Jumping rope to lose weight

dieters often spend time and money on gyms, forgetting improvised sports equipment.Cheap, mobile and comfortable, they are part of a professional training arsenal of many athletes who have successfully used special fitness programs.The number of such devices include a hoop and jump rope for weight loss.Complex jumps helps not only to train in almost any environment, resistant exercises give a slimming effect, useful for overall improvement, improve mood.

How useful jumping rope

Skipping (exercises with skipping rope) is included in the training program of many sportsmen.Rope jumping boxers, football players, skiers, gymnasts, bodybuilders use the simple mobile trainer and fitness classes.The answer to the question whether it is possible to lose weight jumping rope, is obvious.Catching skippingom, you can:

  • become slim without dieting;
  • keep fit;
  • to get rid of excess weight;
  • train breathing;
  • adjust the shape of the feet;
  • train endurance;
  • improve heart rate;
  • normalize bowel funct
  • develop coordination;
  • improve mood;
  • to get rid of cellulite.

How to choose a rope

to exercise effective, not jumping inconvenience, it is necessary to choose the right rope.The main criterion for its selection - determination of the optimum length suitable for your height.The best way to do this, bearing in rope hands.It needs to be folded in half (in length), clamp arm handles.Hang down at your sides jump rope for weight loss should cover fold floor - this is an appropriate length for you.Should know before purchasing value of the distance from your armpits to the floor, and choosing the projectile guided by specified on the package length.

Pay attention to the convenience of pen, which should not be slippery and fragile.In sports stores, you can choose a professional weighted projectile for dealing with boxing or fast rope, which can make up to six rotations per second.Begins to engage skippingom fit shell with built-in handles electronic counter jumps.

How to jump

slimming effect of skippinga slow but steady.To jump does not harm the body, calories burned and muscles are trained, you must deal with, subject to the following rules:

  1. sure to warm up the muscles before the training.The best pre-workout stretching will - stretching exercises.
  2. Spin the rope should be right as much as possible bringing the elbows to the body.
  3. Jumping, not to look down or up - only forward.
  4. Turn the rope only the wrist.
  5. Keep your back straight.
  6. land only on tiptoes, in any case does not fall on a full stop.
  7. When dyspnea appeared to make a short break.
  8. Engage in comfortable athletic shoes.

What you need to jump in order to lose weight

to lose a few kilos of fat per month, you need to burn about 600 calories a day.The effect of the fifteen-minute sessions skippingom - 250 kcal.Losing weight will help only regular exercise.The optimal mode to begin with - a day, but no less than twice a week.Jumping rope to lose weight to start with short-term approaches - three times a day from ten to fifteen minutes.

At this rate, you need to hold out for a week, then gradually increase the load.If you start to do it before, then the intensity of the loads will cause severe pain in the muscles, which will lead to the impossibility of further effective workouts.How to jump rope to lose weight?Seven days a given rate will be enough to "run" the process of fat burning, while the second week will begin to lose weight.From this point you can begin to increase the intensity of the load, up to each approach for 5-10 minutes, increasing training time to one and a half hours.

pacemaker and held for another week, and then re-add approach to every ten minutes.Remember that you need to increase the loads of time gradually, not exercising more than ten minutes, compared to the previous week.You can adjust the duration of the training and on the number of committed jumps.Then you should start with 50, and every day to add another 20-30, focusing on their health.From the second week was added 50-70 jumps, the third - on the 100. This almost imperceptible increase in load will increase the efficiency of training.

set of exercises for weight loss

options exercises with a rope incredibly much.You can jump on one or two legs, hand, back and forth, to perform simple, complex, combined jumping, choose lighter exercises, use a shell with a worsening.What a set of exercises to choose - it depends only on your training, health, skill.Experts have developed an optimal set of exercises with a rope for weight loss, which gives all possible cardio coaching your abdominal muscles, thighs, calves:

  1. Quick jump.Bounces on his toes, turning the rope (rotation - jump).Lands, spring knees, leaning on his toes.
  2. Jumping with legs change.At each rotation bend and lift one leg.Bounce, simulating running in place.
  3. double jumps.At each rotation should have time to jump twice as springing from the floor ball.Exercise for breath restoration.
  4. in hand.Jumping on one rotation, move to the left, on the other - to the right.The third turn - starting position.
  5. back and forth.The first turn of the rope - jumping up and down.Next rotation - upwards and backwards.
  6. jumping on one leg.At each turn of 10 times in the same number of turns of the rope.

Contra skippingu

exercises with a rope - not the safest form of physical activity.If "overdose" loads may cause nausea, dizziness, vomiting, even in perfectly healthy people, in this case should be reviewed and training regime during training.Jumping rope to lose weight give a strong stress on the heart, respiratory, musculoskeletal system, so for employment skippingom there are a number of contraindications.

For example, it is not recommended to lose weight using a rope for people with very high weight (100 kg), to be engaged on a full stomach, in the postoperative period, during childbearing, lactation.Jumping contraindicated in the following pathologies:

  • diseases of the spine;
  • joint problems;
  • hypertension;
  • irregular heartbeat;
  • migraine;
  • renal failure;
  • kardiozabolevaniya;
  • uterine prolapse;
  • asthma.

Video: training program for beginners with a rope

If you do not know how to train, easy to hurt your body: legs injured joints or tension pursue those who fail jumping.But once watching a video, you get to create your training plan with an affordable treadmill, select the rhythm number of approaches amplitude.By learning to do everything right, go for their dreams confidently and quickly.

feedback about the results after regular classes

Veronica, 26 years : Training rope started with a very small load - 100 jumps in one go.For the week increased load up to 500 jumps.This rhythm (1000 hops per day for two approaches) was kept for two weeks.Total training managed to lose 2 kilograms.But the jump was a pleasure!I keep while in this mode.I still gradually increase the load.

Anastasia, 30 years : I want to share my experience.Excess weight I have, but the jump start for the company with her husband losing weight.Jumped five minutes every other day, then every day.Already 10 minutes doing twice daily.Weight I have remained the same, but the volume decreased - from 46 to size 44. My husband lost weight in the past month to 4 kilograms.

Valentina, 35 years : at jumping rope daughter seduced me - too fervently she did.I decided to find out whether the rope helps to lose weight.First jump to the extent of the forces, prior to the first fatigue, then the time somehow by itself has been increasing.Each time received by employment incredible fun!Leaping for a year.Now - every day for 15 minutes.My result for the year - minus 18 kilograms and always good mood!