Benefits and harms of dates

Dates - useful and tasty product.These fruits are eaten and used to treat different diseases.Studies have shown that eating only fruits of the date palm, called Phoenix, and water for a few years, people will not suffer from a deficiency of essential elements and vitamins.What diseases can help cure these exotic fruits?This dates contraindicated?

composition and useful properties of dates

Dates are sometimes called the "bread of the desert", "berries of life", because they have a high nutritional value and can satisfy the human need for energy.These fruits contain many vitamins, minerals and other substances to humans.A special feature of this fruit is that it includes no water.Calorie 100 g of the fruit of the date palm is 277 kcal.In Phoenicia contains:

  • 80% carbohydrate, and constitute a major part of their sucrose, glucose, fructose;
  • mineral complex of 15 elements including sulfur, copper, phosphorus, zinc, boron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron;
  • more than 20 amino acids;
  • vitamins C, A, B6, B2, PP, E;
  • 0,5% fat;
  • 6% protein.

Dates are able to exert on the body anti-inflammatory, diuretic, anti-bacterial action.Dried fruits of date palm contain all the vitamins and nutrients that are there are fresh.They are used in foods as well as raisins or prunes.Fresh fruits make salad, juice, sugar, flour, fried, boiled, baked cakes, bread.Regular consumption of dates has the following positive effects on the body:

  • clears toxins, toxins;
  • normalizes sleep;
  • stamina;
  • improves mood;
  • normalizes the nervous system, relieving tension after stress;
  • improves the condition of hair, skin and nails;
  • normalizes bowel function, relieving constipation;
  • gives vitality, energy acting as a stimulant;
  • reduces the risk of heart disease;
  • improves appetite;
  • rejuvenates.

use rules for medicinal purposes dates

regular inclusion in the diet of fruits Tamarind helps cure or prevent the development of various diseases.Unique, rich in nutrients composition of these fruits has a healing effect on many body systems.Their use will enhance the health and benefit:

  • during pregnancy;
  • with weakened immunity (normalize the acid balance of the body);
  • for anemia;
  • depression (due to high content of carbohydrates to help lift the spirits);
  • impotence;
  • with poor vision;
  • high blood pressure.

Many have recipes for the preparation of medicinal compounds with dates.For therapeutic purposes, and food, choose only high-quality exotic product.Dried fruit is often treated with harmful sulfur dioxide, to give them a shiny and appetizing appearance.Dates, sprinkled with this substance, do not benefit.Buy fruits in proven locations and choose the ones that have a natural appearance without a beautiful shine.Dates use so:

  • From constipation to help broth of these fruits.To make it, take the fruit and pour 5 liters of water.Slightly boil as compote.Drink on an empty stomach the resulting broth.
  • this remedy will help with anemia or constant fatigue.Bank (1 liter) filled with 10 th fresh fruits, they fall asleep 1 pinch of saffron, 1/8 ch. L.cardamom, 1 hr. l.fresh ginger.Jar with fruit and spices 2 weeks kept in a warm, dark place.Then, every day should be eaten by one of the banks to the fetus.
  • for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system (stroke, facial nerve) eat fruits milled in a meat grinder and connected to the milk / ghee.
  • to normalize blood pressure in hypertension consume 50-100 grams of fruit on an empty stomach for 3 weeks.Then make a break of 10 days, and then repeat the course.
  • strengthens the immune system following means: connect an equal number of pressed milled fruit of the date palm, ginger, cinnamon, hay camel, black cumin, honey and heated, not boiling.Then pour coconut milk so that the density of the mixture was like a jam.Eat as jam.
  • Slimming fruit of the date palm is used instead of sweets, but in minimal quantities.There are diets, which are based on these results.For example, there is a 10-day weight loss system, its essence is that 4 days allowed to eat only dates, drink water, green tea without sugar.On the 5th day of the diet supplemented with apples, oranges.In the following days the diet was gradually added other fruit on the menu.

How useful fruits during pregnancy

During childbearing woman needs to her body received the necessary number of useful substances.The use of dates (daily intake of no more than 5 pcs.) During pregnancy will have a beneficial impact on the health of mother and the developing baby.These exotic fruits are useful for women during the period of the child's expectations for the following reasons:

  • Prevents anemia, because they contain a lot of iron.
  • Warn constipation.
  • Eating dates - prevention of miscarriage, premature birth.
  • Improve labor.
  • Contribute to recover quickly after the birth.
  • improves the quality of breast milk, have a positive effect on his production.

daily rate of dates of use for adults and children

Although these fruits are useful in many ways, but they should not eat too much.For the average human dose of fruit - no more than 10 pieces.per day, and for the sportsman daily rate will be more than 2 times.Children are allowed to eat dates since 2 years.This dried fruit thoroughly washed.The daily dose of the exotic fruits for children depends on their age and the pediatrician's recommendations.

Harm dates and contraindications

before inserting it into your diet exotic fruit trees phoenix need to know what the benefits and harms of dates.This is not so useful to have these fruits?They will harm for patients with diabetes because it can increase blood glucose levels.More dates are contraindicated in cholelithiasis, gastric ulcer, problems with the liver, the pancreas, because they contain a large amount of coarse fiber in the tissue.

These fruits are not suitable for feeding people who suffer from fructose intolerance.When allergy dates is not recommended to eat them.After eating the fruit need to rinse your mouth, brush your teeth to prevent tooth decay.Not advisable to combine the use of dates and oranges or other citrus.Fruits of phoenix palms can not be there later than 2 hours before bedtime.The use of these exotic fruits in large quantities leads to headache.

Where to buy and how much are the fruits

Dates are sold in bulk or packaged.Buy them can be in the store, on the market or over the Internet.The price of fruit depends on the producer countries, the quality of the goods.Often encountered in selling Tunisian, Iranian dates.Dried fruit can be sold with or without pits them.This fact also affects the cost.The average price of the fruit of the date palm ranges from 80 to 350 rubles per kilogram.


Elena, 25, Barnaul: I have a strong craving for sweets, so there is extra weight.One friend advised me instead of candy, there are different dried fruits.I bought a figs, began to eat them instead of sweets.This gradually weaned from sweets, thinner and feel more healthy and happy.

Tatyana, 30 years, Saratov: In the last weeks of pregnancy, I was eating dates daily (2 pcs.) Of milk (1 cup).This I did, because I knew that this fruit contains oxytocin.This hormone effect for a successful delivery, lactation.Baby I gave birth quickly and without complications, the milk I had a lot.I believe that the use of sweet exotic fruits helped me at birth.

Anastasia, 35 years, Kazan: In the first months after the birth of my baby was suffering from colic.I was worried and tried not to have anything that might provoke flatulence in the baby after breastfeeding.Instead favorite biscuits I ate dates with tea.These fruits are useful for the child and for the mother.Only they have to choose carefully, so as not to have been inside the worm or moth.