casually and for you - it is a holiday, which brought happiness.Do you want to fix these magical feelings?The ideal method of storing a grand event - the creation of inscriptions on the body of a tattoo expressing your feelings.If you decide, the question remains, how to choose a suitable label for tattoos.

Tattoo labels for men and women

Animals, nature landscapes, specific person, knocked on the body in the form of tattoos, take up much space.For some - it is not a problem.But if you want to be an exemplary office worker, instructor tennis famous people or have any prestigious job, which strictly follow the appearance, packed with a sleeve or back tattoo is completely decorated - not the best solution.Express your individuality, show traits, emphasize the subtlety of thought with the help of tattoo lettering.What are its advantages?

Tattoo as the inscriptions more compact, cheaper and simpler "in care" than the colored pattern, it has some motivation for you.Words are material.Great economists conducted experiments at Harvard among the students who had to answer the question "Who do I want to become in life?".There were 3 possible answers:

  1. do not know yet;
  2. determine who exactly will be, but never take notes;
  3. sure I'll order something, it is recorded in his diary / diary.

Guess which one of these three groups has reached in life everything he wanted, earning a fortune?Define the purpose - is not enough.

vision every day of what you go, seek, makes you much closer to the desired result.Tattoo in the form of the inscription is quite possible to determine the fate of successful people.In order to clearly answer myself that should reflect the tattoo, you need to create a plan for a small survey.So you come to the desired result - optimal capacious inscriptions.

  1. What's most important for you in life?What are the moral values ​​in the first place?
  2. What do you want to achieve?Success in your career, or to create a large, strong family?
  3. you want to capture the moment of life lived by a taturovki or describe what to expect in the future?
  4. Which language do you prefer to express thoughts through the tattoos?
  5. where the future of the tattoo should be placed on the body?
  6. not necessarily limited to a single purpose.Put a few, denoting their inscription in the form of a tattoo, and you come to dream at one time.

About Love

first place in his life, both men and women to make love.This feeling, which exalts people up, giving wings, freedom.As long as someone is looking for, another person has found happiness.In the first option you should choose for a tattoo lettering that will give hope that the love is always there.Being already in a relationship, try to identify the sensations that you feel with that person.On display lettering tattoo their name or favorite halves.Sign of attention will certainly be appreciated.

About life

name a year or two, the man realizes that his actions are easy to identify in one sentence - credo.Whatever happens, and you are loyal to their principles, or are willing to help in motivating the waiting stage.You find yourself?Caption credo as a tattoo will help you stay on the path, stick to the principles that reflect your essence."Live as you like", "Follow your dreams", "Life is short, do not miss this moment" - that tattoo a reminder, which will be a daily motivation.

About family

defined the main priority - family, try to capture a moment with an inscription in the form of tattoos.Many people can not decide on this step, considering tattoo useless symbols, not carrying meaning.Have you a mind when you see the tattoos, indicating the names of relatives of children line dedicated to the mother or father?These people are to you - all.We appreciate them everyone has the right, but to give them a place on the body in the form of a tattoo - intimately.

Examples tattoo: "Mom, Dad, I love you," "our love so much - as the moon and back", "forever in the memory," "together forever", the words "family" and the sign of infinity.Excellent will be solved if the family members on the tattoo (if they are over 18 years old).Make all the same symbols as tattoos with names or dates of birth - an original idea!

philosophical phrases with meaning

When you feel that you do not have the courage or obstinacy to commit insane acts motivate yourself daily tattoo.This role will perform an inscription with philosophical meaning in the form of a tattoo.Consider several options for tattoos in different languages.The preference is Latin - ancient and unique language of ancient philosophers.The main thing is to urge the tattoo was not momentary temptation and desire for a long time.Spontaneous tattoo often corrected for other options, more thoughtful.

Where to place a tattoo on

body tattoo to look beautiful, it should be done in the right place.If you choose a small tattoo of a single word, it is appropriate to place the back of the neck, on foot, around the finger.The quotation is applied to the back, ribs, arms, chest.If you want to tattoo the inscription remained special just for you, choose a place inaccessible to prying eyes, where there is light clothing or underwear.

Another detail when selecting a tattoo - hormonal problems in men or women.They lead to a decrease in weight gain or weight, which affects the skin.Places where the fastest gain weight - abdomen, thighs.Stuffing a tattoo on them, you may get through the "vague" outcome.To beat a tattoo on the thin skin of unpleasant and painful, so daring in the application of the sayings of thought in the wrist, think twice.

