Calorie coffee

Many of us simply can not imagine their life without coffee.In the morning, this drink helps to cope with sleepiness, and at any other time of day coffee flavor delivers easy enjoyment, but also a well-invigorates, energizes the whole day.The lovers of espresso, Americano and other coffee people interested in the question - what calorie coffee?I do not drink much harm figure, and what supplements you can use it, wishing to lose weight?

How many calories are in 100 grams of coffee?

own coffee itself has a very low calorie content.With this in mind, and its ability to accelerate metabolism, nutritionists use this drink.A method for preparing coffee, the kind and amount of the additives directly affect the calorie.Whatever we added to the cup of coffee - the number of calories from this increase, so to lose weight, from supplements should be abandoned if desired.

People with excess weight will not benefit figure for the daily use of cappuccino, Viennese coffee or iced with Sundae.These drinks are rec

ommended to those who burn a lot of calories a day (for example, people with high physical activity, athletes), because they will be able to replenish the energy expended by a cocktail of coffee with cream and sugar.

Calories coffee drinks depends on their composition.Instant coffee may contain not only the grains but are still certain cereals, flavors, chicory, ground nuts.For espresso and the US add milk and cream.The more of them - the "heavier" his "weight".

The main types of coffee and made him drink:

  1. Natural (espresso, americano).
  2. soluble.
  3. Latte.
  4. Cappuccino.
  5. Caffè Mocha.

in black natural

Black custard has the lowest calorie.100 ml accounts for only 2 kcal.The good news for fans of the US - it contains only 1 kcal, little more than an espresso - 4. These few calories are due to the meager amount of fatty oils and protein are beans.Because these oils sometimes tasteless coffee - if a little refried beans are stored for a long time on the shelf, the allocated oil begin to deteriorate, adding bitterness.If you should not worry because there are very few American or only drink espresso with water, then about calories.

The soluble

Calorie soluble coffee is slightly higher than natural and 100 ml of 7 kcal.Standard mug has a capacity of 250 ml, and then, after drinking it, you will get only 17.5 kcal.If you decide to add this mug 2 teaspoons of sugar, then increase the caloric value to 71.5.A man who uses every day, 2-3 cups, receives 210-290 kcal, which is clearly not fit wishing to lose weight.

Instant coffee cook much faster and easier than natural, but its useful properties it is much inferior to the latter.A still contains a lot of caffeine, which strongly stimulates the central nervous system.Therefore, natural grain or ground coffee and eat tastier and healthier.

Calorie cup of coffee with milk

Adding milk to the liking of many.But with the addition of even low-calorie US become dangerous for the figure.Note that the 100 grams of the drink have 58 calories, and the usual cup (250 mL) - about 145. The larger the circle of the US, the more calories.

Americano with milk rarely drink without sugar, increasing the caloric content of this component significantly.Drink it during a diet is not exactly recommended, it is not conducive to weight loss.Americano with milk still a bit of sugar with biscuits perfect for use after a grueling sports exercises to regain lost strength.

Latte Latte consists of espresso, milk and foam.From a conventional American latte coffee with milk different basis and by serving.The most high-calorie ingredient from the list - milk, so the "weight" cup of latte depends on its quantity.Standard latte contains about 250 calories, if not add a bag of sugar.By reducing or increasing the amount of milk in the latte, you can adjust the amount of calories, but the change in the standard aspect ratio will also change the usual taste.


This drink of Italian origin includes espresso and some high-calorie ingredients.These primarily include cream (milk).Milk foam which covers the surface of cappuccino, usually whipped from fat milk.To enhance the flavor is added, one or two spoonfuls of sugar.Therefore, such a cappuccino can have a low caloric value, considering the constituent elements.

cup of cappuccino has a volume of 150-180 grams.The approximate ratio of frothed milk and coffee (espresso is usually, at least the US), six to one.The standard portion of about 150 grams of milk and 30 grams of espresso.Two spoons of sugar - 40 calories plus more.The total number of serving contains about 208-210 calories.Cappuccino is not the best choice if you are looking to lose weight.

Caffè Mocha

from Caffè Mocha Latte is characterized in that in the first part and even chocolate or chocolate syrup.This component makes the drink a little spicy, gives originality to it.There are recipes Caffè Mocha, which assume even add caramel, then there is no need for a spoon of sugar.The greatest influence on calorie Caffè Mocha has the amount and type of chocolate, milk, caramel or sugar followed by.Standard serving Caffè Mocha is an average of 289 kcal.

What caloric additives to coffee?

pure coffee without any additives uses a very small number of people.Most attempts to improve the taste by the inclusion of various ingredients that add new flavor notes and increase calorie coffee.The additives can act:

  • sugar;
  • cream;
  • milk;
  • chocolate;
  • syrup;
  • cinnamon;
  • ice cream;
  • condensed milk.

most all the usual supplements - milk or cream.They go perfectly with the espresso and the US, and still are part of many drinks (latte, cappuccino, Caffè Mocha).Instead, these additives are often used condensed milk, it sweetens the drink perfectly and replaces several bags of sugar.Let us consider how to influence the basic calorie supplements.


For those who prefer to add sugar, it should be noted that it determines the total caloric content of a beverage (coffee when on the water without other additives).The number of calories will depend on the type of sugar:

  1. teaspoon or a standard bag of sugar has 24 calories.
  2. Cube refined - from 20 to 40 calories, depending on the weight.
  3. Sugar cane - about 25 calories.

Cream Cream - one of the most popular supplements, and some types of coffee drinks and can not exist without them.Cream perfectly reduce the bitterness, but increase the number of calories:

  1. Cream with 35 percent fat added 340 calories, as well as whipped.
  2. sachet of drinking vegetable cream - about 30 kcal.
  3. Cream powder plant more calories, one bag - 45 kcal.

Often cream replace whole milk or condensed milk.In 100 grams of milk with a fat content of 3.5% contains 60-65 calories.Reduced fat for every 0.5 percent lowers the caloric content nearly doubled.Coffee with condensed milk is usually equal to 75-100 calories, if you put 2 tablespoons of condensed milk.The more milk beverage, condensed milk, cream, the more calories he hid themselves.

Calorie Coffee 3 in 1 with sugar and milk powder

Standard bag mix 3 in 1 weighs 20 grams.Its main ingredient - sugar, the weight of which is about 50% of the bag.It already provides the presence of 40 kcal.Milk powder in this mixture is approximately 25-30 kcal.Calorie coffee, as we have seen before, is small.The total amount of calories all the components of the ingredients - 65-71.So fans 3 in 1 can not worry about the adverse effects on the figure.

Table caloric most popular drinks of coffee

Each type has a different calorie coffee, which depends on the composition and the presence of additives.All of them are described in detail in the article, but the most convenient and fastest way to estimate the number of calories is located below the table.With it you will be able to calculate the calorie content of the desired beverage, and adjust it by changing the composition.