How to clean squid

Cleaning, cooking squid has its own characteristics, compliance with which is not going to affect the taste of the finished dish.Squid are a major ingredient in many salads, including preparing delicious soups, snacks.The valuable protein, minerals and vitamins contained in the squid, as well as reasonable price, explains the popularity of the seafood.Flavoring dishes and useful advantages depend on many factors, but primarily on the major ingredient, in this case from the squid.The correct choice of products- is the first thing you need to start.We go to the supermarket for squid.We will have a difficult choice, because in stores squid sold in frozen form.Of the many icy carcasses, choose the best quality.Pay attention to the uncleaned squid.When cleaning the carcasses used in the production of steam treatment, after cooking, the meat of squid turns dry and tough.

How to choose a quality product

  • Squid must be whole with a smooth surface.
  • Fresh squid have a pinkish hue, but may be gray and purple.
    Outsider color squid carcass indicates that the storage was flawed.
  • release date and period of implementation must match.

What to buy is not worth

  • If the carcass of squid is a lump of indefinite shape.Therefore, the product is not frozen and thawed once.Ice yellowish, brownish color of the carcass with multiple fractures and cracks will only confirm your suspicions.
  • outdated and fuzzy numbers on the packaging.

Congratulations on your purchase of high-quality!Now you need to defrost the squid.Some housewives tend to accelerate this process and to put this squid in hot water.From this thermal effect squid really quickly unfrozen, but in hot water "will take" all the nutritional value of seafood.Defrost squid, however, as any frozen food (meat, fish, offal) should be at room temperature.Once the squid will become malleable, proceed to cleaning.To do this you will need a cutting board and a sharp knife.

How to clean

one hand, firmly press the squid to a cutting board, and the other carefully remove the peel from it (thin plenochka).It happens that the film is cleaned with difficulty.Then I lay out squid in a colander and pour over boiling water.The film is simply washed off with water, and one that remains easy to clean.

If squid head and tentacles, they need to be cut.The head can be thrown away without regret, and the tentacles will be useful for a very tasty starters - stuffed squid, but a little later on this.Cut off from a whole "wings" and remove them from the skin.They can also be used in food.Now you need to clean the inside of the squid.There are transparent chitin plates like cellophane.Before you clean, evenly colored squid carcasses, ready-to-heat treatment.

heat treatment

heat treatment - is another difficulty faced by many housewives in the preparation of squid.It is necessary to digest a little squid and the meat is tough and tasteless.Besides greatly reduced in size.To squid has not lost its taste qualities and please you tender juiciness, cook it takes 1.5-2 minutes.There is another option of cooking squid.They poured boiling water, cover with a lid and kept in water for 10-15 minutes.Regardless of the method of cooking squid, first boil water with salt, bay leaf, fragrant and bitter bell pepper, and three minutes later omitted in her squid.Spices slaughtered peculiar smell inhabitant of the deep sea.The most common squid are one of the ingredients in a variety of salads.If squid is served as a separate dish as an appetizer, it is recommended to sprinkle with lemon juice and sprinkle with fresh herbs (rosemary, parsley, basil).

Stuffed squid

As already mentioned, tentacles, "wings" are eaten.They can stuff the squid.Squid Stuffed with will be a great snack on a festive feast.


Clean and wash the squid tentacles chopped into small pieces, about 1x1 cm Grind three cloves of garlic, add pepper, salt, herbs..Beat one egg yolk with a spoon of vegetable oil and mix with herbs and chopped tentacles.This farshiruem stuffed squid and stabs them with toothpicks.In a frying pan heat the oil and fry the squid over high heat on both sides.Pour 100 grams of white wine, add the parsley, paprika and simmer under the lid closed until the squid are tender.Squid put on a wide dish, pour the sauce in which they were extinguished, drizzle with lemon juice.

Seafood salad

Calamari Salad cleaned in the same way as for other dishes.Cut "wings" cut into strips and used in the selected recipe you.To squid do not dry out, after cooking cover them with a towel or plastic bag.Before you cut the squid salad, cool them.Different temperature salad ingredients can lead to the development of pathogens that cause rapid deterioration of the product.