Fashion scarves 2016

This rectangular piece of cloth, women began to wear from the twelfth century.They covered his head, it was worn as an ornament - sewed him pearls, made with gold embroidery.

Modern scarf - it's not just art textiles.It warms retains against sunburn, it is a decorative element in clothing.Fashion with this headdress is able to reveal the feminine charm, modern extravagance, eccentricity youth and many other sensual shades of the beautiful half of humanity.


shawl size can be so large that it can be wrapped from head to toe, as if in a dress.It can easily become a pareo, skirt or cape.

From it you can build a turban, tie a fancy bow, turned into a scarf, tie, belt, decorate a hat.


Trendy fabrics and colors 2016 - is silk gloss, soft veil organza pestryad cotton, gentle shuttlecocks batiste, soft chiffon petals of summer flowers on the fabric -roses, tulips, carnations - on woolen shawl from the finest yarns, reaper rainbow hues, plain.


scarves tied in different ways: on the head, around the neck, throws on his shoulders.As in former times, they can give.Before - after wedding the collusion, the groom and his relatives gifts to all these great products.

Models with classic peas, or bright Pavlovsky Posad yellow, green and blue colors to conquer the hearts of the present day.

dark silk scarves can be attributed to the direction of "monastic".They once produced the monks in the monasteries.And they are not forgotten by modern fashion.Want to give the rigor, "turning inward", use models with dark colors.

¬ęCountry" or the country-style - a cage with fringe.For those who like flora and fauna, you can choose from a range of options with modern printed pattern animal or floral arrangements.

still fashionable scarves in the style of ornamentation, when a pattern or figure is repeated, for example, in the Russian style.

Modern scarf - decoration to taste and purse for every woman, be it holidays or weekdays, cold or hot weather.

Trends in 2016