How to make ripped jeans with his hands at home

At different times, are becoming popular things that look worn.Remember, because there were periods Latok popularity on clothes, holes, abrasions.Even famous designers often create collections that look worn.This is not a strange thing, and a particular style of country music, which attracted many fashionistas.And if you decide to acquire this product, you must know how to make ripped jeans.After all, they are easy to not only buy, but also to make himself.

How to make the most ripped jeans at home

If you have old or new jeans that want to transform - it is excellent.This needlework does not take long, but the new thing the future is sure to be a unique, non-standard.Torn jeans do not so difficult at home, but there are many schemes and technologies.In the course of cutting and sewing do not have to walk, but you need to have patience, tools, imagination.

tools that will be needed during the work

to transform the unsightly jeans and make them wear, the hole should be prepared:

  • jeans (allowed to take the trousers of a different material, buttechnology of their processing is a little different);
  • scissors (preferably fabric - large, sharp);
  • small trowel, razor, nail file or emery paper (except if the holes are assumed to be worn);
  • stationery knife or blade (permissible replacement of the tool at regular nail clippers, but will have to be more careful in dealing with jeans);
  • extra pieces of fabric, lace (if you plan a beautiful feminine decor and sewing it under a big hole in an internal patches);
  • chalk, pencil or pen (to refer to the future site of the holes in jeans);
  • needle or seam ripper (help draw unnecessary thread);
  • forceps or a vacuum cleaner (to quickly remove excess thread);
  • small sewing needle or paper clip (for fixing Latok jeans).


first determine the place in which will be done the holes, slots.Analyze denim trousers.If it is worn, the holes must be small and in those parts where it is not supposed to curves (on the knees or below them on the back pockets of each leg).If the new material is not bursting at the seams, the shape, location, size of the holes can be anything.In the first case they will be made easy, and you can even thread pulling arm, and in the second case will definitely need a seam ripper for the fabric.

to identify future locations for the holes to measure jeans and place to start bends space, knees, buttocks ends.When you remove his trousers, these labels will help to determine exactly where the holes should be and scrapes.Schedule them full circle, not just a point.If the hole is irregularly shaped, it is better to place so that the maximum diameter of stints on a shared thread (it lasts less).Some crayons Sewing vystiryvayutsya not, therefore, a small piece of soap will help.

How nice break jeans with his hands: the art performance

  1. Careless hole in grunge style.It is simple.The chosen location of different length strips are cut parallel to each other at a distance of 5 mm.CD yarns are stretched and removed.If some of the equity of thread to damage it adds sophistication trousers, but in no case will not spoil them.
  2. Torn jeans in a minimalist style.For these trousers will have to outline a few places with small holes.The main task - not to damage the cross-thread and pull the thread portion of the equity that they have not been very brightly sticking.Such holes are often made at a rate of 2 cm by 4 cm and place them closer to the side seams of jeans.
  3. Torn holes on the trousers are used very often, especially in the case of large diameter holes.This effect is easily achieved by using a simple kitchen grater, sandpaper or a pumice stone for feet.The main thing in this issue - not to hurt the skin, which were transverse or equity that jeans were not one month, one year, and the fringe is not broken after the first washing.

incisions on old jeans, a step by step video

To properly perform a hole in jeans and not be disappointed in the results, try to make the same actions on a small piece of tissue similar.For example, if you left some scrap of jeans, it is useful to test case.Try to make it the very hole with the threads, different kinds of abrasions, styles.To consolidate the knowledge, watch the following video clip:

How to abrasion using a grater

usual kitchen accessories often come to the rescue in needlework.To hole in the jeans look old and battered, you will need a simple grater or a piece of sandpaper.Firmly on the edge of the hole, little spurts perform the selected tool so that the thread fluffed.Similar actions spend with each edge of the hole jeans.Perform can work with both the front side and on the reverse.After this thread further chlorinated bleach solution.

Note the wrong side of the jeans often looks more original than the front side.If there are additional pieces of this fabric, try to do a patch on the front of his pants.You can sew a patch large stitches thread to be seen.Such an addition would be relevant for both types of men's clothing, as well as for women.From the other pieces of tissue can form a picture (optional).Improve jeans so that they can be complementary as a romantic, feminine look and a sporty, daring.

whitewashed holes

new dress to jeans look more classy, ​​try to whiten some thread and place.This is most easily done by using a chlorinated solution or other bleach.Normal chlorine and dissolve in a small amount of water, apply the solution on a small piece of cotton or gauze and process the necessary space with holes.Chlorine eats into the fabric, and white may not be immediately apparent, but after some time.Therefore, immediately after the treatment wash jeans, so the excess chemical agent will be removed and the hole will remain in excellent form for a long time.

When bleaching hole jeans all the work it is important to wear rubber gloves and outdoors.It is advisable to test the bleach on a small piece of the same fabric or in the invisible part of the trousers (behind the knees, on the reverse side).If you want to decorate jeans white drops, then using a pipette, apply a solution of chlorine in the fabric, and enclose the bottom layer of cotton wool.When chlorine is absorbed, it needs about 1 hour to interact with tissue, then you will need a complete washing clothes.

both regular jeans or shorts do breeches

simple way to update old jeans - it is their pruning to a height of breeches or shorts.In this case, you need to map out the future of the height of the products and break the transverse thread.If shorts are assumed without further processing, and with ragged edges, no allowances would be required.They are necessary if, according to the model, you need podvorot.For this design, add 3-7 cm to the desired length and trim the excess.Gradually, this process would look like this:

  • Without folds decompose ready jeans on a flat surface.
  • note the chalk or pencil seat trim excess length.
  • torn off by hand or cut with scissors along the line jeans.Additionally
  • do holes or worn (optional), given that the color of the longitudinal yarns is lighter than the basic shade of trousers.
  • tuck edge or leave it torn.Done!

Photo beautiful ripped jeans