How to cook buckwheat on the water

In order boiled in water buckwheat turned to glory, it would be nice arm with two-three ways.Study them and choose the one best option.

How to cook buckwheat on the water, so that it turned out tasty - an issue of interest to many housewives.In some, buckwheat beautiful, crumbly and smells delicious.For others, however, even to look at it would not be desirable.What is the secret?Let's try to understand.

How to cook buckwheat water

To start you need to iterate over the rump, especially if you buy it in bulk.The second step is thoroughly washed with buckwheat.If there was a plant debris, it will pop up on the surface of the water.Bright buckwheat needs a little warm in the pan, so it will be more delicious.

for cooking is best to use a cauldron or pot with thick walls.For 1 cup of cereal, pour 2.5 cups of water, add salt.Bring to a boil, then we diminish the fire and cook for about 20 minutes.All liquid should evaporate.Then, buckwheat porridge need to brew.To this end, our pot wrappe

d something warm or put in the oven for a few minutes on low heat.

During cooking buckwheat swells, so for the preparation of 300 g of cereal will need 100g of product.To buckwheat looked beautiful, in the process of cooking it does not need stirring.

now very popular cereal in bags, and buckwheat - not the exception.Preparation is very simple: put the bag in boiling water, simmer for 15 minutes.Took out a bulging bag, carefully cut it, lay out the contents of the saucer - breakfast is ready.

addition to conventional cooking, which destroys most of the nutrients, there is another method of cooking buckwheat.To do this, soak the cereal at night.1 cup of buckwheat pour 1.5 cups of cold boiled water.During the night of croup swells and in the morning you will just have to warm up ready-made porridge to feed it to the table hot.

How to cook buckwheat porridge in a double boiler, or pressure cooker multivarka

Cooking buckwheat for cooking in a conventional manner, as described above.Then pour the contents into a steamer.In one glass of cereals need 2 cups of water.Do not forget to add salt.The timer is set to "buckwheat" mode, or 35 minutes if there is such a regime.

This method is suitable not only for Steamer, so you can cook buckwheat in multivarka.To prepare the same dish in a pressure cooker, you need to change the cooking time.This is usually 15 minutes under pressure, or a special mode for cooking cereals.

To visualize the cooking buckwheat porridge in a pressure cooker, watch the video below.

Recipe buckwheat porridge, cooked in the microwave

to cook buckwheat porridge on the water in the microwave oven, you need to take a special dish.Perfectly suited for the microwave glass containers or clay pots.

touch and wash 1 cup of cereal.Sends it in a pot, pour the contents of the 2 cups of water.Add salt a little, as the dish when cooking in a microwave oven is recommended after dosalivat.Chances overdo dish due to the fact that cooking in a microwave oven requires less salt.

Pot necessarily close the lid.Exhibiting power of 1000 W, the time - 3 minutes.To expedite the process, buckwheat can pour boiling water.Once boiled porridge future, the power must be reduced to 600 W and remove the cover.During the whole process of cooking is allowed only twice stirring porridge: Immediately after boiling, and after 4 minutes after.

After 8 minutes of cooking all of the water has to disappear, then the mess will be considered finished at 600 watts of power.If you have any water or stiff grits, cook it for 1-2 minutes at the same temperature.To become porridge tastier, cover the pot with a lid and let buckwheat "walk" with the power of 450 watts.

Useful properties of buckwheat

buckwheat usefulness is undeniable, for example, protein content close to the meat products.In addition, buckwheat is very easy to digest, making it an excellent product to be included in the diet diet.This is a great option for losing weight girls, because in a hundred grams of the finished product contains only 98 calories.

The content of various microelements in buckwheat is 3-5 times higher than in other cereals.Buckwheat reduces the likelihood of tumors, reduces sugar and cholesterol.It may be a self-contained dish or side dish to meat, fish.

Properly cooked buckwheat porridge with oil - it is very tasty and healthy product that does not require much effort in the cooking process.Use all means and choose the tastiest of them.

Bon appetit!