Original sandwiches for children

Literally every day parents have to think through the menu to find out interesting recipes for sandwiches for the children.Not an easy task, but creative.During the preparation of original sandwiches parents often create true culinary masterpieces, which the child eats with pleasure, and asked the next day to prepare such a dish.Vegan recipes for our sandwiches for the children, they certainly will appreciate.

sandwiches Recipes for Kids - Tips on cooking

avoid chapping cut sandwiches must be no earlier than half an hour before meals.If they need a lot of, for example, for the holiday table, we recommend to prepare and cut food in advance and put them in the refrigerator.In this case, for the preparation of a large amount of time is sufficient sandwiches.

Before preparing meals worth considering culinary habits of the child.Perhaps some foods he does not like or can not tolerate.All products offered by the baby for the first time, you need to enter into the diet with caution.

If a child interested

in the kitchen and everything connected with the preparation of food, do not forget to invite him to train with him.Then the child will want to enjoy personally cooked delicacy.

noticed that the children eat with a good appetite in the company of other children.If possible, invite to taste their friends with children - in the cheerful company of funny sandwiches for the children will "turn a sweet soul."

Beautiful sandwiches for children

SpongeBob and Patrick


  • two rectangular slices of bread
  • Several slices of sausage.
  • few slices of cheese.
  • boiled egg, carrots, beets.
  • olives, canned peas.
  • greens to decorate - lettuce, Chinese cabbage.

Two inseparable friends-sandwich is a complete copy of its predecessors - cartoon characters.On two slices of bread put sausage, sliced ​​thin with a knife so that its outline resembled the figure SpongeBob and Patrick.On top of the sausage impose a thin square slice of cheese.From it do shorts Patrick and Sponge Bob's legs.Eyes friends made from boiled eggs.With olives, boiled carrots and green sandwiches decorated, as in the photo.



  • Square bread
  • square piece of cheese
  • Big Slice breast sausage, a few slices of smoked sausage
  • few tomatoes
  • One boiledegg
  • couple of leaves of lettuce, olives, slices of bell pepper

piece of bread to sprinkle a few drops of olive oil, lay on top of pieces of lettuce in turn, a square piece of cheese and a round piece of sausage.Of figured chopped boiled and smoked sausages to issue arms, legs, eyelids and nose.With peppers and tomatoes to make small details.To use the eye halves of boiled eggs and olives.

Sandwiches birthday child



  • Fish red salted
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Butter
  • Baton white
  • olives
  • Parsley

Sliced ​​white loaf spread with a thin layer of butter, put a slice of red fish.Decorating sandwich - chopped in half cherry tomatoes, for which similarity with ladybirds an incision in half, add the crown of olive halves.The final touch - cause spots on the body and garnish with greens.



  • square pieces of white bread
  • Cheese Smoked Sausage
  • corn, olives, boiled carrots.
  • dill, chives

neatly cut squares on white bread, sprinkle with a few drops of olive oil, beautiful top with a slice of cheese.Each sandwich beautify the image of one of the signs of the zodiac.Put on a plate, inviting guests to enjoy a dish that fits his zodiac sign.

festive sandwiches for children

Funny little mice


  • Cut squares of bread
  • Cheese
  • boiled quail egg, carrots, beets, olive

Onsquare slice of bread put as large a slice of cheese, put another piece of cheese - preferably in the hole.From halves of boiled eggs make a semblance of mouse ears and tail to use boiled carrots, olives for a piece of the eye, for rotika - a piece of beet.


  • Bread Black
  • Sprat
  • Boiled egg
  • Butter
  • Sweet peppers, greens

bready base grease with butter, in the bottom of the sandwich lay finelychopped fresh herbs.Protein boiled egg split into 4 parts, one part sweet sprinkle with paprika.Grind yolk with butter.Sprats sandwich place on the wide end down, sprinkled with paprika protein from quarters to form a hat fungus.In the corner of a sandwich of oil-yolk mixture to form a sun with rays.

original sandwiches children

Funny monsters

  • Bread
  • Cheese two varieties
  • Cooked sausage or smoked
  • Olives

sliced ​​bread thinner, using the glass to squeeze out the crumb circles.The size of the grain bases cut cheese and sausage with a knife or scissors to make cuts in the cheese in the form of teeth.Sausage lay out in the form of language.


  • Bread
  • Sausage
  • Cheese
  • corn, peas, cucumber, pepper
  • parsley, green onions, lettuce

On oblong slices of bread put the samethe size of the slices of sausage.Cucumber and cheese to make the phone display.Buttons issued with a grain of corn, peas, pieces of cheese or pepper.Garnish with herbs.

How to cook original and interesting sandwiches for children, see in this video.