How to lose weight with the help of laxatives home

For those who want to maintain the visual appeal weight loss methods are a hot topic.Passion for fast food or sweets, sedentary work leads to overweight.Diuretics to lose weight at home on a par with the special diets and pharmacological group made the most popular tools that help achieve the goal.Display the excess fluid, and with it the toxins and normalize metabolism - so are diuretics for weight loss.

How to lose weight using

diuretics, there are limitations With all the positive aspects regarding diuretics to lose weight at home.It is caused by the fact that who wants to lose weight a person puts an increased strain on the kidneys.If you have a chronic illness associated with this organ, it is not recommended to choose this way to lose weight at home.If there are no contraindications, quickly lose weight succeed by receiving diuretic foods, folk remedies herbal pharmaceuticals.


Become leaner help low-calorie food, and feel a rapid effect is obtained if included in the diet diuretic

food.Some of them belong to the category of seasonal and others without any problems will eat at home all year round.Among the seasonal fruits and berries most useful for losing weight become a watermelon or cantaloupe.The composition of these products is a diuretic storehouse of nutrients (vitamins, macronutrients) are beneficial to the state of the body and promote weight loss.

Vegetables can also be a good diuretic, so wishing to lose weight at home you have to eat tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, potatoes.The rich content of potassium salts to foods like spinach, parsley and celery, help lose weight, improve digestion and normalize metabolism.Without fears for health when it is necessary to withdraw the excess liquid, you can eat apples, oranges, lemons, and cranberries, cranberry, lingonberry will also anti-inflammatory effect.

Folk remedies

next group of fast way to lose weight at home, when the risk of side effects is low, but it takes fitoterapevta advice - diuretic folk remedies.Compared with them safer for the health of medical drugs, but there is a risk of allergic reactions.According to popular recipes prepared herbal teas, or diuretics for weight loss, which is brewed, insist and drink at home.


Receiving these funds for weight loss at home should be initiated only after consultation with the doctor!The mechanisms of their effects on the body is different, and use diuretics in case of serious health problems when it is necessary to reduce swelling, reduce the load on the blood vessels, relax the bronchi.Wrong approach to weight loss due to uncontrolled use of pharmacological diuretics can exacerbate chronic disease or trigger their appearance.

tablets, affecting the kidneys, wash away sodium and potassium, and the imbalance threatens tachycardia, dizziness, fainting, low blood pressure.Medications that remove salt from the body - "Furosemide" "Torasemide" mild diuretic effect have "Arifon", "Indapamide", "Hydrochlorothiazide".Mild and potassium preserving different drugs such as "Veroshpiron", "Amilord", and similar special facilities for weight loss, "Turboslim", "Gorteks", "Sunbeam".


These diuretics help to quickly expel excess fluid and toxins.With the purpose of drug administered in the form of solutions, which are administered intravenously.Some diuretics help expand blood vessels, reducing blood pressure, and others are used as a prophylactic to reduce the risk, for example, stroke.Diuretics to lose weight at home can also be used, but it is better to avoid taking such potent drugs as "Furosemide", "Atsetamok", "Diakarb".


list of herbs, of which make popular diuretic for weight loss at home, is huge: anise, bilberry leaf, burdock root, linden blossom, birch leaves, dandelion, parsley, tarragon, dill and others.weight loss secret lies in removing excess fluid and improving digestion.Barberry, immortelle, corn silk and dandelion normalize the gallbladder, and when the food is quick and easy to digest, it does not form excess fat tissue.

good diuretic herb diet - oregano, used to make tea or broth.A powerful diuretic effect endowed with fennel seeds, reducing appetite, cleansing the body and giving him a charge of vivacity.Therefore, fennel is often included in the diet of people suffering from obesity.Speed ​​up the process of elimination of toxins will help bath with medicinal plants and clean the pores can be decoction mother and stepmother, birch leaf, plantain, lime blossom, or a mixture thereof.


  • «Furosemide" - a medical drug used for edema, cirrhosis, poisoning by barbiturates.Diuretic helps to quickly bring the liquid, but has no effect on fat or appetite, so the effect of weight loss is short-lived.
  • «indapamide" is a diuretic drug is a mild, taking it almost does not affect the potassium balance.Medical diuretic helps burn fat, but if you take a diuretic for more than two months, it may be nausea, heart palpitations, when they appear, it is necessary to stop taking the tablets and consult your doctor.
  • «Veroshpiron" - a capsule appointed to remove excess liquid.On the level of potassium drug has no effect, so it is considered relatively safe for health.But it is not recommended to take a diuretic drug for over a month, as increased urea concentration in the blood.


  1. recipe for ginger tea for weight loss: clean, grate or finely chop the ginger root.Absorb the milled product in liter thermos, pour hot boiling water.Before use, insisted a few hours, drinking ginger tea should be half an hour before a meal, adding a slice of lemon or honey.
  2. diuretic tea recipe: 2 parts dried nettle leaves to take 1 part of fennel seeds, pour boiling water, then simmer, covered over low heat for about a quarter of an hour.Next, it is necessary to strain the herbal tea, take a teaspoon three times a day, course duration - no more than two months.

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accumulated body excess fluid spoils the figure, if this process takes a chronic form, it can lead to serious illness.Diuretics for weight loss along with physical activity, a balanced diet, have a positive effect on the body.The desire to maintain a slender shape by removing excess fluid is achievable at home.How to prepare herbal diuretics?Are there other ways to rapid elimination of excess fluid without harm to health, more on that in the video.


Irina, 47 years

try to control their weight, so from time to time I drink herbal tea or ginger brew.Well help fennel seeds, I feel very good, but do not drink more than two weeks, and then take a break.One day I drink a mug of ginger tea in summer and winter.The effect is noticeable in the last two years, holding on virtually the same weight.

Marina, 28 years

overweight never suffered, but after giving birth strongly recovered.If my 162 cm in height to have 82 kg weight is very difficult.I signed up for fitness, and there from the girls heard about the broth oregano, anise and lime blossom.Brew and drink tea instead, the diuretic effect is the same.With herbs, even taking a bath, well calms, and certainly there are dried fruits and apples in the daily menu.

Tatiana, 32 years

desire to lose weight appeared after the winter.Dial the extra weight came quietly, but wanted to remove quickly.I read the reviews, decided to stay at Turboslim Express.I bought the drug from a pharmacy, a saw according to the instructions, and, although it relates to the diuretic, to me has made a strong laxative effect.A week spent 3 kg, but did not take it further because of discomfort in the abdomen.