How to pickle red fish at home

think what else to put on the holiday table?Red fish salting home will be an excellent complement it.Learn all the details of this process and salting fish on all to unite.

Salted fish of the salmon family, or just salmon - this is probably the best meal for any occasion.How to pickle red fish at home?Secrets, tricks, the most delicious recipes for pickling - all this you can read in this article.

How to choose

tasty dish can be made only from the fresh fillets.And how to determine the freshness of the product?Firstly, you need to buy the whole carcass.The presence of the head allows you to see additional features, which is determined by the suitability of the product (see below).Entire insides can guarantee the availability of eggs.

Second, to the finished dish was delicious, red fish must be alive, chilled or frozen primary.If you can buy a live salmon, choose a very movable.To determine the freshness of chilled carcass, click on it with your finger.After pressing the skin should

recover quickly, then the product is fresh.

third indicator of freshness fresh salmon - the eyes and gills.If the eyes are sunken, bleary, bloodshot or non-existent - it means that the product has already lain down or incorrectly stored.The gills should be red, elastic and smooth.But if your city do not produce red fish likely purchased product will have similar defects.It's not terrible, but it is advisable to choose the salmon without them.

frozen foods all a bit more complicated.Pay attention to the carcass and scales.They should be free from damage with a thin layer of ice, not exceeding 5 mm.The form itself should be smooth, if the carcass has angular shape - then the fish was frozen again.The eyes should be clear and whole, gills - red fin - close to the body.If the carcass has yellow spots or stains, it is the oxidation of fish oil, it means the product is stale.

How to prepare the product to pickling

Once you have purchased the salmon, it is necessary to prepare.If you have chosen the frozen version, let alone the fish to thaw.Defrost in the microwave or under water can spoil the flavor, color and consistency of the fillet.

Next you need to cut the carcass.Ripped abdomen, gently remove the guts, being careful not to crush the bile.If you accidentally crushed her immediately and thoroughly rinse all the insides.Separate the eggs or milt.

for salting, we need only loin, so you need to separate the bones.For this we take a very sharp knife, make an incision around the head.As sensed that run into the ridge, turn the knife horizontally.Slowly and carefully peel off the meat from the bones on both sides.At the head of the board will remain, the backbone, tail and fins - they may be used in the ear.

Prepare sirloin part, cut the rib bones.Ultra fin and fat on the edges of the cut with a knife or scissors.If you wish, remove the skin.Blot the fish tissue - fillet ready.

How pickle red fish at home

First you need to prepare the vessel where our future will prosalivatsya salmon.This can be a plastic container, enamelware, glass containers or anything like that.Discard the aluminum surfaces, or fillet acquire metal taste.

The selected container to pour a little salt, put fillets, skin down.Add salt and pepper.To make the fish more beautiful color and light conservation properties, add a few drops of vodka.If you like some specific spices such as dill and bay leaf, you can add them.But do not put them in large quantities, they can kill the taste of salmon.

Attention!Do not add salt too much.Forget once and for all the expression that the fish will take as much salt as it needs.Red fish takes so much - how much you add!Better insufficient salting.After 12-18 hours, try the fillet, if not enough salt, salt again.This applies particularly coho and sockeye salmon, they need to get salted.Otherwise, soak a fillet fails, it is too soft.

Take the second part of the salmon, lightly sprinkle it with salt and put on the first, hide out.If you add salt to the big red fish, cut it into several parts, so that it is better prosolilas.Container camouflage, but we do not close completely and put in the refrigerator.

recipe salting sockeye salmon, trout and salmon

prepare a mixture for salting, pre-weighed ready fillets.At the rate of 1 kg of red fish, take 2 tbspsalt, 1 tbspsugar, 1 tspground pepper and dried, ground herbs.In a large pot, sleeps mixture, add the bay leaf.We put the first layer of the fillet.Add a few drops of lemon, green spices.Then laid the second layer, skin side up.

These types of red fish are large in size, and you can get several layers, each of which is sure to sprinkle salt-coating mixture.Salmon kilogram to time salted day.The greater weight of the red fish, the longer the salting process.However, remove the first sample should be within 15 hours to soak and salt the fillets.When ready meal need to pull, shake off the excess spice it with a dry brush or sponge.Moisture clean cloth or towel waffle.

Useful Tips For

delicious salting need a large salt, stone, or the first grinding.Salt can give extra bitterness.

If you are using salting enamel bowl, look to her were not chopped off.Access to the open hardware can add an unpleasant taste.

When cooking or chum salmon, can additionally lubricate the fillets a little olive oil.The proportions of sugar and salt you need to take equal.Sugar gives softness.Vodka is better not to add, it will make the fillets harder.

When pickling brine you will not drain it through the whole process.Only after fillet has got a nice salty flavor, brine must be removed.This fish will be stored up to 1 week.

If overdone dish, it is soaked in ordinary water, about 15-30 minutes.Periodically fillets need to try to avoid all the salt out.

already preparing salted products are used for sandwiches or sliced.To do this, cut the fillets portioned slices.Sprinkle it with lemon juice, add herbs or onions.Appetizer ready - bon appetit!

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