Examples beautiful phrases for tattoos and their meaning

decided on a bold inscription on the tattoo, and the appropriate verbal expression and have not met?Examples tattoo listed below will help you decide.You will find the winged aphorisms in Latin, English, Italian and other languages, and if you want to be unique, apply a tattoo on his native Russian language.So you can easily achieve your goals.

In Latin inscription

Tattoo Life:

  • Qui sine peccato est - There are no people without sin.
  • Aetate fruere, mobili cursu fugit - Life passes quickly, Things to live right now.
  • Faber est quisque fortunae suae - The man himself creates his own destiny.
  • Cum deo - tattoo for believers "with God."

inscription for tattoo on stubbornness, courage:

  • Audacesfortuna kuvatrr juvat - daredevils get happiness only.
  • Ne cede malis - Cheer up, when misfortune overtook.
  • Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito - Do not run away from problems, and go boldly to meet them.
  • Veni, vidi, vici - Caesar's famous phrase in the form of a tattoo "I came, I saw, I conquered."
  • Gutta cavat lapidem - water molecule is sharpening stone.

philosophical inscription in Arabic tattoo

  • «Everyone has his own way."
  • tattoo, meaning "true love forever."
  • tattoo in the form of inscriptions on empty promises "Screaming Rooster begins to tell the fable of the eggs already."
  • tattoo of courage "If the day has come when you go on a journey, I believe, has already passed the half."
  • tattoo in the form of inscriptions on the clarity of the mind "does not boast of man above religion of his mind."

In English

  • Failure does not mean I'm a failure;It does mean I have not yet succeeded - Failure does not mean I'm a failure;it means that success is still ahead.(Such inscription on tattooing better to place a few lines).
  • Be careful with your thoughts - they are the beginning of deeds - Carefully thoughts, because they - the beginning of the actions.
  • Now or never - now or never (This tattoo is suitable for those who have not decided to change a way of life, routine work).

In Italian

  • Il ricordo di te vivr nel mio cuore - «My heart will always remember you" commemorative inscription tattoo.
  • Il cuore di una madre un abisso in fondo al quale si trova sempre il perdono - family tattoo "A real abyss - a mother's heart.There will always find a blessing and forgiveness. "
  • Prendi la mia mano, non lasciarla andare, per me vali pi della vita - Take my hand - hold.You are more to me than life!
  • Nessun rimpianto, nessun rimorso - Never has no regrets.

In French

Tattoos of love:

  • coute ton coeur - Listen to your heart.
  • Personne n'est parfait, jusqu 'ce qu'on tombe amoureux de cette personne - Man until then it is not perfect, as long as someone does not love him.
  • C`est l`amour que vous faut - the inscription on the main tattoo of "Love - this is all that is needed."
  • Une seule sortie est la vrit - tattoo, giving the answer to all questions."The only solution is all true."


  • inscription tattoo material sense "Who has the money, the piper calls the tune."
  • tattoo motivation "It is better to make it late than never."
  • tattoo inscription about empty words, "If the dog barks, it does not mean that it bite."
  • In the heart of faith alone.
  • road only those who go through it.
  • I do for a loved one, and he - to me.
  • In my environment happiness, love and beauty.

What labels do not cost

If you have decided on a foreign language, it is not necessary to make unverified lettering tattoos.Put on a tattoo - a wrong decision, it is not always native speakers of Hebrew, Latin.Daring to significant inscription tattoo, find a person who speaks, writes, thinks in the language selected.If you want the tattoo was stretched vertically, in this case, ask the support of the indigenous write a phrase in the final version to the tattoo artist is not a mistake during application.Then the tattoo will not only have a beautiful view of the inscriptions, but also the meaning.

Prices tattoo lettering

Each cabin is necessary to specify the price of the tattoo in the form of the original inscriptions.Standard rates for a short word - from 1500 rubles, a quotation -. 2000 p calligraphy -. 2000 p, individual sketch -. 4000 p.Consider options tattoos.If it is the size of a matchbox, the prices are about the, if more - the cost will be higher.You can find out how much a tattoo that is written in your favorite celebrities (such as Angelina Jolie, David Beckham).If you can afford, go for it!

Photos popular labels for tattoo

Some people in the world think that fate is sealed for a long time for each other - the builders of his life.Where is the truth, no one knows, but the courage to clearly characteristic of the second group.After all, the way to build with their own hands, giving yourself motivation in the form of text tattoos better than to expect a miracle, idly.Photos tattoo can help you determine the ideal choice, placement, font.