Fashionable purses 2016

Unable to create the image without any additional accessories.Purse is one of the most necessary items in her purse girl.Also properly selected clothing that blends in with a bag, glasses, help to emphasize your prosperity fashion purses 2016.In order to choose the right product, it is necessary to know what colors, shapes, materials are popular in the current season.

How to choose fashion purse 2016

Girls annually faced with questions which are considered fashionable purses, and how to choose the right.Designers have prepared for them a great choice of fashionistas in different colors, with bright prints, all kinds of shapes and sizes.The materials used are different, so you can choose a fashionable attribute at an affordable price.The main rules of choosing a fashion accessory this season are:

  1. first decide to appoint a purse.It you need for everyday life or for an evening stroll.Everyday should be with minimal d├ęcor, without rhinestones and beads.Fashionable evening attributes nec
    essary to choose bright colors, shiny, different shapes.
  2. Note to the price of the product.Used in this season stingray leather, crocodile, snake makes expensive option, but durable.Cheaper options, but no less trendy, made of artificial materials.

choice of material

materials used for the women's fashion purses, may be different.Designers used not only natural leather, but also a smooth or embossed fabric, suede, velvet, synthetics.In choosing the material cost to take into account the time that will be more durable products, which are made of genuine leather.The advantage of artificial substitutes considered reasonable and low price.

Metal parts, fasteners, chains, zippers are used to complete the luxurious type of purse.The most pressing is the fashion for a fully textile wallet, which will be a terrific addition to your personal collection.But the cost to take into account that such an accessory requires care in handling so as not to have it permanently erased.Textiles last longer if the top is covered with a special protective layer that has a stain-resistant properties.

shape and size

In the new season shape purses may be other than rectangular, round, square, oval, as well as apples, hearts, candy, car.Classic shape suitable for addition to your business style and unusual like the glamorous girls.Choosing a wallet, pay attention to its size and capacity.If you use the product, not only for banknotes, but also credit, discount cards, it is recommended to give preference to large-sized accessories.Small, compact and convenient for the average everyday use.

color and print

fashion purses 2016 color varies from light red to burgundy.It is also used by designers emerald, green, brown, orange, blue, beige, lavender colors for this accessory.Special attention is given the pink shades and khaki.A classic black color remains popular every season.In this case, wallets decided to diversify by making a dark top, and inside trim used bright colors.Appearance complementary prints with images of flowers, animals, abstract, patterns, photos of celebrities.

Useful tips from stylists

  1. When selecting products, stylists recommend to give their preference in favor of an accessory that would blend in with the tone and style of your everyday bag.Try not to use bright colors wallets, if you use a bag of pastel colors.
  2. Fashionable product should be roomy and comfortable to use.Therefore, one must have card for the paper bills and fines.
  3. Stylists are advised to have a few options for the personal collection of purses to be able to change them depending on the situation.For evening walks take large roomy purse, and in daily use small.
  4. Buy products in proven stores that you will be given a receipt, the warranty on the product.Do not ignore the sales, because there you can buy a quality product at a low price.

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Video: Select on Feng Shui

The correct purse wallet can be an integral part of your style.But in order for this accessory has influenced other factors in your life, it is necessary when choosing a purse to pay attention to its color, material and size.How to choose the right fashion purses in 2016 according to the rules of feng shui expert will tell on the submitted videos.