How to make sushi at home

Sushi - Japanese traditional dish, but its eastern flavor for a long time live in our area, not only in sushi bars and Japanese restaurants.Almost one in three modern housewife boasts self-catering, homemade rolls.Ingredients for cooking them easy to get in any large supermarket.Sushi Products that you purchased for the first time, and will remain on the second or third time.On the financial side it will be inexpensive.

What you need to prepare delicious sushi at home?

How to make sushi at present home?We must adhere to the step by step cooking instructions below.Properly selected components will allow you to enjoy the unique, exquisite taste and aroma of Thai delicacies.Do not skimp on the quality of the components, and at home you will quickly cook a tasty restaurant meal East.


sure to use the main ingredients of sushi.The filling dishes visually distinguishable rice, nori seaweed, fresh red fish (salmon, salmon), a slice of avocado, cucumber.Often present as decor ma

sago (flying fish caviar), salmon roe.The structure also includes a land of burning or pickled ginger, cream cheese, mayonnaise (preferably Japanese), rice vinegar, soy sauce.Serve traditional delicacy is unthinkable without the eastern hot mustard wasabi.

basis rolls is considered Fig.Groats buy coarse, round, with plenty of gluten-free, it is better with a special mark on the packaging, "Rice for sushi."Dried seaweed nori can buy a large supermarket.Packaging typically contains 10-20 sheets.To prepare one serving of each sheet should be divided in half, so the nori package you will be missed and the next land.

Rice vinegar is sold in the department of oriental cuisine hypermarkets big cities or specialty stores.To give a specific rice food color, add the spicy notes of oriental taste preferences, be sure to buy soy sauce.Pickled ginger - an essential attribute of a Japanese delicacy.Its slim, with spicy notes, the fragrance will give the dish a special piquancy.

Sushi - culinary creation, which should be seafood, that is, the red fish.Suitable salmon fillet, salmon or other oily sea fish.Another feature of the delicacy - fish is better to use fresh or salted.Sushi is almost always served with mustard national wasabi sauce.His purchase as a paste or dry powder.Last readily diluted to the desired consistency, to get the sauce.

cream cheese - a mandatory component for filling for the rolls.This creamy make sushi tender and moist.Rolls easily melt in the mouth, if the cheese quality, not sour.Crab sticks - additional ingredient for stuffing eastern dishes.They are used instead of fillet of sea fish, but it's better with him.Crab sticks should be juicy.

For the filling sushi sliced ​​cucumber, scraping from the skin and removing the middle.Therefore it is better to buy young, thin cucumber.Avocado choose only ripe.This vegetable with a cucumber should be cut for stuffing slices and remove the core.To preparation process did not take much of your time, and it looked nice, need a bamboo mat - Makis and a sharp knife for cutting food.

Preparing sushi rice multivarka

Rice - the main ingredient of traditional Japanese dishes.A special kind of cereals for the rolls just has a lot of gluten, so is suitable for Thai delicacy.Multivarka - it is not uncommon, but a necessary appliance for the modern housewife.Take advantage of this electrical service and cook rice recipe provided below.

  1. Take rice, rinse thoroughly in several waters.The last time should merge transparent, not cloudy liquid.
  2. in microwave bowl Put the washed rice and fill it with water so that it covered a layer of cereal and about 5 cm at the top, (the rate of 250 ml per 200 grams of cereals).
  3. Turn multivarku ( "Pilaf" mode or "Buckwheat").Cook for 30 minutes is necessary.
  4. After automatic shutdown miracle oven rice is ready.
  5. Cover the bowl with lid rice, it's better to swell.

Cutting fish

until the rice is cooling down, proceed to fish.The chefs of Japanese cuisine practiced five types of techniques or cutting fish fillets, but consider the fast and affordable - cutting fish "angle".Cooking fish fillets without skin measuring 10 cm by 2.5 cm. Has a very sharp knife at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the surface of the kitchen table.We make a quick incision.Similarly, sliced ​​into thin slices further.

Preparation of acetic refueling

vinegar dressing gives Thai dish a special piquancy and tender, sweet and sour taste.For her, you will need:

  • rice vinegar - 2 tbsp.. L,
  • sugar - 1 tsp,
  • salt -.. 1 tsp..

cooking process:

Refuelling cooked in a saucepan over medium heat, mix the ingredients.Sugar and salt should be dissolved, after which acetic filling is ready.

Recipe home nigiri sushi (photo)

In Japanese restaurants nigiri usually served on a plate in pairs, since this type of land resembles a short, oval-shaped lumps.The top layer of nigiri - thinly sliced ​​fish, sprinkled with sesame seeds.

take to prepare nigiri home:

  • rice for rolls - 350 g,
  • shrimp - 8 pieces,
  • salmon - 150 g,
  • smoked eel - 150 g,
  • nori - ½ sheet,
  • .sesame seeds -.. 1 tsp,
  • wasabi,
  • salt,
  • soy sauce,
  • pickled ginger,
  • soy sauce.

How to cook

  1. of rice, pre-cooked on the above presented technology, form oval blanks nigiri.Work with your hands need rice moistened with a solution of water with rice vinegar.Will about 24 oval.
  2. Cut the salmon and eel into eight thin slices, holding a knife right at an angle of 45 degrees.
  3. Wash and boil the right prawns in salted water for no more than 2 minutes.Then place them in cold water.
  4. Sliced ​​fish lightly Japanese wasabi, soy sauce.
  5. nori cut into eight long strips, width - 6-7 mm.
  6. Shrimp divide along the belly to spread their halves with respect to the backbone.
  7. Nigiri will look like this: Rice Oval, which is a slice of fish or shrimp.Press the fillets to rice harvesting, giving it the form of a "boat."
  8. Nigiri sushi with eel need to wrap the nori strips and glue water or more risinkami.
  9. Finished rolls lay on a plate, sprinkle with sesame seeds on top and serve with pickled ginger, wasabi.

Japanese sushi maki

Japanese restaurant menu includes not only nigiri in the form of oval lumps, but also traditional rolls wrapped in nori seaweed.They are called maki or "Twisted" sushi.To make sure to have a bamboo mat.The filling for maki is varied, but the seafood, nori and rice required.Depending on the number of components of the filling poppies make thin and thick, filling out and wrapped a sheet of nori.The latter are composed of more than two components.

Prepare usual rolls and other oriental delicacy not be easy.But to give an interesting view of the Japanese "rolls" will use "Midori" kit rolls.Special forms, machines and other devices greatly accelerate the process of cooking, allow the creation of magnificent oriental masterpieces in cheese, fried and baked form.

sushi Video recipes

Learn how to cook interesting rolls with shrimp easily, even if you cook the first time they will.Video master class from an expert to help you comply with all the subtleties of cooking and get great results.

How to prepare their baked sushi rolls

serves not only as a raw cold snacks and hot.Learn how to bake the original rolls with caviar and shrimp stuffing at home, watching the video below.

Preparation and nigiri sushi Gunkan

Treat your loved ones by Japanese rolls of eel and salmon under the interesting name "nigiri" and "gunkan".The original stuffing rolls will delight even the most demanding gourmets.Details - in the video.